Christina Aguilera wears really tight dresses

March 5th, 2007 // 115 Comments

  1. Alandra


  2. Kim

    Thank God her stylist finally made this girl change her red lipstick to a cute shade of pink. Plus superfish guy, in the 5th small pic, you can kind of see some of her nipple….not that I was looking that hard.

  3. JustStone

    Hey, she’s looking alot better than Britney thats for sure

  4. starsandrocks

    tan much>?

  5. -Stormy.

    Good looking and smart too. Smart you ask? Why yes, she’s hanging out with ugly chicks to make her look even better.

  6. mr right

    I know when I dream of having 3 girls at once, I want them to look like a photoshop color demo (blend the left and the right and you get the middle one). Also it’s important for one girl (right) to look like she still has her dick, which she waves around using her Ultimate Fighter hands and forearms. And still has blood on her tongue from the last girl she “ate”.

    God I’m so fuckin hard right now…

  7. elizabeththewellread

    Oompa Loompa doompa dee doo

  8. jscott9

    She is soooo orange. Only up to her hair line. Doesn’t she make enough money to have a professional stylist ensure her tan looks real? Horrid. Fake tan much?

  9. I’m looking at this picture and my tongue is all swollen and hanging out of my mouth and I’m drooling all over my purple ostrich tippet.

  10. sikofdis

    Her husband is a lucky, lucky man. I don’t say this about many dudes, but I’m way better looking than him too…

  11. danielle

    Maybe Britney saw these pics while flipping through a magazine in the waiting room.

    Had to be the reason she attempted suicide.

  12. fergernauster


    Shake ‘n bake.

  13. Gwen Stefani blood red lips are totally out and nude lips are way hot. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to buy batteries for my tongue vibrator.

  14. 2for2true

    No fake tan here….the dress is so tight it’s just squeezed her areolas into her face.

  15. JandalOfDoom

    What’s with the bruise on her leg?!? Her husband better not be hitting her or he might get a beat down from the JandalOf DOOM! – Or, more likely, she might leave him.

  16. fergernauster

    … She ain’t pretty, she just looks that way.

    I’ve always thought her face (esp. snout) resembles that of a daschund. Or a greyhound.

  17. Ted...From LA

    Do any of you really think she is cute??? Or is this sarcasm? I’ve always imagined women on Mars or Mercury looking something like this. When she performs does she wear really big red shoes and have a squirting flower on her lapel?

  18. fergernauster

    Yes, Ted.

    I mean, no, Ted.

    I do not think she is cute. She is Operation Clambake.

  19. PunjabPete

    Super hot… I would hit that until it split down the middle….

  20. IFuckingHateYou

    #17 – she might not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but I’d fuck that hard little body until it broke in half.
    I think she’s a lesbian though – that can be the only explanation for her ugly-as-sin husband.

  21. fergernauster

    When she is 45, her pendulous udders will brush the red carpet.

  22. Lukielongsocks

    Nice Cankles.

  23. Thomas the Wrapper

    So hot, but why the orange? Ghostly white is better than orange.

  24. D'oh Eyes

    Hey Christina, you missed a spot, I can see a patch of unspackled skin.

  25. fergernauster

    Shakira blows this clown out of the water.

  26. yellowmattercustarddrippingfromadeaddogseye

    So this is how it all ends, except for the dying, maybe? Recycled stuff plus some C-list whocares, writers hired because they applied, sputtering threads filled with deadends. Sad.

  27. fergernauster

    It’s gonna be tacos tonight!

  28. kitty_kat

    It must really piss her off that she’s the one with a new album out and Britney’s the one getting all the attention.

  29. fergernauster

    Speaking of Britney, I do hope Brooke Shields can “counsel” some sense into her thick, bald noggin. You know… slap her around a little bit, back ‘n forth… like a cat toying with its live prey.

  30. Bugman4045

    See that smudge on her left thigh? That is from guys just running up to her and trying to maniacally hump her in any available spot!
    I know I would.
    Hmmm…gotta go.

  31. She’s a beautiful girl. However, she needs to not cake on the make up as much or else people are going to be calling her Mrs. Butter Worth’s.

  32. 86

    WOW she’s urnge.

  33. fergernauster

    Was this place ALWAYS this boring?…

  34. fergernauster

    Americans don’t know beauty.

    Give me a green-eyed Northern Indian lass, and THEN we’ll talk beauty.

  35. LilRach

    She’s gorgeous! Nothing to complain about here.

  36. NipsyHustle

    her body is hot but why does she keep spray tanning to look like a oompa loompa?

  37. Bugman4045

    No, it is usually far more boring on this site. We, the few, pathetic loyalists visit daily out of the delusional hope that the site will one day stop sucking.

    And if by green-eyed Northern Indian lass you mean someone like Aishwarya Rai, well then you are ablsolutely correct. Christina would shrivel an die in the prescence Aishwarya.

  38. MR_DG

    I happen to like oompa loompas!! Why all the ill talk about oompa’s anyway?

    I am at a loss for words for the way she looks!

  39. serial snarkalec

    Her nipples are under her armpits.

  40. LL

    For the love of cheese, would someone please organize some self-tanner interventions in Hollywood? Jebus, I am so tired of seeing orange women. WTF is wrong with their eyesight? Do they not see how they look? Do they not have any honest friends who will tell them, “Girl, stop it, you’re orange.” Damn.

  41. LL

    And yeah, for sure, Aishwarya Rai makes Christina look like, well, Britney Spears. I don’t know if Aishwarya can sing, but I’m not crazy about Christina’s music anyway, so who cares?

  42. spamfighter

    #25 – speaking of blowing clowns and Shakira … in what way? Hottitude? vocally?

  43. Adrine

    I think she’s hot. but the tan is kinda weird.

  44. Daldianus

    I once saw a pic of her without the make-up: ugly as Hell!

    But nice fake boobs.

  45. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Here we go again…anything with fake body parts and over processed hair and skin = sexy. NOT!
    Are all you guys drunk? That girl is fug six ways from Sunday.

  46. spamfighter

    Aishwarya Rai is arguably the world’s most beautiful woman. Christina Aguilera is arguably the best singer in the pop music world today (anyone see her do the tribute to JB on the Grammies? If not, don’t even think of trying to argue differently).

    I spent about :45 minutes trying to watch one of Rai’s American films – something about spices set in SF while on a 14 hour flight with nothing else to watch. I ended up doing an in depth study of the seat in front of me instead.

  47. spamfighter

    I’m drunk, and they are real, son. I’d hit that until I wore Little Spamfighter down to a nub. Think I’ll get started now, with those picture in hand.

  48. My pants feel funny. Like someone shoved a watermelon in my jeans.

    Christina > The Antichrist.

  49. i think she looks better like that, without her red lipstick and her wannabe marilyn moroe style.

  50. Niecy

    She looks great in the dress but when is her skin going to return to its normal color?

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