Christina Hendricks Smokes?

October 5th, 2010 // 173 Comments

Or more importantly, Christina Hendricks has a head, arms, mouth, shoulders, neck, hands, legs, lower torso?!

Who’s doing this to me? WHY ARE YOU RUINING MY LIFE?!

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. The Real TAB

    FIRST & its my birthday today!

  2. The Real TAB

    But seriously..who is she again?!

    • qwerty

      The perfect hourglass and a poster girl for all the “curvy” girls out there..Shame she turns out to be an apple with no waist to speak off once the corset is off.

      • lulu

        Yeah, really. She always looks like a goddess in glamor pictures. But the candids with her in frumpy clothing and sucking on cancer sticks remind me that she’s just a person like everyone else.

      • Brooke

        I was kind of hoping by some miracle that those weren’t corsets and she really was a curvy girl with a nice figure, but it turns out she’s just… fat. And smelly apparently.

        I guess my own naivety is at fault here. I should have known better. Though it is kind of interesting to see a girl who seems to be pushing 200 lbs become a sex symbol! Or is that the new trend in America? Where I live a size four is considered a large, though, so…

      • qwerty

        @ Brroke
        Oh,common.No way in hell she’s 200lbs or anything cose to that.Yep,she’s big but no way.Her legs look like sticks.

        As for size 4…I recently read that because of that whole vanity sizing thing it’s quite posiible that Jessica Simpson is a US size 4 .lmao

  3. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    WHY GOD WHY?????

    WHY no pictures of that gorgeous jeans-clad ass from BEHIND???

    oh, she smokes? bfd…

  4. Marley

    I had an awesome sex dream about her. Seriously. And I’m a chick.

  5. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:


  6. Fat Chicks Suck

    I really don’t get what the big deal is about her – looks like a typical overweight American woman. Sure she has huge tits…but she has a gut to go with them. I think it’s overweight, insecure women who are promoting her so much. She isn’t ugly…but she’s definitely not in good shape and unless she had a low-cut shirt on I wouldn’t even give her a second look on the street.

    • Jen

      yea, thats a BIG bitch.

    • Braveraideen

      Oh shut up.

    • jkhjkh

      probably because youre a gay man or a flat chested woman. real men love big tits, and this woman has big tits. its just that simple.

      • Fat Chicks Suck

        Yes – I’m gay because I prefer women that are in good shape. Real men only care about huge saggy tits no matter who they’re attached too. Wow – what a moron.

      • lulu

        At least fat women can lose weight. Can you lose your ugly attitude, FCS? Didn’t think so.

      • I’m a real man and I don’t give a fuck about tits. Real men LOVE PUSSY. JKH, you real man you, big tits are it huh? So you’d suckle on giant hooters of FAT MEN everywhere then? Seeing as it’s all about the tits.

        It’s not about the tits. It’s about the PUSSY and the package surrounding it. The WHOLE package. A woman who is 5’0″ and weighs 220 pounds has HUGE tits … and a huge ass … and giant gut … and three chins … not appealing.

        Christina Hendricks looks good when she has been dolled up for 4 hours and is wearing corsets and girdles. If you woke up beside her in the morning you would probably wonder who the heifer is that is laying next to you and what she did with Christina.

    • The Only Hetero in this Joint

      Well once again the ONLY Hetero in this Joint has to satnd up and be accounted for: She is awesome. I have had women with similar proportions and it was an awesome time for my penis. Therefore I have to assume that the only ones here who are bashing this beauty are men who would rather use their penis on another man’s tuchus or one of the many jealous female uglies that haunt this site like courthouse personnel on another Lilo arraignment day.

      Look – here’s the deal: If you’re gay and you like to go tuchus touching have had it. That’s cool by me. If you’re an ugly woman who looks like a Boston terrier that’s also cool – there’s a blind guy or another ugly chick out there who will go down on you – but please: Let’s stop bashing hot looking gals here becuase as any STRAIGHT MALE will tell you, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and if you can’t appreciate that fact then your time would be better spent at mooning over swatches.

