Christina Hendricks Was Definitely At The Emmys

August 30th, 2010 // 169 Comments

I may not have watched or even known/cared the Emmys were on, but I can safely tell you there were only two things there last night and you’re looking directly at them. Oh, and also that red-headed chick. Wait. Where did she come from? Did someone leave the portal to Ireland open again? — Oh, no, my potato garden. Quick, distract her with whiskey and Catholicism! The power of Christ compels you, the power of Christ compels you! *dangles bottle of Jameson’s on a string*

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  1. She’s pretty. Of course, I’m biased to redheads. Her breasts are HUGE. I’ve gone to a few websites and there seems to be no general consensus as to whether they’re real or fake. Either way, they’re FANTASTIC.

  2. hiya

    it’s quite obvious they’re real …
    ya’ll don’t know what real tittys are ..
    organically grown , no additives , no preservatives ..
    ya’ll is jealous as hell …
    can’t buy those babies no way no how !
    a goddess ..
    get over it ya fat ugly slobs ..
    you WISH !

    • LEB

      No, it’s quite obvious they’re FAKE. Real boobs aren’t rounded on top like that… nor do they look like soccer balls inserted into flesh pockets.

      She’s probably naturally chesty (Cs or even Ds), but she’s been augmented.

      Signed… an owner of a pair of boobs.

      • PsychoBitchFromHell

        Those are not fake!!! My tits look like that when I wear a bra that fits. If most women actually took the time to get measured and find a great underwire bra, their’s would be rounded on top too.
        Mine are rounded on top plus I am tan which accents how round they are (some use bronzer to accent their breasts to make them look larger and rounder). I am an owner of a pair of GG breasts!!!

        P.S. Most women have one breast bigger than the other, but you buy a bra to accommodate the larger one!

  3. JustSayin

    Looks like one boob is higher than the other one in every pic. Now that I’ve seen it, can’t unsee it.



  5. SuperMhario

    Oh my. What funny proportions.

  6. snarkyscreenname

    I go back and forth about Christina. Her features are pretty enough, but she’s a fake redhead. And her body is disproprtionate thanks to those mongo tits.

    I mean, seriously, the woman is wearing a corset. You can see the fold from it buckling under the weight of her tits. She’s a big girl and thats why she has big tits. She is just trying to conceal her porker tummy with a waist cincher. Good for her, but her head is too little and that hair cut only makes it look funnier.

    • snarkyscreenname

      And for fuck’s sake, the puffy sleeves?? They maker her look like a linebacker who got railed real deep the night before and is trying really hard not to shart himself.

  7. rob frost

    I’m convinced that Christina Hendricks is the result of an evil genius plot to create a real-life Jessica Rabbit.

  8. Pretty face, but that dress is hideous, she really needs some sun, and would it kill someone to give that poor girl a comb for that hair??

  9. Obvious

    great tits for tittty f’n. Have you seen her ass and thighs….pass

  10. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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  11. Happy Girl

    I can’t believe that people are saying that her face is ugly! I am a female, and I actually think she is extremely pretty. The dress looks lovely on her- very ethereal, and I love her hair and make up. I believe that her breasts are real. The ONLY thing I would criticize her on is her corset underneath. You can see the boning- and perhaps if she wore something more like “Spanx” which I believe is a leotard that basically sucks you in, she would look a lot better. But overall, as a hetero- female, I have to say she’s super hot!

    • J.L

      Totally agreed. I’m a hetero woman that find Christina Hendricks one of the prettiest women out there. She’s gorgeous! I understand that taste is different in people but calling her ugly is a complete slander! She’s much above average in looks in all cultures, nevermind Western ones.

  12. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    horn dog
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  13. Tony

    Will someone please put this woman on a diet asap. I am sick of seeing her
    falunt her flab everywhere. If she didn’t have big tits she would just be another fat girl. She needs to lose some weight. This is not curvy. Kelly Brook is curvy. and is half the size of CH. She (Hendricks) is also ginger, it doesn’t get much worse.

  14. Tony

    LOL at the “fat women” brigade defedning this fat piece of crap. The only reason you are okay with her is because she is fat like you are. I very much doubt anyone would be jealous of a fat matronly woman, with her pudge shoved into a corset.

