Christina Hendricks Smokes?

October 5th, 2010 // 173 Comments

Or more importantly, Christina Hendricks has a head, arms, mouth, shoulders, neck, hands, legs, lower torso?!

Who’s doing this to me? WHY ARE YOU RUINING MY LIFE?!

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  1. Urbanspaceman

    Of course she smokes. Didn’t you see “Thank You For Smoking”? THEY ALL SMOKE!!!!!

  2. Christina Hendricks Smoking
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    i really don’t think that’s Christine Hendricks, though…

  3. Christina Hendricks Smoking
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    Ya well Firefly was so fantastic and she was younger then. I hardly recognize ‘Our Mrs. Reynolds’ here!

  4. Jimmy T


  5. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    250 lb rockabilly/burlesque/rollerderby girl with Bettie Page bangs
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    she makes me feel better about myself.

  6. fat is gross

    Fat Chicks Sucks, why are you on the defensive? This broad is a whale. Full stop. Her size might be acceptable in the US as the country is the grip of an obesity epidemics, but in Europe (where, by the way, people are healthier and live longer) she is just gross. She might please fat American women and their nerdy boyfriends but here no self respecting man would be seen dead walking around with an unmade (and possibly even a compressed in the right places) Christina Hendricks.

  7. 539

    Yeah Fat Chicks Suck. If you don’t like it, stick to your guns. Don’t back peddle. Nobody’s coming up with any good points besides insults and “she’s got huge tits.” Which is a lump of fat. The majority of people have a hard problem dealing with reality.

    Draw your line in the sand. Sexy can be down without a girdle.


    • Shart

      Girdles are not sexy. Granny! wears a girdle and spanks so she can look “curvy’. All you chubby chasers are lucky, cause there are lots of chunky blubbers to chose from.

  8. Pepper

    I had a dream Nathan Fillion left me for her. Can’t say I blame him.

  9. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    See Alice
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    Is that a camel toe or a roll of fat ?

  10. Benifer 4evah

    Rich men always pick thin women for their trophy wives. Things that make you go hmmm………

  11. Christina Hendricks Smoking
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    well that’s one way to try to lose weight. lol

  12. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    And she is fat

  13. Christina Hendricks Smoking
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    If she smokes, she pokes!


    According to the American Medical Association, an adult woman up to 5’10″ in height who weighs over 130lbs. is obese.

    According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, a woman who refuses to accept the above fact about obesity is in denial.

    Any woman in the height and weight range in question can come out of denial by inspecting her naked body in a full length mirror under the brightest possible lighting. Notice if there is a lack of tone to the buttocks, if they jiggle when lifted and dropped, etc.

    If you can hold a coin under your buttock, you are obese. (But if you can hold a coin between the cheeks of your buttocks and read the date that way, you are hot and freaky!)

    Turn sideways and look in the mirror. Does your tummy protrude? If it does and you’re not pregnant, you’re a disgusting hog.

    Now raise one leg so that the thigh muscle hangs loose. If you push it does it wobble? If yes, can you say oink oink?

    Try the same test on your upper arms. If there’s flab you belong on a slab.

    How many chins do you have? More than one says you’re no fun.

    Of course you can always move from denial to anger by becoming a fat, hardened bull dyke. Or you can do like Madeleine Albright and take out your self-hatred on half a million children in a third world country.

    Unfortunately, there is no “acceptance” phase to this particular process, because it is the job of the males of our species to constantly remind obese women that they are obese and unwanted. So you basically have three choices: stay in denial, turn into a raging bull dyke or genocidal politician, or stop stuffing your face with food all the time and try getting a little exercise. You can’t be fat and happy, so don’t bother trying to go that route.

    • “According to the American Medical Association, an adult woman up to 5′10″ in height who weighs over 130lbs. is obese.”
      “According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, a woman who refuses to accept the above fact about obesity is in denial.”

      BALLS. The AMA says NOTHING of the sort. Nor does the DSM – which, by the way, does not make diagnoses about “denials” based on any “fact” like that, let alone one that doesn’t take into account muscle vs. adipose tissue.