      Jesus H. – you people really F UP my masturbation sessions at this site. All I wanted was to get off and share a post coital smoke with my Christina….

      • Heyzeus Hosay

        Huh? Whadisay?

        I think she’s fuckin’ hot. Fat? No. A problem for masturbation? I would think not unless you’re into that prepubescence thing (I’m talking to to Fat Chicks Suck).

        Was it the butter vs margarine comment? Hey, homie you run outta lotion (you know, that huge economy size bucket next to/under your bed), either will do. Not a problem. Enjoy bro.


    At the top of my “would love to pound” list

  8. “Remember, Chris, if she smokes, she pokes.”

  9. Christina if this is your way of keeping the weight down then fine–just make sure you leave those girls alone. No fuckin with the buttchest~ one day i plan to cream all over it. Actually im free after 5, and well my balls r blue :-( how fast can u get to dulles?

  10. guy rossi

    She smokes and I still have an erection, what’s your point?

    And EPIC fail for not posting boob pics of her. Think she has camel toe in the last pic.

    • m.

      Great catch @ camel toe.

      Anyone who has seen a episode of Mad Men has seen her smoking. Also it’s not clear if these are pics from a movie set or pics from a funeral (i have seen people who otherwise don’t smoke, smoking at a funeral) or there could be some other reason why she is smoking. Of course she may be just a smoker (a lot of Hollywood stars are).

  11. Kick the habit, and buy a jacket that fits over those big hooters.

  12. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    her face looks really different. what’s up? is that really even her?

    did she have work done? or did she loose a little weight?

    • doubt it …it’s a blurry shot and she doesn’t have the red carpet clown make up. Plus she’s got those smile lines …that’s one of the first things they use the needle on.

      I don’t think we’re used to seeing her so relaxed. nicotine.

  13. Braveraideen

    Damned straight she smokes!

  14. Joke

    Excellent cameltoe in pic #5.
    Excellent down syndrome pose in pic #4.

  15. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t care, As long as I can motorboat.

  16. ♫Mr Rough stuff...Who do you think you are♫

    She looks like a girl I can get. So, It was those gowns I hated…

  17. wilko

    Look at her. She’s Smokin’!

  18. cc

    She’s got a pretty face, and I have to say I love her breasts. But, the truth is, she’s pretty chunky. Not in the Snooki chunky way though…thank God. There are different kinds of chunky…this is the alright kind.

  19. Danielle


  20. Fat Chicks Suck

    Seriously – imagine this chick naked without all of the support and other illusions. It would be DISGUSTING. Rolls of fat, huge sweaty thighs, saggy tits down to her stomach, soggy cellulite-covered ass, back fat. Why do you think she refuses to do anything nude? It has nothing to do with self-respect – it’s because she knows it would be DISGUSTING. I could walk into a fucking Walmart and see a dozen chicks hotter. GIRLS love this chick because she’s FAT and still considered “sexy.” I’m sick of looking at her – she can call me when she loses 50 pounds.

    • The Real TAB

      Does she really suck that much if you want her to call you after she drops 50? ;P

      • Fat Chicks Suck

        I never said she sucks – just saying she’s borderline obese and all of the fuss was created by insecure women who want her body to be the “ideal body” since it’s more like theirs. Instead of actually doing something about their body (healthier diet and maybe workout regularly?) they’d prefer to put down fit women and praise overweight women to try to change the publics opinion instead of betting themselves. Everyone seems to fall for all of the tricks (girdles, outfits, lighting, etc) when in actuality she’s in horrible shape. I’m not even saying she’s ugly – she’s just nothing special and I’m sick of everybody worshipping her.

      • Yeah well take a look thru art history (since photos aint been around long) and note the number of muses her size versus skinny. Its really only the last hundred years that skinny’s been in.. What this woman represents besides an escape for fatties, is a woman who wouldnt die in childbirth. If u cant take it naked then hit it while shes wearing all the support. One way or the other i bet is she could suck/fuck ur nuts dry in a cpl mins. Then who looks bad..

