Christina Hendricks Was Definitely At The Emmys

August 30th, 2010 // 169 Comments

I may not have watched or even known/cared the Emmys were on, but I can safely tell you there were only two things there last night and you’re looking directly at them. Oh, and also that red-headed chick. Wait. Where did she come from? Did someone leave the portal to Ireland open again? — Oh, no, my potato garden. Quick, distract her with whiskey and Catholicism! The power of Christ compels you, the power of Christ compels you! *dangles bottle of Jameson’s on a string*

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  1. Marcus


    • GUY


      I would really love to stick my penis in her for the rest of my life…or until i get sick of her and need to move on.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      She is the most Fuckable woman out there right now.

      • F*ck you back dude

        MEH!! I am not that impressed to be honest. It is pretty much the same routine she uses over and over again, nothing new. Plus, her head is the same size as one of her breasts, that is just weird.

      • nameless

        u need to go back to looking at dudes. her breasts are epic

  2. Vandal

    Crackin’ tits.


      Sick, sick, sick you are! Those helium balloons are as REAL as Pamela Anderson’s!!! She can’t fly on airplanes, helium explodes in pressurized areas. Who knows, with funbags like those, she might have a surprise between her legs, like LADY GA GA.

      • beaute

        they be real darlin’ ..
        a rarity in hollywierd

      • slob

        you wouldn’t know a real titty if it hit you in the face moron ..
        them’s REAL …jealous?
        can’t buy those baby ..

      • Kelley

        Sorry to disappoint, but they’re disgustingly fake; get a boob job, sure, but must you block out the sun ? She’s as gross as Coco.

      • Kakkoii

        Wow, “TOWN COCK” & “Kelley” are some serious ignorant people. If you guys took even a few seconds to search this girls name, you’d know that her breasts are real. Women can grow breasts that big without being obese, especially with all the hormones a lot of modern day milk has, this is a proven fact. It’s fairly uncommon for them to get that big, but it’s certainly not unheard of. A simple search for big natural tits porn can easily confirm this.

        Also, what, you think just because they look perfectly round shaped in that picture that they are fake? Ever heard of a fucking push up bra? Women as endowed as her have to wear fairly large cupped bra’s, and have them on pretty tight to pull off a dress like that, or there shall be nip slip’s and boob pop’s abound.

        So learn to be less ignorant in the future and do a little research before opening your mouth and acting like you know better than everyone else.

  3. Marcus

    You might drown motor boating those.

  4. elvis

    Man, Jeff Goldblum looks like shit.

  5. Crabby Old Guy

    Let me be perfectly clear about Ms. Hendricks.

    1. I don’t care about her “as a person”
    2. Her thought, goals, fears, desires – mean nothing to me
    3. I don’t give a rat’s ass about her “feelings” about anything remotely political


    Thank you. Now, go and enjoy your Monday.

  6. Bimbamboing

    I guess there were 3 seats in reservation for her.One for herself and two for her puppies.

  7. Those tits were made for one thing and one thing only. Placing my schlong in between them with a bottle of KY jelley beside, and riding them like a bull in a rodeo. Of course with such light skin, it’s going to be tough to see my splooge spots drizzling down their sides. I sure hope this woman has the curtains and the carpet matching. She would be one hell-uv-wild ride with a fiery love triangle down below.

  8. jesus christ that’s some big ol titties! if only her face were as sweet

  9. Bleh


  10. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    I would give anything for 30 minutes with those

  11. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    Momma!! Love it!!

  12. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    my god she is perfect. love those huge fucking titties!!!

  13. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    I want to see her use the shake weight.

  14. music fan

    Now those are some tig bitties!

  15. Righty Whitey

    It should be a requirement that all actresses in Hollywood do porn to start their careers. That way we can see them naked when their young and hot, not when they’re scraggly and old. Plus you know most of these Hollywood chicks are blowing and riding their way to the big time, they might as well have it on film.

