Christina Aguilera

20041021_aguileratilt.jpgChristina Aguilera has paired up with Nelly for some piece of crap song called Tilt Ya’ Head Back which I haven’t even heard but I know is a piece of crap because it features Nelly and it’s called Tilt Ya’ Head Back. Didn’t he already come out with a song called Tilt Ya’ Head Back or was that one of the other billion “hip-hop” artists out there who can’t come up with original titles? And if you didn’t get it, I put “hip-hop” in quotes because Nelly is really more pop than he is hip-hop, but the top of the mop is really hip pop. What the fuck?

Anyways, here’s Christina Aguilera’s great big boobies from the music video. I never noticed before, but it looks like Christina’s fake mole is actually a piercing. Who knew?