Christina Hendricks is THICK FIRE

October 29th, 2010 // 155 Comments

Here’s Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive yesterday where her character takes part in some sort of heist because nothing’s more discreet than a massive redhead with jugs so big, squeezing her into white trash clothing can’t even hide them. Case in point, there’s guys two blocks away stopping in their tracks and going, “Does anyone else sense breasts? I sense breasts.”

In the meantime, the more famous and photographed Christina Hendricks becomes, the harder it gets for Mad Men to maintain the illusion she’s some sort of bombshell vixen. At least to me because I’m deep and complex that way, but then again, this probably explains why the producers gave up and just made her character pregnant. Regardless, we’re really not supposed to be looking at these shots from this angle anyway, so for all we know, the final product might come out all kinds of sexy using the proper angles, lighting and enough CGI to turn Christina Hendricks into the type of Avatar James Cameron would’ve thought of had he not been hell-bent on only giving Al Gore a boner. (That was the whole point of that movie, right?)

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Mr. Nice Guy

    Well you found a Very bad angle. Willing to avoid the 45 degree from below for all the other Great views of Christina.

  2. GrandDragon

    I want one of these for xmas

  3. GrandDragon

    p.s. that was my frist FIRST ever

  4. Gallo

    Can you imagine her friends trying to find blind dates for her before she got stuffed into a corset and became famous?

    “She’s got a really pretty face. Gorgeous face. Huge boobs.”

    “What about her body? Is she fairly fit?”

    “Did I mention that she’s really pretty?”

  5. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
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  6. poopsmith

    power to us redheads, thick power…

  7. ATL

    She is pale as a ghost

  8. gottago


  9. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
    Commented on this photo:

    I STILL think she’s AWESOME!
    “Thick Fire!” HELL YEAH!!!!

    To say that I would hit would be needless.

  10. GravyLeg

    She has one good angle… Cleavage Cam.
    The rest involve way too much fiery FUPA.

  11. Junior Samples

    SuuuuuWHEEEEEEE! Here piggy-pig-pig!

  12. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
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    She’s beautiful. I’d do her missionary style.

  13. Lady Blah Blah

    Oh great, Christina “The White Precious” Hendricks. I hope this isn ‘t gonna be another Fat Friday at The Supe.

    • Junior Samples

      I’d love to roll her in flour and look for the wet spot…

    • Shart

      Are you poking the bear? The fat chick mafia will find you.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        I put a thumbtack on my fat ass co-worker’s chair. She sat on it and never even felt it, and when she got up it was sticking in her ass. This confirmed my theory that the nerve endings near the surface of the skin in fatsos are so far from their brains that the signals sometimes don’t make it to their brains. This creates a vicious circle; they’re hungry because they can’t feel in normal ways and overeating creates sensations in the body that they can feel, and they can’t feel in normal ways because they’re fat.

      • RoboZombie

        I LOL’d

      • Shart

        That is nothing, Blah Blah. I had to quit a job because the pig I sat next to ate non stop, all day every day. It was repulsive as hell. She was a little bigger than Hendricks, but not much. When she sat down in her chair she said “ooof” EVERY TIME.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Wow Lady. Just wow. I’m really disappointed in you. I thought you limited yourself to taunting us Jews but it turns out that when you and the rest of the Einsatzgruppen take a day off to clean your weapons you find time to amuse yourself by sticking thumbtacks in other people’s asses?

      What kind of response are you looking for on that? That’s just sad and pitiful and this is coming from a guy who’s seen Dante’s ‘work’.

      Once again – for our host and the crew here: Women come in all shapes and sizes. Each woman has something unique to her that makes her attractive in her own way.

      What a terrible shame that Fish – who just the other week was out gunning for Ben Roethlisberger and being lauded for his humanity has ONCE AGAIN used this forum to make EVERY SINGLE WOMAN who does not conform to some imaginary ideal of perfection that only he and the other geniuses here are aware of ashamed of their bodies and – in some really ironic way – ashamed of who they as people and thus at risk for seeking out affirmation of their attractiveness in the very same venues Fish railed aginst in his Ben post.

      Fish you can and should do better.

      • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

        Blah and shart – good to see hyenas like you run in packs.

      • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

        I sure as hell hope that the same crew that was here the other week appointing Fish as Jesus Christ will take equal note of this shit.

      • Shart

        Nobody is denying your right to chase the chub, dude. Settle down. You should come out here to the midwest. You would be in hog heaven.

      • RoboZombie

        Shut the hell up already! Yer crying about them picking on fatties and jews(?) yet you have no qualms about railing against homosexuals.
        Better adjust your Totenkopf, it’s a little askew.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        HETERO, given that all your schtupping is done though a hole in the sheet, of course you don’t care what the schtuppee looks like. As Himmler often said, I kid.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Robo – you dumbshit – find ONE post where I’m railing against homosexuality. YOU can’t you stupid piece of shit so STFU.

