Christina Hendricks in GQ UK. Yes.

August 12th, 2010 // 111 Comments

What these shots of Christina Hendricks for GQ UK lack in any type of natural appearance whatsoever compared to Sofia Vergara in Esquire, they make up for it in gigantic breasts that make me forget what the hell I was even talking about. It was about cereal again, wasn’t it? Awesome. Now I’m telling people the same stories over and over again just like my parents. Wonderful. *binge drinks* This was supposed be to a happy post!

NOTE: The GQ UK pics were removed by request so enjoy Christina Hendricks at the Mad Men premiere. Whee.

Photos: GQ UK


  1. Christina Hendricks in GQ UK
    Bored with life
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    There’s nothing better in life than pasty white tits. Damn!

  2. They photoshopped her to make her face look less like a man’s.

    I am not interested. Fat and manly looking.

  3. t

    Airbrushed. She is fat in real life. She wears corsets to nip her waist in but is
    overweight. She is pale, ugly and fat. She has the figure of a matron, with big saggy titties. She needs to go on a diet.

    • Enigma2099

      They can’t ALL live up to your demanding standards, oh master of jackassery.

    • All American Guy

      Fail. Christina looks great in real life. I saw her at “A Night At Sardis Auction For Charity” and she looked Great, like a women who understands what men love in women.

      • t

        Anyone who says “FAIL” is a retard and a dumb stan who can’t think for themselves. I have seen candids of this fat whore and she is overweight and naturally ugly. FACT. a fat ginger bird with pale skinn and saggy tittays.
        People call Britney fat, but Christina Hendricks is 5 times Britney’s size.

  4. Enigma2099

    Megan WHO????

  5. Enigma2099

    Why the f*** is it 2010 and the flash ads STILL work better than the damn site comments?

  6. Sam

    I think though she is pretty the touchups they do for these magazines is amazing have you seen most famous woman including this one without makeup it’s horrifying I believe it was us magazine that showed miss Hendricks with no makeup on she looked no where near this perfect shoot.

  7. Hugh Gentry

    boring pics. what a waste of a busty hot chick

  8. Christina Hendricks in GQ UK
    Commented on this photo:

    Gods! How nice to see a REAL woman, all curvy and lovely like that! I saw a recent reporting talking about curves on A. Jolie and J. Anniston and was talking about their upper arms?!? This woman took a bunch of heat because she said she LIKED the way she looked after gaining 15 pounds. Real men like women that have curves to hang onto!

  9. Christina Hendricks in GQ UK
    mellow mellon
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    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  10. Christina Hendricks in GQ UK
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    You know nerds have known about and been obsessed with her long before she was on Mad Men… She was in Firefly.. and she was HOT

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