Christina Ricci Collapses For Easy Storage

January 14th, 2014 // 25 Comments

Back in November, Christina Ricci posted a picture of herself inside a refrigerator (above) which nobody noticed until yesterday January 13. Except when they did, the Internet lost its shit because apparently banging Wednesday Adams next to the vegetable crisper is the fetish it’s been waiting for after spending a soul-searching moment wondering if Swiss Cheese Masturbator might be onto something. We all went down that road.

For shits and giggles, here’s Christina inside a dryer where I’m sure none of you will pretend Snuggles is just out of sight banging her from behind. You guys would never.

That’s right. Now tickle his tummy.

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  1. I’m really, really hoping that’s a typo and what she meant to say was “Look out for my new photo series, ‘I Can Fit That In!”

  2. She got way hotter as an adult than I ever would have guessed from seeing her as a child.

  3. Louis Griffin

    Her fridge is as empty as her tummy.

  4. wtf

    Attention whore.

  5. Always thought she was super hot. These pics do not change that.

  6. Dox

    “Hey baby, you know what would be really hot? If you crammed your anorexic ass into a fridge, and took a picture.”
    - Something no one has ever said, at any point in history, ever.

  7. JC

    I would bang her on a ledge.
    I would bang her in a fridge.
    I like Ricci’s ample rack.
    I’d like her rack when in the sack.

    Would you bang her in a dryer?
    Would you bang her in a fryer?

    I would bang her in a dryer.
    I would bang her in a fryer.
    I would bang her here and there.
    I would bang her anywhere.

  8. She must be a freak in the bedroom.

  9. I want to impale her w/my crank shaft and pose her like the hood ornament of a 1948 Dodge.

  10. And now I want her more than ever.

  11. I notice that no one’s brought up her breast reduction yet. Probably because she wouldn’t be able to fit inside these appliances if she still had her originals.

  12. meh

    I see she’s on that Hollywood A-List diet of water and more water.

  13. I have always found this woman so sexy. Even back in her Addams Family days I had a major crush on her. She’s still as hot as ever. Words can’t describe how much I would love to get to know her personally, if you know what I mean.

  14. She is so considerate. Hanging out in a refrigerator keeps her pussy cool and fresh for absolute dining pleasure.

  15. “Because banging Wednesday Adams next to the vegetable crisper is the fetish “
    This makes a lot of sense and is my new religion…Like your beliefs are any better?

  16. I am making all my homemade greeting cards with this photo.

  17. Shirl

    Doesn’t anyone remember that Punky Brewster episode where Cherry climbed into a refrigerator and then needed CPR?! NOT COOL, Christina Ricci.

  18. Fumus

    No comment about the Golden Monkey 6er in the fridge?

  19. Miss_Moppet

    No one is saying it, so I will. Where the hell does Christina Ricci “work”? She stated this was workplace shenanigans and I’m wondering, did she get an office job or what?

  20. Ugh

    Looks like a piece of dried-out chicken that was left in the frig forever.

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