Christina Hendricks Got Hacked Except The Topless One’s A Fake

Christina Hendricks also found herself the target of “hackers,” only this time they actually did break into her cell phone and steal personal pics, but just like Olivia Munn, they inserted a faceless nude shot to trick the non-discriminating masturbater. And also like Olivia Munn, I’m not posting anything but the top pic because one time a lawyer molested Santa Claus in a shower when he was just a young, under-privileged boy who only wanted a chance to play football with other kids. Truest story I’ve ever told. TMZ reports:

Christina’s rep tells TMZ, the “Mad Men” star’s phone WAS indeed hacked recently … and multiple self-shots were stolen — including several showing a busty Hendricks barely dressed, without make-up, presumably at home.
But the rep insists, the one topless picture — purportedly showing the actress’ bare ample bosom — is NOT Christina. It’s an impostor.

A quick Google search should let you see the pics, and they basically prove that even Christina Hendricks is afraid to unleash her breasts because she’s wearing a bra, or bustier, in every single shot. At this point, I’m almost convinced if she had sex topless, her husband’s funeral would be close casket. “I just wanted to make him happy… Why wouldn’t you wear the helmet, Geoffrey? WHY?!” *shoves casket over with her tits*

Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News, Splash News