Christina Aguilera wears really tight dresses

March 5th, 2007 // 115 Comments

  1. herbiefrog

    hey babe…

    yes you nailed it

    it certainly would be…
    …a great escape

    thanks and…

    luck babes

  2. Donkey


  3. Stitches

    Christina is not pretty. WAKE UP people she is fake as ever. She drowns herself in makeup, a fake tan, and gross hair products. That is not pretty to me.

  4. snot_rocket

    why are all of their mouths open??

  5. Richie Rich

    Christina is not only ugly, she’s a no talent whore. She’s too rich and I demand she gives her money to people with less. How dare she uses fake and bake. She reminds me of pumpkin pie. She has no right to copy Marilyn Monroe or Gwen Stephani and that red lipstick is tiresome. Those fake tits are sick, she should embrace her natural beauty. Her husband looks like a Yassar Arafat. The marriage is a sham. I feel better about myself and my life now.

  6. -Fish

    should have labeled this entire article NSFW cause now i can’t think straight since i would agree… no blood in my brain ;)

    46. Mistress of Spices

    All the haters. what, mad cause Ms. I-need-more-rehab-Spears shaved her head? ;)

  7. apraisedstar

    You can’t see her nipples because she invested in a new invention called pasties….thankfully…

    Overall she is a pretty girl, but the fake tanning has to go….I mean remember this?

    soften up a bit sweetie, you are pretty…besides all that makeup and tanning is aging you faster than you can imagine…Just look at recent photos of Jenna Jameson….

  8. schack

    she is ORANGE

  9. meee

    things i hate about the way christina aguilera looks:

    -fake platinum hair
    -widespread fake boobs
    -orange skin
    -huge bottom lip, really thin top lip
    -very narrow bridge of the nose that gets too wide at the bottom (and pointy at the same time somehow)

    i seriously hate her. plus when she sings it sounds like she has a ham sandwich stuck in her throat.

  10. jrzmommy

    Thank god we got a break from the ANS death insanity and Britney’s public psychotic breakdown. This stuff is so much more interesting.

  11. NipsyHustle

    does anyone remember how pretty she was when she first came out with “genie in a bottle”? i wish she would take her look “back to basics” and quit frying her hair and wearing a pound of makeup.

  12. Stink

    I see her pics and think of things like “squeaky balloons” and “shallow grave next to the highway”. Is that wrong?

  13. Amy

    She looks like trailer trash Barbie, I agree she should go back to her Genie in a Bottle days… Her orange skin will be like leather in a couple years. Shame, cuz she is somewhat pretty.

  14. Sheva

    Those are the only fake boobs I respect. And that’s because they are genie magic.

    Hmm, the genie is all good.

  15. Bree

    She needs to throw the peroxide away and stop laying in the sun.

    But I still love her boobs. And that, in no way, makes me gay.

  16. Carsten5577

    Nice orange tan too. Her jew boy husband must be really proud of his cheap skank shiksa. Didn’t his mom warn him about staying within the tribe? He should’ve listened…

  17. jpjrocks

    I would fuck her ass till it turned purple

  18. HollyJ

    jpjrocks is SUCH the hopeless romantic

  19. Lobo

    Purple and orange. Hmmmm. I suppose that might work.

  20. I think she has really turned herself around. I don’t know about personally, but she doesn’t look like a $5 slut anymore.

    Even though that dress is super tight, it doesn’t look skanky as all hell. Meaning she really turned herself around. She doesn’t have to look classy, just not skanky as all hell.

  21. Is there anything this girl has that’s actually real? Apart from her dress.

  22. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    To all you that said Christina was a flash in the pan and Britney was the one, where are you now???????

  23. NipsyHustle


    they are working double shifts at the walmart to try to buy back brit’s hair and her lost dignity.

  24. Courtney

    “Eat it, Britney”. Aside from the god awful tan o’ course.

  25. I mean really…look how sharp her knees are. She is way below my standards.

  26. sunsetsmoon

    She’s great! Seems like she’s skating through ‘celebrity’ quite nice, married a normal guy, stays out of ‘public’ trouble anyway.
    Good for you girl!

  27. NicotineEyePatch

    I don’t think she’s been doing sunbeds, it looks like it’s all self-tanner. So she sort of is doing her skin a favour… but not my fucking eyes.

    There’s nothing worse than a tanned blonde whose skin is darker than her hair. Then she puts on lipgloss that’s lighter than her skin, and the whole package is just fit for burial. She looks like a stupid corpse.

    Bring back the ultra-whore red, it completes the rest of the uniform!


    I want to like her, I want to think she’s sexy, but it’s just not happening. She wears a mask, so it’s hard to tell exactly what I’m looking at half-the-time. I just don’t “get” her.

  29. jesseeca

    53, you pretty much described every woman in hollywood, playboy playmate & porn star and probably 75% of the general population of women.

    55, how is hell is she copying gwen stefani? because they have blonde hair? last time i checked, she didn’t invent that. maybe you’re confusing the fact that christina can sing and gwen can’t? maybe, just a little?

  30. wink

    Any bets on how long they last ? ? ? ! ! !

  31. drowningfool

    What’s the equivalent of “whigger” for a chick? “Whigglette?” I wonder why her and Eminem haven’t hooked up, I think they’d be good together. They both hate being white.

  32. sumnersgal

    What a fat ass.

  33. schadenfreudelicious

    I wonder if her vajayjay is the same colour as the rest of her…Orangina anyone?

  34. diddleysquat

    what’s with the skin and that ‘do? look down….erection. look up….scary orange beast….no erection.

  35. Natasha

    Can you really shave off your nipples??

  36. herbiefrog

    it gonna be a tough time…

    either with us…

    …or against

    make you choices : )

    now !

  37. cayana

    Remember when she had all those piercings hanging out of her face? She sure cleaned up good. What I can’t figure out is where are all the holes from those things. Her face should look like swiss cheese by now.

  38. sid

    Fucking. Boring.

  39. ariel131

    why does she always wear so much makeup?

  40. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I’ll bet she smells and/or tastes like pumpkin spice too.

  41. She’s got a purdy mouth…

  42. k naz

    ohhh my gay. it’s funny to see how hard you have to nitpick to make christina sound ugly. you are just mad she hasn’t put a porn out yet. cause obviously, this is a girl who can fucking work it.

  43. Candycane

    Christina doesn’t wear any more make-up that anybody else in Hollywood…if you want “natural”, don’t be on a celebrity website to look for it. Your friendly neighborhood Walmart should provide you with plenty of nice, natural, ugly fat chicks if that’s what gets you going.

  44. fame is funny

    Let’s see…hair? Check. Singing career? Check. Sanity? Check.

    I think the Brittney vs. Christina war is finally over.

    She can be purple for all I care.

  45. tarjamarja

    She looks a lot less slutty without that horrid bright red lipstick.

    Still, she probably needs an ice scraper to remove all that makeup.

  46. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Um…I don’t, and never have cared for EITHER of those Mickey Mouse creations. They are both fug and talentless…not to mention every career move they make is scripted for them. Those 2, and Timberlake are not artists, they are corporate creations. They’ve even convinced a good portion of the population that wailing, screaming and moaning passes for great singing.

  47. jesseeca

    87, what did she have, a nose & lip ring? an eyebrow ring? that’s not really all that many, now is it?

  48. HughJorganthethird

    Do you think she likes analingnus? Jus wonderin

  49. saintmaybe

    She really needs to go to a Home Depot and do one of those nifty paint color computer programs to choose a better shade before next driving through the spray-on tanning booth.

  50. kroertjcj

    Oompa Loompa Doompity Do!

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