      • Shakkanah

        I don’t hate anyone but our Muslim President.

      • RoboZombie

        Yeeeah..So let’s start with your name.
        Since you;re the only “hetero” in this joint, by implication everyone else is a “homo” which leads us to ask, how do you know? Are those who are not hetero somehow less than you? I think that’s the imnplication here…

        No matter, I dont really care. I think it’s so 1950′s of you to be calling someone’s “manhood into question.

        “The ONLY Hetero in this Joint | October 17, 2010 at 8:50 pm

        Well pal you are treading on dangerous territory here: Apparently in the last week or so our buddy Fish has ‘gotten religion’. He took a great site that was all about tits & ass and turned it into the favorite melting pot of every gay pride parade marching, staunchly democratic, pro athlete hating poster imaginable (And that’s just the guys). ”
        But my favorite is this one:
        “Enjoy your Fish hero worship: I’m going to go find myself another site where I can ogle breasts and upskirt shots and not have to suffer through what has become an almost daily obsession with Fish to inject his take on morality into the proceedings here because frankly that reeks of a Catholic Priest pontificating on the virginal pureness of children…”

        So LEAVE already! can stay. It’s nice to have a little give and take in this place..

      • Drew

        Hetero was probably forced to suck one too many of his whore mothers boyfriends cocks, that he needs to prove how ungay he is in a world of anonymity. The only place in the world where he isn’t shunned for being an unwanted waste of life.

        I almost feel sorry for you. Almost.

      • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

        …and by thumbtack I mean Drew’s penis.

      • Willy Wonka

        Apparently Jews are just touchy in general…

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Christ this site is so Fucked up – this will now be attempt #4

      Robo – Dumbshit – STILL not seeing any gay bashing. YOU must be overly sensitive. I took the name ONLY HETERO because it is MY belief that guys like you must not be practicing heterosexual men because so many of you routinely turn up your noses at the women Fish posts about here.

      Sorry but you guys just aren’t like any hetero guys I grew up with or know today: We just aren’t THAT discriminating. The ONLY HETERO tag has nothing to do with another guy being gay – it has to do the fact that I am just baffled by how it is possible that I’d pork anything in a skirt and you dainty little prisses won’t go near a girl like Christina?!?! Frankly I just find that astounding. And Weird. And bizarro and just about any other adjective you want to apply to the situation. I just figure that must make me the ONLY HETERO in this joint….If you’re a hetero good for you. If you’re gay – good for you too. BUT PLEASE: Let’s stop the near constant bashing of anything with a vagina. You simply haven’t earned the right.

      Now fuck off and go stick a thumbtack in your ass.

      • RoboZombie

        Sorry yer mom got a thumbtack in her ass…

        Look, I can maybe see what you mean, but this broad is fat. Sorry, but I’m NOT a chubby chaser. Just not into it. Should i change
        my name to “The only non-chubby-chaser-in-the-joint”? No. Why/ Because it is lame..just like your name is.

        OK, since we’ve established you dont hate gays and you love fat chicks, I guess we can move on. And assume you enjoy riding mopeds.

        And PS, I’ll bash the dopey women (and men) on this site..why not? That’s what we’re here for.

      • Jen

        STOP FIGHTING!!! point is — she’s fat. THE END. sorry, hetero.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        HETERO, It seems that your argument hinges on the premise that a certain degree of discrimination regarding women as objects of desire is “Weird,” “bizarro,” and characteristic of men who are “dainty little prisses.”

        I think this premise is too weak to support your conclusion, and I think we can illustrate this by substitute any number of things for women as objects of desire. For example, most people who like to drink gin cocktails discriminate between gins. In a pinch, a hardcore gin drinker might drink gin produced by the hillbillies in Deliverance, but given the choice and if money were no object, most would choose Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray No. 10 over still gin produced by hillbillies or bottom shelf gins such as Beefeaters.

        There may be some men who post here who do indeed routinely turn up their noses at every woman who Fish posts photos of here. But it seems to me that most men here do not turn their noses up at any number of women (e.g., the kind that Leonardo DiCaprio beds). Many men here seem to find Kim Kardashian attractive and routinely respond to posts about her with comments like, “I’d hit that.” But I don’t think that we can infer anything about the “prissiness” of men who don’t find her disgustingly dumpy butt and overall plasticity utterly unappealing.

        Surely you’re not the type of extreme relativist who tends to be against all forms of discrimination.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Lady – TLDNR (I skimmed it for a “White Prescious” bit though….)

  14. Hugh Gentry

    I want to get my hands on her!!!!!

  15. RoboZombie

    OK she’s pretty..and a little on the big side, but Pic #8?
    Jesus, it looks like her boobs leaked through her jacket and she’s ready for the money shot in the face!

