Christina Hendricks is THICK FIRE

Here’s Christina Hendricks on the set of Drive yesterday where her character takes part in some sort of heist because nothing’s more discreet than a massive redhead with jugs so big, squeezing her into white trash clothing can’t even hide them. Case in point, there’s guys two blocks away stopping in their tracks and going, “Does anyone else sense breasts? I sense breasts.”

In the meantime, the more famous and photographed Christina Hendricks becomes, the harder it gets for Mad Men to maintain the illusion she’s some sort of bombshell vixen. At least to me because I’m deep and complex that way, but then again, this probably explains why the producers gave up and just made her character pregnant. Regardless, we’re really not supposed to be looking at these shots from this angle anyway, so for all we know, the final product might come out all kinds of sexy using the proper angles, lighting and enough CGI to turn Christina Hendricks into the type of Avatar James Cameron would’ve thought of had he not been hell-bent on only giving Al Gore a boner. (That was the whole point of that movie, right?)

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News