      Really, you can make up your own opinions, but don’t go making up your own data. If you have to fucking lie to prove yourself right, reconsider your opinion. Also consider that if you’re going to continue to make up shit, put in more of an effort into it than this – and remember,ana and mia websites will not give you accurate information. I’m sorry you’re so fucked up that only skeletal women who’ve starved their tits away are acceptable to you, but tough shit, your “facts” are ridiculous. Funny you should mention third world countries, but that’s where you’re heading for centerfold material at this rate.

      The old AMA tables defined the average weight goal for a SMALL FRAMED woman who’s 5’10″ at 132-145 lbs. I actually think Hendricks is more medium frame, so she falls into the 142-156 optimum weight range. So she’d have to weigh 20-40% more than that to be considered even MILDLY overweight. And “healthy” is a whole ‘nother area. There are a fuck of a lot of skinny people running around who aren’t healthy, and quite a lot of people like Ms. H,. who’s carrying around more pounds than you personally feel she should be allowed, who are perfectly fine. She definitely needs to kick the ciggies if it’s not for a scene, but again, another story.

      Obesity, since you obviously have no clue, can be definined in several ways – the most popular now is by BMI (body mass index), which is a weight/height ratio formula. And even that’s not an ideal predictor since the formula was developed solely to identify sedentary people from the physically active – and that’s only among people with average body composition. (The formula really falls down on tall people as it gives them a BMI that’s far higher than their actual body fat levels, but I digress.) Waist and hip ratios are also considered. If Christina weighs 165 lbs and she’s 5’8″, her formula BMI is 25.10. That’s right spang on the borderline between normal and overweight. Now – refer back to the comment about tall people and BMI proportion. Or just go take the figure to any MD, quote your idiotic interpretation of the AMA guideline to them, and be prepared for them to laugh in your face. If, as I suspect, you’ve had a long history of eating disorders, you’ll probably be able to find an MD right down the hall.

      • Jizz Cockster

        According to the Jizz Cockster Association, this chick has a nice round ass, nice big tits, and a nice cocksucker. That means she’s hot and I’d fuck the shit outta that pussy.

      • Fat Chicks Suck

        I love how if you don’t like overweight women everyone claims you must like starving dead bodies – like there’s nothing in-between. “YOU DON’T THINK ROSIE O’DONNELL HAS A NICE BODY?! YOU ARE ONE SICK FUCK FOR WANTING TO HAVE SEX WITH ROTTING 12-YEAR-OLD ETHIOPIAN CORPSES!”

        It’s always the 2 extremes with these idiots. As if it’s impossible for a woman to be in good shape – they have to either be “fat and healthy” or “starving and sick with rotted off tits.” Man – only in America. I love this country but there is a frightening lack of logic.

    • WTF are you talking about? 5’10 and 130 lbs is model thin you moron. I’m 5’8 and weigh 145 and wear a size 6. So 5’10 and 130 lbs would be a size 2 or 4. That could hardly be considered obese.

      • FCS, claiming that anyone who’s 5’10″ and weighs more than 130 lbs is obese is the prime example the frightening lack of logic you so decry – funny how you missed that, huh? And that “idiot” claiming the DSM and the AMA are the sources for that “fact” just compounds the lunacy. So the AMA would classify either of the Williams sisters as obese, and anyone who claims otherwise is DSM-IV loony material? Hey, good to know.

        Of course there’s more than two extremes, but since YOU are the one who’s using the word “obese” over and over when describing Christina Hendricks, and YOU are the one who thinks he’s allowed to set the sole standard for what constitutes a “woman in good shape” – well, you aren’t exactly Mr. Sweet Reason and Logic here, are ya now? With all your pronouncements, you’re scarcely impartial – so don’t try and play the disingenuous card now. Hendricks is not “obese” by anyone’s medical standards – you just find her displeasing and unappealing aesthetically, so it suits your argument to toss the term around. Fer Chrissakes, just have the balls to say she’s not to your taste, don’t try to make yourself into some kind of superduper health crusader as you rag on her over and over and *sigh* over again.

        By the way, those bunched up panties you’ve got wadded up in your buttcrack are adding a good ten pounds to your frame. Just, you know, FYI and all.

      • Fat Chicks Suck

        What the hell are you talking about? When did I say 5’10″ 130 pounds was obese? Or do you actually think Christina Hendricks is 5’10″ 130 pounds?Seriously – how stupid can you be?

        You put words in my mouth and then go off on a rant about it. 5’10″ 130 pounds, I agree, is a model BMI. Christina Hendricks is more like 5’8″ 175 pounds – medically overweight by a fair margin. What’s your point?