  16. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
    Commented on this photo:

    she doesnt look fat from pic 4 onward.

    I think she’s got a good shape , just with really wide hips.

  17. Emi

    from pic 4 onwards she doesnt look fat.

    I tihnk she’s got a good shape just with really wide hips.

  18. my cock


  19. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
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    Looks hotter here. I’d fuck her sideways.


    dude SPOILER ALERT, still havent seen the last episode of mad men! i figured she was still pregnant but damnit.

  21. grobpilot

    Flaming hamhock. But she’s got big boobs, so that makes it all better

  22. mememe

    Chunky. But still sexy as hell.

  23. Fat Chicks Suck

    Ugh…I’m so sick of looking at her.

    • Shart

      I agree. She should be wearing a girdle and a skirt. Her bod is not made for jeans and a tee. Her face is fugly too.

  24. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
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    she’s not some stick figure, but she’s not a cow either… big boobs & baggy shirts are not a flattering combo tho.

  25. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
    Mal Gusto
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  26. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
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    Discreet. DISCREET. Not “discrete.” They have different meanings because they are different words. Put a little effort forth.

  27. timmy the dying boy

    I’d be all over that like a twenty dollar suit.

  28. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
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    This is proof that the right clothes can make you look 10 times better… or worse.

  29. Deacon Jones

    Love this girl

    Now I’d pay $12,000 for THIS.

  30. burton

    most women with overly large breast tend to be thick (natural boobs, not plastic)…i prefer my women with small boobs because they are usually slim and small…not into fat women. sorry…dont care if her tits are huge, she is usually fat.

  31. Id still do her. Ive done bigger. But mostly smaller. Way smaller. Either way thanks for a rare ass shot of hendricks

  32. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
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    looks delicious to me

  33. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
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    I think she looks pretty good. She looks much better on the show, but I’d still happily insert my mediocre genitals into her. I have noticed that natural redheads tend to have a slightly stronger vaginal odor, though. Maybe it was just coincidence.

  34. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
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    looks great. Wheres the ass though? looks flat

  35. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
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    Yum yum gimme some

  36. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
    Commented on this photo:

    Corsets and spanks are wonderful things to a woman but I still think she’s hot, with or without them.

  37. Aaron

    So she’s not your typical modern Hollywood “I look like a stick because gay men control the fasion industry” starlet. She’s still hotter than 80% of the women internet losers who post comments on celebrity gossip boards ever get to bang.


  38. deaddays

    Still hot.

  39. Cardinal Fang

    Very hot! Looks like a beautiful woman with a real figure. Not some manga-legged butterface that should be swinging from trees.

  40. Tony

    This woman is plain FAT anyone who says otherwise must be fat also.
    She is NOT an hourglass, she is an apple. She has a fat gut. Not only
    is she fat, but she is super UGLY to, gross face. Looks like a fat 50 y/o matron. The only people who defend this are, men who love big tits
    so much they don’t care how fat or ugly the women is they are attached to.
    And fellow overweight woman, who call this a “real woman” she makes
    them feel better about themselves being fat.

    • Melissa

      Please post a picture of yourself so we can see how “attractive” you are! Fucking douche…

      • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint


      • He’s not a celebrity who portrays himself as a sex symbol. This is a website that caters to anonymous and ridiculous comments.

        I don’t think Christina Hendricks has a gross face, but I do agree that she is overweight. Gonna call me a douche as well?

      • The Don

        Melissa is obviously a fat girl and REAL WOMAN. Most chicks who defend Hendricks are obese.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint


      • Melissa

        Tony is a douche for implying that anyone who says Christina is not fat must in turn be fat, for stating that she has a fat gut which clearly does not exist, and for using the words “super ugly” and “gross face.” Judging by his comment, I would like to imply that Tony is most likely a child whose parents wish they had aborted 12 years ago. If saying so makes me a bitch, then it just further validates Tony’s douchebaggeryness.

  41. rcp


  42. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s got some really ugly feet.

  43. The Don

    She is one of those chicks who is fat, but has no ass. Her as is wide and saggy. She doesn’t have that awesome bubble butt that some other larger women have. And she is much fatter without the shapewear on. Skin is
    much too pale and ginger hair is just so not hot. Who would want to dye
    their hair ginger? But ginger or not this is one fugly looking broad.

  44. Melissa

    Either the guys who come here are some of the pickiest men of all time, or they’re so disgustingly ugly and socially awkward they’ve never actually seen a real woman outside of their computer screen and somehow think anything heavier than 110lbs is fat. Yes CH is on the heavier side, but I would in no way consider her to be FAT. She has a gorgeous face, and aside from a flat ass, she has a fantastic shape! If she had skinny bird legs with that waist she’d look like shit, ala SNOOKI!

