Christina Aguilera: A mommy after my own heart/pants

So, I just learned that drinking beer can help lactation which is about the greatest scientific discovery since that guy who put those fizzy things in bottles of Guinness (Excluding the time I choked on one.). According to Page Six, Christina Aguilera is all about making her awesome mammaries more lactalicious and hit up some bars with her hubby Beast Man:

The pop tart, who recently gave birth to son Max, went to Crown Bar in Los Angeles with hubby Jordan Bratman and friends, who had a few rounds before continuing the party at the Chateau Marmont. A source said Bratman, who stayed sober, drove home.

This is fantastic news for gentlemen, like myself, who enjoy picking up single moms at the club. Now I’ve got an easy in to buy one of them a drink: “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice your lactation seems a bit low. May I be of some assistance?” Watch out, ladies, I just found your kryptonite…

UPDATE: HELP! The La Leche League is after me! I think I lost them down an alley – ACK! They’re in my house! Ladies, I was only trying to hel – *POP* Oh yeah, that was a testicle. Mommy.

Photos: Splash News