      • Fat Chicks Suck

        The average weight of an adult woman in the US has gone up nearly 35 pounds since 1960. I don’t care about what women looked like in old paintings – women had a life expectancy of about 45 years old in the 1800′s.

        Plenty of thin, physically fit women have given childbirth without a problem. In fact, considerably more overweight women die during childbirth than women at a healthy weight. Not sure where you got this argument? There is no advantage to being fat other than not having to worry about guys hitting on you all the time or hassling with having a lot of friends.

      • Not saying skinny chicks cant have kids, look at alba. But also look at gymnasts. Half them dont even get periods. And consider that 20 years prior to 1960 most americans were practically living on rations.. But yeah i agree americans overeat. And i rather have a chick i can bounce up n down my dick with one hand, while i grab a beer out the fridge with the other..

      • lulu

        WOW FCS, after reading all your posts, I have to wonder why you are so obsessed with Christina. Can it be that you are secretly attracted to her? It’s like priests who claim that homosexuality is wrong and sinful. They are the same ones who are molesting little boys when the church service is over. I bet you love fat chicks and don’t have the balls to admit it.

      • Fat Chicks Suck

        I suppose the massive spike in heart disease is an unrelated coincidence?

    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      I can’t speak to that but perhaps you ‘d like to speak to the MASSIVE SPIKE in my pants when I see Christina cleavage.

  21. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    Love the look on that guys face behind her!!!!

    Christina Hendricks looks pretty gross here, sporting a mild camel toe and a smoke. Never noticed her stunning lack of chin before. I have to say I agree she should always parade about with her cleavage popping or else we might all notice how fugly she is.

  22. ♫Mr Rough stuff...Who do you think you are♫

    So you’re saying smoking is not enough…

  23. iamhomosquirrel

    She don’t look so hot without her girdle.

  24. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s so….. jobese

  25. James

    I don’t know why it was a surprise to people everywhere (because it appears it WAS, judging by people’s comments all over the world), that she’s been using a corset and/or a girdle.

    And that’s the reason there aren’t any bikini photos or something where she’s “out in the open”.

  26. 539

    Fat Chicks Suck is on the money. Don’t forget her professional hairstylists, flattering camera angles, lighting, wardrobe specialist, makeup artist and air burshers. Notice she only photographs on certain profiles.

    You can’t have that much flesh and it be tightly packed in. My profession is the proof to my words.


  27. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    She was SUPER hot on Firefly….
    Here…. Meh… Bottom heavy grumpy looking ginger….

  28. There’s really no arguing it, she is significantly overweight. However, unlike many women, she won the weight proportioning lottery. huge boobs, narrow(ish) waist, large ass, it comes together in a workable package. You put a gunt flap on her and it rapidly becomes unfuckable though.

    I don’t think anyone is going to argue that dropping 30-40lbs wouldn’t do her wonders though.

    • Fat Chicks Suck

      I guarantee people would argue – there are a ton of women that think she’s the hottest woman alive. The US is eating itself to death – in 30 years this body would be considered “thin” by most and average, 300+ pound women would claim she has an eating disorder. You want a smart investment? Buy stock in oxygen tank manufacturers.

      • I was being facetious in saying nobody would argue. Women LOVE this chick because she’s huge, and it lets them think “oh I can be fat and sexy too”. Except that there’s a world of difference between Hendricks and your average 250lb heffer with her gunt and sweat rashes in the fat folds.

    • frediere fre

      I am glad I don’t know stupid fuckers like you in real life. I shudder to think how ugly you shits are when you’re not hiding behind an IP and a computer screen.

  29. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    All you guys calling her fat….I’m so sure you would tell her to her face, if she was standing in front of you naked, that she was a fat piece of shit. Even if she was begging for your tiny dicks, you would still turn her away? HIGHLY DOUBT IT.
    She is hot. Face facts.