  15. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    what is up with her eyes? talk about asymmetrical

  16. Greg

    is this woman serious?

  17. Alli Watermelon

    As fellow female with a large chest (not quite THAT large), I have to say my response to these photos was, “Holy shit.” lol. I’m all for showing off your assets, especially when they look as nice as her’s, but I kinda feel like that dress is a bit much. I feel like there’s going to be a nipple slip at any moment. It’s amazing that she still remains classy looking. Almost.

  18. Internet

    Girlfriend.. SAME EXACT

  19. looks lazy

    give me a c cup on a fit young tan body over this any day!.. she looks like a clown and gothic nerds dream. this shit would be laughed off the beach… and she is wearing a corset – nat tits that big always come with a big gut and a square ass – frumpster old lady body, and she is a ginger to boot.

  20. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    I’m heading out to buy some milk.

  21. God

    Even though I am expecting a breasty picture when I see the headlines, I still can’t prevent an involuntary twitch in the old nutsack whenever I scroll down to see the whole picture, reminding me that I am heterosexual.

  22. God

    And incidentally, I’m pretty sure that 90% of gayboys get similarly aroused, reminding them that they have been making a mistake sucking on cock for the majority of their lives. They just need a cure in the form of Hendricks.

  23. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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  24. captain america

    this is alot of “WOMAN” indeed.
    …….AC/DC sang about it.

    ROSY was her name.

  25. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    I wonder if anyone has every but one up on that balcony….

  26. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    Hot and buoyant.

  27. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    She has eyes?

  28. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    She’s gorgeous, but so disproportional! She sound flaunt her finger in a more sophisticated way, rather than smushing her boobs up to her chin!

  29. On/Off


  30. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    Oh boy those are gorgeous natural boobs. They jiggle around so nicely on the TV!

  31. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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  32. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Bored with life
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    I’d tit fuck her for an eternity…

  33. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    Danny, her waist is 25 inches around, you say that is fat?? how big is YOUR waist?

  34. paco

    ay caramba!! what a humongous pair of tits!!!!

  35. har

    imagine the stretch marks on those things

    pancake nipples too i bet.

    i’d still hit it though. lights off

  36. LEB

    Her dress is a terrible fit… and so are her boobs. When you look like a cartoon character, you went a tad too far.

  37. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    Hey “expert”, about the only thing you be versed well enough on to comment is the faux wood paneling in moms basement. That woman is what is right in this wolrd!

  38. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    breast lover
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    it seems obvious she has natural ones.. they are always different sizes with whatever push up bra she uses.. not that she NEEDS a push up actually…
    she has a gorgeous face as well

  39. kelly

    this woman is ridiculously hot. ha, major lols at all the guys who are pretending theyre not into it. either youre gay, in which case youd still applaud her or you just know you wouldnt be able to handle such a womanly figure. that my friends, is REAL tits and ass. none of your fucking anorexic wannabes. love love LOVE her :)

  40. lolsy

    she looks fucking ridiculous and pathetic. the only people who would be impressed by this display, are imbeciles not worth knowing. and lol at all the horny virginal douchebags posting with girls’ names. get out of your basements sometime, losers

  41. Ray Sist

    You women still seem to think we really care about your feelings. lol. The day you get a clue is the day you’ll have men slobber over you like we do her.

  42. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Bored with life
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    I was just jerking off to this and I shot in my eye… that stings!

  43. Cardinal Fang


  44. thatlizkid

    those titties are so fake.

  45. Alamander

    CANDY BARS!!!!

  46. Axe

    fucking sex goddess this woman

  47. Just A Thought

    What bird did she kill and plunder to put on her shoulders? And her breasts aren’t attractive, they look like styrofoam balls gone out of control. That dress is the grossest color in the world. Someone that fat should think black and minimize what is obvious. Jiggly rolly polly poo googley whoo whoo whoopee dee doo, that’s what I hear when I look at this picture.

  48. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    doesn’t a push up require a shoulder strap? it looks like the strap goes around her back although i’m no expert

  49. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    it looks like she’s about to float away.. those are friggin enormous o ___ 0

  50. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
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    Love my cock between those babies.

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