    • CARLO

      Well Done Whitey! I totally agree. IF we can get them in to porn first we can save so much time searching for a glimpse and finally get what we want. We can then vote to allow them to continue or force them to retire.

      This chick is just beautiful! So was Anna Nicole Smith…let’s see where this takes us. Hope we get nudes or at least some “slips” soon.

    • the 70s were kinda like that. tits in your first few and u were set. fuckin reagan years ruined everything

    • Ninny

      ..when their young and hot what does what?

  16. I just came…twice.

    I fucking love this chick

  17. BigDaddy

    Big F–King deal, Nothing to get excited about here.

  18. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    1000CC FOR SURE!!! ehehehehehehehehe

  19. joho777

    Plastic tits. Are they something to get excited about?

    Then you must love Tila Tequila.

    Phony is IN!

    • Or, you know, not…seeing as how they’re real.

    • MrsEllis

      Uh uh. I watched her walking up the stairs when Mad Men won best drama. Those puppies are very real. They were jiggling all over the place. If I were a heterosexual male, I would have been very excited.

    • beaute

      you jealous honey ..
      that is the real thaaaaaang but how would YOU know that?

    • anonym

      dumbshit. those are real tits. she’s fatter than your typical beanpole, so a lot of it will go to the tits.

      you can’t compare a real woman with a no talent midget elf like Tila.

  20. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    According to Backes, the only way women can have large breasts is if they have implants — which Christina definitely does not have

  21. How can she even breathe with those big motherfuckers in her face??

  22. Boo

    Holy man her on top of and watching those bounce . . . . wait for it . . . priceless!

  23. Jade

    God she is disgusting .. not only is she a ranga (bad enough) but she has overfilled water balloons for tits.

    • she’s not a ranga she’s blonde

    • (ok she’s a bottle ranga if you insist — but note the lack of freckles..)

    • guy rossissi

      Typical jellous female…

      • Anon

        Typical virgin male who’s actually never had a meaningful relationship in his like. HERPADERP I’D FUCK DEM TITTAYS! Key word: would. As in, you never will, ever. Please, we love being enlightened as to how much you “would” fuck someone else. Do, go on.

    • IbdaJudge

      She does remind me of my second wife, the good parts that is. She is a true redhead, it’s all in the complextion, and yes those bad boys are real. As for all of you children with worthless opinions based on nothing but your internet “research” when your brave enough to leave your mothers shelter you may actually get to caress something so lovely as her.

    • Jade

      I’m only mad because I make Snooki look like Kate Perry, I also have hairy nipples.

      I hope I’ve explained the reasons for my bitchy comments adequately.

  24. Chris

    You sure it wasn’t the Golden Globes? ba-ZING!

  25. GamerEdie

    I remember her from Firefly. She used to be pretty.

    Now she’s a mockery. I mean, hooray and all that for big breasted women. But why does she have to wear dresses that are cut and fit so she looks like a circus clown?…

    …. or the misshapen front end of a monster truck?

    What a sad piece of work she is.

  26. Tyler

    I think we’re all missing how wide her damn hips are.

  27. ken ortega

    Man this fat cunt can’t dress for shit. That dress is actually worst than that tribble garbage that she wore a few months back

    And why does she keep making the mistake of thinking that if she constantly shoves her playdoh tits up in people’s faces that no one is going to notice her ugly joker face?

  28. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    those tits are bigger than some girls’ asses. and better shaped. she basically has an ass chest.

    • The Internet

      …holy shit another unfunny and wholly boring comment I must replicate…

      • ok mighty wise one since ur obviously a top writer or english professor, would you have prefered ‘ass chested’? ‘butt chested’? i made the connection that i hadn’t seen prior. at least im thinking.

  29. Darth

    I don’t think it’s easy to act with a body like she has.Everything will be moving at the same time.

  30. BigDaddy

    Hugh Gentry, I bet your so fat you can’t even see your cock and balls. I prefer women that are real. Kelly Brook, Jessica Alba, Jessica Beal, Lindsay Lohans tits are way better than this fat bitch.