    • Rico

      Most of the commenters are probably jealous women. That is what this site is geared toward. I’m a 26yo male and I and all my guy friends want to fuck the shit out of her. She is far from fat. She is built just like Anna Nicole Smith was in her prime.

      • Melissa

        Yes…Anna Nicole, Marilyn Monroe…both VERY beautiful women who were on the “bigger” side of Hollywood. I will say though, I don’t think as many people would be interested in Christina if she didn’t have a pretty face. Usually women who have curvy bodies and so-so faces just go unnoticed.

      • Kris

        I get annoyed when people say Marliyn Monroe was on the larger side and a curvy woman. She was around 140 at her highest weight, and that was when she was depressed and had just miscarried. That’s thinner than a lot of women these days. She definitely was not a Hollywood stick, but in no way was she a bigger girl. Hell, she was 117 lbs when she died, and her normal weight for most of her life was 120-125. She was a thin girl who had wider hips and a padded bra. She was not thick by any means. Yes, she was a real woman, but for anyone to say she is a representative of larger girls is just ridiculous.

    • The Don

      Yeah and women like you are obese fat who defend fat Hendricks and say
      nasty things about skinny girls like Jessica Alba. 110? Hendricks weighs
      A LOT MORE than that. Her face is plain. Stop trying to force us to like fat girls.
      She is NOT curvy. Curvy is Kelly Brook. Cristina is twice the size of Kelly.
      I realize Hendricks was put there to make fellow fat girls like yourself
      feel better about yourselves but enough is enough. Go to people over there say way worse about her.
      this is tame compared to that.

      • Rico

        You can’t be a guy. You have to be a jealous woman. How the fuck is she fat? Look at her arms and legs. Whats fat about her? She is fat because she has huge tits and a meaty ass?

      • Melissa

        I was wondering when someone was going to call me fat for defending CH. How very original of you “The Don.” :D

        First of all, I don’t remember reading anything nasty about Jessica Alba on here, and if there is it certainly didn’t come from me. Nor did I ever imply that CH is 110 lbs. If you actually read what I wrote, you’d see that I was saying most socially awkward losers like you who apparently don’t get to venture out of the basement often enough, seem to believe that 110 lbs is the norm. And I’m not saying that to be mean because you disagree with me, but because I’ve actually met picky guys like you and the majority of the time they’re creepy and lack very basic social skills in person.

        And Kelly Brook…yes, she’s beautiful and she has a great body. But when people talk about curvy they’re usually referring to women like Christina, Kim Kardashian, Monica Bellucci, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, etc etc.

        Also, just because I’m defending CH does not mean that I hate “skinny” women. Every woman is different; some women eat everything and never gain weight and some barely eat and never lose weight. But I really can’t blame you for not having a true understanding of the female form; your computer screen’s not exactly the best substitute. I mean, what would you do without Photoshop?! You must scream at the sight of all these “fat” women wandering around outside your home.

      • MrsEllis

        Marilyn Monroe and Monica Bellucci are indeed examples of gorgeous women, but you kid yourself if you think their bodies remotely resembled Christina Hendricks’ at their respective peaks. Both had flat stomachs and shapely legs. Can you just admit that CH has huge thighs and a big gut? No sex symbols (besides like ancient fertility statuettes I suppose) have or ever will look like that.

      • Ian

        She isn’t just fat dude, she is obese. once that corset comes off she has a tumy pudding and fat mid section, her legs are slimmer than the rest of her
        because she is an apple shape. I bet those tits hIt the ground once the bra comes off. We should not ever be promoting obesity and I agree the only
        ones defending her are also overweight women. Sounds like you are one of those women pretending to be a man. She is obese and revoloting THE END
        But if she makes you feel better about yourself Rica… I would love to know
        what person on this earth could be jealous of an obese woman with red hair?
        sorry you have lost me Rica. It isn’t my fault you are a plus size heffer and Hendricks is your idol.

    • Melissa

      Calling her obese is pretty extreme…but I’m sure you’re just using that word to get a rise out of the people defending her appearance. :)

  45. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    I would be honored to plower through that redheaded mound of fun.

  46. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
    Commented on this photo:

    how come there isnt any “id stuff that mouth” etc.. ?

  47. Beer Baron

    Carrot Top needs to renew his gym membership immediately.

  48. you dumb assholes

    Rosie o”Donnell’s character in “Beautiful Girls” said it best.

    “Girls with big tits have big asses. girls with small tits have small asses. If they have big tits and and a small ass, they’re probably fake.”

    I think Christina is beautiful, but I am happy with my small boobs and small, perky ass. (IT IS NOT FLAT). :)

  49. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
    Commented on this photo:

    anyone else think she has excessive nippe sweat going on?

  50. Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive
    Hugh Johnson
    Commented on this photo:

    I would pound her into a fine red dust and then snort the dust.
    Gimme. yum.

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