    • who called her fat here? go to the main article page at least …you’re preaching to the choir

    • Juiol

      Don’t be angry with those who don’t share your (very) low standards.

    • tod

      c’mon, you have to admit she IS kinda chubby.
      shes wearing those chubby girl jeans that are high waisted to conciel the love handles and a size too small, thats why the camel toe is showing….. all chubby girls do this…………. weve all seen it.

  30. fester

    Wow, she has a purple pussy (shirt).

  31. jumpin_j

    I know how hard it can be to quit. I’d like to offer an oral substitute.

  32. thecraig

    she is obviously overweight but she has good proportions so it balances things better. of course women love her! most women in the US are fat so they love when fat women become sex symbols. hell id fuck her and i almost never like overweight women. she’d definitely be hotter if she lost some of that fat though. there are millions of hotter women out there (she’s no odette yustman) but for being overweight she looks pretty good (at least with the makeup and girdle)

    • Any Guy

      whoever is making the point that she’s ‘not hot’ because she’s not 100 lbs, go suck a cock. you’re gay. (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

      this woman OOZES sexiness, and anyone who calls her fat is a delusional Hollywood plastic piece of shit.

      • Fat Chicks Suck

        Obviously saying she’s “not hot” is just an opinion. I don’t find her particularly attractive…but at the same time I don’t find her ugly. I’m not sure calling her “fat” is delusional – by medical standards she is definitely overweight (if not borderline obese.) However, she lucked out with her natural proportions and has the illusions (wardrobe/girdles/makeup/etc) to help cover it up as well.. She looks pretty good for how out of shape she is…but I think you’d be crazy to argue she wouldn’t look better if she lost at least SOME weight (I’m not saying she’d have to weigh 100 pounds – not sure where you got that.)

        Just my opinion. I guess I’d prefer a more “fit” woman to someone who is out of shape but has gigantic saggy boobs. Doesn’t mean everybody has to agree.

      • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

        Yep you called it.

    • Wake up. It’s guys who love her the most, not some army of mythical fat chicks. Most of the women I know don’t “love” her – the thinner ones are resentful because most of the GUYS who love her wouldn’t date them if they went off their diets and started looking like her – and most of ‘em would LOVE to eat like she does and can’t, so there’s another reason to be pissed off. The ones who are fat because they DO eat like she does but don’t have her figure are resentful and majorly pissed off because none of the guys who fwap off to her are beating down their doors.

      Fat Chicks Suck, you really need to stop tossing the term “obese” around when applying it to her – you obviously have no idea what it means.

    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      Any Guy called it – oops sorry but the freaking reply button here is tough to manage when you have one hand on your pee pee maker and the other on a bottle of oil.

  33. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    her cameltoe is pretty SMALL, too…that’s a good sign :)

    and @dontgetit: yeah, she rocks my socks…no hatin’ here…i think she’s PERFECT…

  34. KariKariK

    Christina is probably twice my size and so not hot! Imagine her at the beach in a bikini! The binkini is the true test – if a girl can’t look good in a bikini then she isn’t hot.

    • Hugh Gentry

      Christina would look absolutely amazing in a bikini. I can’t concentrate with that thought in my mind…

      • Fat Chicks Suck

        Seriously? What would be the best part? The back fat, the cellulite, the soggy ass? The rash where her thighs rub when she walks? The bacteria trapped under her huge saggy boobs? I’m guessing it’s the rolls of fat on her flabby gut.

        I’d say you’d have a hard time going to the beach and finding someone that looks worse in a bikini than she does. Women this big don’t typically wear bikinis unless they have no shame. Why do you think there are no pictures of her in a bikini?

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Well said, Fat Chicks Suck. This gal has a pretty face but is otherwise grotesquely obese. She would look disgusting in a bikini and even worse nude (by which I mean actually naked as opposed to a heavily doctored photo of her nude). She’s a fat pig. She’s so fat I’m surprised she is physically able to get out of bed. She’s as fat as some of those people I’ve seen on TV who literally can’t get out of bed and who eat like 16 chickens a day, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes and gravy, a bunch of cheeseburgers and submarine sandwiches, and so on. The Donner Party could feed off this cow for six months. They wouldn’t even have to kill her and she’s such a pig she’d probably eat parts of herself that have been seasoned and cooked.