  31. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:


  32. Carolyn

    Big, ugly tits. They’re out there like melons on a tray.

  33. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    I am glad that she gets so many posts on this site. I’m in love with her dress!

  34. stevie

    most awsome woman alive

  35. Douchariffic

    I’m always in the minority in thinking she looks ridiculous. In a dress that fit and didn’t smoosh her boobs into one gigantic floppy load, she’d be the most gorgeous and sexy woman alive. Instead she ends up looking like my 80-year-old grandma who has one scary huge uniboob. I prefer my breasts to have a space in the middle for motorboating.

  36. Racer X


  37. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    Implants, 1000CC I dfon’t care I love it Very very much

  38. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:


  39. firecrotchusuck

    EWWWWWWWWW fire crotch is ugly!!!!!!! and her chest looks awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost as bad as her face.

  40. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    I was getting kinda tired of her, but damn!

  41. me22

    She looks ridiculous. Obviously the boys on this site think she is hot cuz she has big tits. Most girls with big tits are fat unless they are fake tits. This chick has a homely ass joker face and her tits are always smushed up to her chin with makes her look even heftier then she is. She is straight up fat, not thick, not athletic just flabby and fat. Why even bother being in shape when all men want is a pair of fat, sloppy udders on a short dumpy body. This chick is one big mac from Christy Alley territory. Feel free to call me a hater but I’ll take my 22in waist and B cups over this sloppy, lazy looking body ANY DAY.

    • KL

      You’re not a hater, sweetie, you’re just a liar. Straight up. No one believes you and we all know you wouldn’t have written anything if you weren’t jealous of the attention she’s getting. You may take your B cups over her but no one else would.

    • MrsEllis

      Yea, when I find women unattractive, I tend to also get really riled up, pissed off, and start spewing my measurements.

      Guys like tits. Deal with it.

      • ehh not always

        she looks like a joke. only nerds think this is hot . she looks like a medieval times geek. she is white as paper and would look like some slob 45 year old mommy in a bathing suite without her corset… guys on message boards say they would take this over kate moss – but kate moss dated johnny depp and look at this chicks husband…

    • jumpin_j

      Project much?

    • slob

      you a lyin jealous bitch ..
      you mean 220 inch waist dontcha ?

  42. me22

    Not to mention you can see her ‘support’ thru the dress. That girdle is sucking her in so far I really do not even know how she is breathing.

  43. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    The Listener
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s pretty. Of course, I’ve always been biased toward redheads. Can’t say I like the fringes of the dress.

    Does the dress have good padding and her breasts are naturally that big or does she have implants? I can’t always tell by looking.

  44. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Expert on Everything
    Commented on this photo:

    She is a very fat woman big boobs or not. She looks depressed and medicated. This woman is not appreciated for anything but her uncomfortable chest. Kill yourself now I recommend.

    • Katie

      You’re severely retarded.

    • Expert on Everything

      Nevermind, I suck cock.

    • badonkadonk

      wow angsty much? disregarding her chest, the rest of her body is quite good. sure compared to A-list celebrities and supermodels she looks chubbier, but i’d wager that her natural body would fit into the healthy range of the BMI (body mass index if you’re an idiot)
      also, don’t joke about depression or drugs and no-one should ever be told to commit suicide.

      stay happy, stay strong, say hi to your mum for me

  45. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    fat and pasty

  46. freebie

    That dress looks absolutely painful. It doesn’t fit her right and the style and color does do her justice. But it gets attention and that is what most people in LALA land want.

  47. MarkM

    I just don’t get the fascination with her. Sure she’s got ridiculously huge boobs, but otherwise, “meh.”

  48. jumpin_j

    She was at the emmy’s. Her breasts arrived a minute before she did. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  49. Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
    Commented on this photo:

    she gots the guns !
    all woman on the REAL side ..
    gawwwwwwgeous !

  50. beaute

    finally a beautiful natural woman !

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