        I’m baffled by your stupidity/confusion.

      • Fat Chicks Suck

        I also wanted to add (you moron) that I don’t believe I’ve described her as “obese” once in this entire discussion. I used “overweight” (which is accurate) and “borderline obese” (which depending on which BMI scale you’re looking at is also correct.)

        At this point the only people defending her seem to be complete morons.

    • FCS, try and keep the fuck up. Seriouisly, how stupid can you be that you can’t read with comprehension? You were bitching about the accusations that if you don’t like fat chicks (ahem, see your own moniker) you must want to fuck skeletons and that’s indicative of America’s frightening lack of logic. I called your attention to Facts About Obesity’s post – since you are posting under the responses to that post, after all, so you should be familiar with it – who claims “anyone over 130 lbs at 5’10″ is obese” as the ultimate in that prime lack of logic. Nowhere did I say that you posted that statement – just that, since you were posting under it and all, and since it seemed perfectly in tune with your own rants on this thread, it seems odd that you chose to ignore that bit of lunacy while decrying America’s “lack of logic”..

      You’ve referred to Hendricks as “borderline obese”, which she also isn’t – sorry, not even on any BMI charts out there. Do your math if you want to hypothesize further. They go from Normal to Overweight to Obese, btw. Even at 175 lbs using the AMA’s charts she wouldn’t be in that “borderline” category. Nice try, though. Again, if you have to lie and inflate or exaggerate your terms to make your argument valid, it ain’t much of an argument. Moron, yourself.

  15. M

    This woman is exactly that…A WOMAN. I’m sick of people thinking females have to be underweight to be good-looking. And no, I’m not fat or overweight and in denial, believe it or not.

    I love Christina Hendricks, she’s gorgeous and she’s got curves. Yes, she may be a bit overweight, but she carries her weight well and looks great.

  16. Christina Hendricks Smoking
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    Looks like a fat fucking retard.

    No fapping to that. What a beast.

  17. Balls McCoy

    She’s not fat, whats wrong with you people? And for Commanders Cut & Paste w/ the Obesity garbage, it’s assholes like yourselves whom cause more harm than good about women’s self-image. Fuck all ya’ll. I think Christina’s hot. I want to have sex with her and smoke afterward…and perhaps eat some pudding in between.

  18. MrsEllis

    I agree with Fat Chicks Suck. She is fat. She just is. Her face is beautiful. But she is not that attractive. I don’t understand women who are like, “She’s so sexy, I fantasize about her, blah, blah, blah”. Really? I just don’t understand how a straight woman can be attracted to this. I mean, aren’t we naturally attracted to zero curves? I’m just confused by that admission…

  19. God

    I guess everyone realises that the picture has been stretched widthways ?

    Check out the not-round earring on the guy to her right.

  20. Ben Doverman

    I bet her butthole is nice and pink. Yum!

  21. Christina Hendricks Smoking
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    isn’t it amazing without fancy lighting and air brushing
    she looks like a lot of average gals you see in the mall
    not the glamorous so called sexy babe

    yikes awful looking broad
    and the cigarette just makes her more homely

  22. Christina Hendricks Smoking
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    When I scrolled down to about her elbows, I thought “Oh, she doesn’t look fat in this pic” and then I kept scrolling down and was like “Oh, hello lard.” I’m only half her size and I nearly cried when I went up to a size six recently…. but she’s like a size 16. I guess her charm on women is that we look at her and go “Well, now I don’t feel so bad about myself, because if SHE can be a sex symbol…”

    • DibriDD

      I would rather be a sz 16 then a sz 6. I don’t like pelvic bones and other bones of any sort sticking out grotesquely.

  23. Christina Hendricks Smoking
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    these comments are so ugly! i think she looks really pretty with a ncie body in these pics. i like being fit and toned for myself but some girls just do look better with a few extra lbs on them and christina is one of them. why is it so hard for some men to understand that jsut because a girl isnt your type doesnt mean she is ugly and doesnt mean you need to be rude about her? its not that hard a concept to understand- i have no sexual interest in brad pitt but i think he is good looking and would never insult his appearance.

    and as for europe – well im greek and plenty of greek guys would much prefer a girl like christina over a slimmer more toned girl

  24. captain america


  25. captain america

    yep, AND DOING BL*WJ*BS, folks!!

