Christina Aguilera wears really tight dresses

March 5th, 2007 // 115 Comments

  1. MrSemprini

    If I woke up tomorrow and my wife looked like that, I would be content.

  2. Is that Rick James on the right?

    I thought he died.

  3. WTF?

    Bruises on her shins. Any other girl, I’d say she was giving head, but not Christina.

  4. The only time I EVER liked her hair was when it was long and straight, the fake (or real, who cares) tan has GOT to go, otherwise she’s fine.
    I just hate it when perfectly pretty women (or men) do crap to themselves to fuck it up.

  5. Truthseeker013

    *Just* 94%, Author Person?

  6. lilygirl

    Is that really her or just someone wearing one of those halloween masks?
    Her face looks like rubber, I could peel that shit right off!

  7. xtina1fan

    I think all u jealous bitches need 2 back off- u knw u cudnt look a 10th of how hot christina looks!!
    U jugde make-up and fake-ness- well duh- hollywood iz 100 % fake!!!
    Marilyn Monroe woz a worlds legendary sex symbol- who woz loved- and she woz fake top 2 top! Christina has so much talent- dat da music industry iz nothin wivout her unique powerful soul! And btw- she stands up 4 women + sexuality- n girlz ur jus dissin urselfs- wiv ur insecuritys….pathetic!

  8. LudivineKla

    she looks real fake, fake tits, hair orange skin.

  9. HoraceMcTittiesworth

    She would look so much better if she wasn’t so tan. Other than that she’s hot ;-)

  10. radio_siren


  11. becca11

    she is maybe a tranny’s idea of a good looking woman. her fake tan looks like puke… and why doesn’t she ever hang out with young white girls?

  12. imran karim

    whoever thought she’d be the one to turn out ok

  13. ugh….can she be any sluttier?

  14. What your deal Carsten5577?

  15. Zlin

    She is just the most beautifvl and talented women in the biz no doubt about that

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