      • Blah Blah, given a choice to tap Christina Hendricks or Callista Flockhart back in her Ally McBeal days, guess who’d lose? Yeah, we know you can’t stand the answer, either. Instead of just dreaming about all those chickens, mashed potatoes, gravy and cheeseburgers and hating yourself for it, eat a fucking sandwich.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Hey justifiable, that’s a false dichotomy.

      • Blah Blah, I don’t consider offering the 2 extremes as a logical fallacy when you’re the one claiming she weighs 500 lbs and single handedly eats the Packers training table on a regular basis. You obviously lack any sense of proportion when it comes to her, so don’t go around bitching when people take you up on that.

  35. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    The Duuuuuude would give her a mustache ride…




  36. Mimi

    Go fuck yourself fucking skinny bitches!

  37. Mary

    For the record, I’m a size many women want to be (read: 100 lbs) and I think Christina Hendricks is gorgeous (my point being you don’t have to be a huge, insecure woman in order to like her). Great face, skin, and body. She did get really lucky with proportioning, and I don’t think most women could have that body even if they wanted it. Also I doubt her weight is as unhealthy as some of you propose. “Borderline obese”? Please.

  38. Jason

    Ummm guys…This isn’t Christina Hendricks. Geez what a terrible fail.

    • Hugh Gentry

      you=failure. you’re such a fucking moron, I can’t believe you can even use a computer, or function in society.

      • Jason

        LOL… Good comeback. Personally insult me because I’m the only one here who realizes this isn’t Christina Hendricks. Grow up moron.

  39. RoboZombie

    It’s how she stays so slim.

  40. Rico

    Fat Chicks Suck, You must be a jealous woman. That’s the only explanation for your obvious hatred of this woman. You’ve never seen her naked or even in a bikini yet you assume she has cellulite, back fat and so on. It shows how low class and trashy you are. You live in TV land where people are only considered attractive if they are size 0.

    You are also disturbingly out of touch with what men want. If you polled men most would be more than happy to hook up with a woman that looked like her.

    I’m a guy and I would pound her hard if given the chance. Go Fuck Yourself.

    • lulu

      Considering how many times he has posted about her, he has to be secretly obsessed with her. Otherwise he wouldn’t care, he’d roll his eyes at the “fat chick” and move on.

      Something tells me that if he’s a man, he doesn’t get laid much. That’s why he says he prefers “fit” women, because he really wants a normal woman and he knows he can’t get one at all. It pisses him off. Poor baby,

      • Fat Chicks Suck

        I am slightly obsessed with the topic…although not her in particular.

        I don’t really get laid that often – I’m not attracted to overweight women (eliminating about 70% of my options) and the majority of the remaining 30% are taken. I don’t have that much to offer and I’m an asshole…so if I get laid a couple times a month I’m happy. However, I don’t quite follow your psychological theory. I say I prefer “fit” women…and that means I really want a typical overweight woman? Huh?

  41. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks fat

  42. Jizz Cockster

    I’d love to give her a nice Neopolitan. You know, like the Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, & Strawberry)….Only mine is much more special. It’s when I fuck her hard in the ass, and then I cum in her mouth. So she gets the white creamy jizz, the brown shit from her ass, and some red blood mixed in from stretching her asshole so wide with my giant cock….yeah I’m sick, so what.

    • Jizz Cockster

      Also, this chick is hot and curvy. Marilyn Monroe weighed like 165 lbs. She was bangin’ hot. It wasn’t until the 80′s when the anorexic heroin addict skinny look became somehow “hip”. And there’s a simple reason for it. The fashion industry and Hollywood is controled by flaming pillowbiters. So when they all started getting super skinny and withdrawn looking from AIDS, they got all vindictive and figured why not get back at straight dudes who wouldn’t fuck them by making all the women look like Skeletor. Those AIDS ridden Hollywood/fashion homo’s are vindictive little pricks.