  26. captain america


  27. captain america

    ……….she is indeed FAT.

  28. wtf

    Okay, Christina Hendricks is a fat bitch. This coming from a girl who is admittedly overweight. I weigh 175 but, like Christina, I’m naturally proportioned so I don’t LOOK my weight – pretty flat stomach, but a big ass and big boobs. If I weigh 175 and I’m well proportioned, this chick must AT LEAST be pushing 225 because she’s WAY bigger than I am. And someone that heavy is UNATTRACTIVE and UNHEALTHY. There’s no way she should be a role model for anybody, ever, because she probably IS medically obese. I definitely agree with what people are saying that most fat girls only like her because she looks like them. I don’t like her. I think she’s fat and nasty.

    Now, girls that are CURVY but not fat are awesome. Read: Beyonce, Kim Kardashian (I hate myself for typing that because I fucking hate Kim Kardashian, but you’ve gotta admit she has a nice body), etc. There’s a big difference between curvy and fatass – Christina Hendricks is definitely a fatass.

    • ctti

      Beyonce & Kim Kardashian are beautiful from the neck up but FAT. So is Christina Hendricks. Kim Kardashian has an excessively large rear end disproportionate to the rest of her body & if you’ve seen Beyonce jiggling about in any of her music videos, you’ll know she’s fat. That goddamned Video Phone video with Lady Gaga is a good example.

      You want an example of a good body? Try Marcia Cross. She’s got tits & an ass but she’s toned without being skinny. Shakira, too. These women work hard for their bodies & they’re enjoying the rewards.

  29. T

    She is NOT an hourglass at all. She is an apple. she is only an hourglass when she shoves her pudege and flab into corsets. Kelly Brook is hourglass.
    Christina Hendricks is a fat chick with big tits. nothing more.

  30. Christina Hendricks Smoking
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  31. Christina Hendricks Smoking
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    Well, you may think she’s fat but she’s rich and famous. Beats all of our lives, thats for sure.

  32. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Willy Wonka
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    I would crawl over broken glass just for her to shit in my mouth…

  33. ctti

    Sure, she could benefit from some serious cardio & weight training. But she’s got a pretty face, great skin & some acting chops. Looking like Christina Hendricks is way better than being a fucking rake like Kate Moss or most of the women passing off as models these days.

  34. Are you serious?

    STOP going on about her perfect proportions. It’s widely acknowledged that she’s had a boob job. I suspect she’s put on weight since (hence their now ridiculous size) but it doesn’t change the fact they’re silicone.

    If you don’t believe me, look here:

  35. Cardinal Fang

    Obama sucks fish ass! I mean, nice tits!

  36. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    She is a beautiful woman, but smoking is nasty.

  37. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    Why are people so critical of others let her live her life.And she is gorgeous smoking are not.And she is no were near fat in these picks.People are so into the stick model when a real woman show up they cant except her.

  38. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    Okay, so the “fat” comments are getting alittle ridiculous. Just because she’s not the same sz as every single other woman in the media doesn’t mean she is unhealthy, doesn’t mean she’s ugly, and definatley doesn’t mean she’s fat. Everybody is built different. Just sterotypical people can’t understand that. Everyone in today’s society is screaming for someone or something “different”! And when it arrives in whatever form it may be, no one is satisfied. So shut screaming for someone or something different if you can’t accept what is given to you. Lady Gaga is not different, she is sick, so why don’t alot of people bash on her? Oh yea, because she isn’t a sz 10 or bigger! Oh and because she has catchy beats that SELL. One more question, have you actually seen her edical charts? Have you personally talked to her doctor(s)? She obviously isn’t too unhealthy. She obviously doesn’t give a crap about what you’re saying either. Her husband OBVIOUSLY LOVES HER FOR HER!!!! You don’t see that in Hollywood anymore. BECAUSE everybody is fake! Everybody is trying to set the same freaking image that everyone else is setting so nothing is ever REALLY different. So stop judging because for one, everybody trully is different(if they choose to be)and two, leave the judging up to God.

  39. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    well then, that would explain the digusting gross yellow teeth. My God! no excuses, get to the dentist ya fat cow

  40. YO

    It’s her character in the movie Drive, you morons. The smoking, the cloths, the makeup. Idiots!

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