  43. Reality

    Look – I realize our country is going to shit. The “War on Drugs,” half the population refusing to believe science, and a new generation of Americans with little-to-no work ethic. We live in a country with such a serious weight problem and so much denial that fit women are considered bad role models and the words “overweight” and “healthy” are often used interchangeably. Christina Hendricks is medically overweight and spends 75% of her time in a GIRDLE yet, even with her virtually unobtainable curves, is considered a great role model. We’re so worried about everyone’s feelings getting hurt that we refuse reality. I don’t care if you find her hot or hideous – just know that we’re not heading in a good direction here. Its getting scary.

  44. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    She is fat. That’s how you get huge & natural (and saggy) boobs.

  45. Jizz Cockster

    Hold it. This chick is fuckin hot. She’s got great jugs, and a nice ass. She just doesn’t look like she’s on heroin.

    As far as overweight? Just look at the liberal media claiming that a girl like that gigantic fat piece of shit that starred in “Precious” and “the Blind Side” is beautiful and sexy (to 50 according to People).

    Don’t confuse the two. Hendrick’s is sexy & healthy. Precious is a Jabba the Hut.

  46. urmomma

    wants for birthday. it’s cumming up pretty soon.

  47. Lady Blah Blah

    How much does Christina Hendricks weigh? She doesn’t say, but it’s a safe bet that she weighs close to 500 lbs., probably around 450, maybe 430 at the least.

    Each of her ass cheeks is probably 50-75 lbs. That’s 100-150 lbs. for her ass alone. Each thigh is probably as much as 50 lbs., so up to 100 lbs. for her thighs. Imagine her after an autopsy and they just weigh the torso minus the arms cut off at the waist (so no hips or ass in this weighing). My guess is about 150. The head is probably the average head weight of 8-12 lbs., so let’s compromise at 10. Throw the arms on the scale along with the parts of the hip area not accounted for by the ass cheeks alone and I’d guess another 35-40 lbs.

    Now let’s do the math using the lower figures for the ass weight and arms, etc. 100+100+150+10+35=395. If we use the higher figures we add 55 lbs. to the total and end up with 450.

  48. Fat Chicks Suck

    I never said she didn’t pull off the look well – she basicaly won the genetic lottery as far as weight distribution goes. Yes – she has huge tits and very few women can look good (especially this good) at her weight. For her weight, I think she looks pretty good.

    My concern is with the way everybody reacts when this subject comes up. Besides a few extremes here and there I definitely wouldn’t describe the typical model today as looking like a “heroin addict.” I’ve seen companies that hire EXTREMELY thin women to model their clothes and I would agree that they don’t look good…but the typical model body is pretty ideal. Victoria’s Secret models are considered to be some of the most beautiful women in the world no matter what country you’re in. These women are fit and healthy. I’m not saying Christina Hendricks isn’t healthy – for all I know she may be. What I don’t like is what she represents and the way people perceive her. Having her as a role model (at least as far as her body goes) is a step in the wrong direction. I’m not saying the extreme opposite is a step in the right direction either but we need to get our priorities straight.

    If somebody comes on here and doesn’t like the way a thin chick looks nobody cares. If anybody even DARES to say anything bad about a women that isn’t quite so thin though…then they are a HORRIBLE person. It’s pretty rare people get this defensive about a negative remark on a Megan Fox post.

  49. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    Love her!
    That is a real woman’s body.

    • tod

      yea real common…nothing special, this is what most women look like after having a few kids,wide hips fat ass saggy boobs

  50. Christina Hendricks Smoking
    Commented on this photo:

    Huge & natural (and saggy) boobs beat plastic injectables any day!

    • Heyzeus Hosay

      I agree…how could fake ever be better than real? Ever had butter? It beats margarine any day ;)

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