BREAKING: Christina Hendricks’ Breasts Look Smaller

March 31st, 2011 // 96 Comments

Maybe because my first thought of Christina Hendricks is almost always this, her chest looks smaller to me in these pics. Of course, she could just be wearing clothes that actually fit her frame and/or finally followed through with all that dieting talk and, because God is a sick bastard, the behemoth jugs were the first to suffer. Which is why it’s very important you pay attention to me right now: Can a T-Shirt cannon fire cheeseburgers? I’m not saying I’m going to chase Christina Hendricks around town with one, but I’m also not not saying I’m going to hide in her closet and shoot them into her mouth while she’s sleeping.

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  1. Unimate

    Jesus, her face is a terrible shame.

  2. if vivienne westwood dressed her i’m surprised it’s not see thru. this is the same woman who dressed johnny rotten and pistols

  3. jumpin_j

    Want! wubababaabaab!

  4. Urbanspaceman

    It looks like she got her implants replaced with a matching pair this time.

  5. Dmh

    Stop the press! This is serious.

  6. Ann

    She needs to jack them up a wee bit higher to hide the clown face.

  7. TheRealMC

    Why does she always push them up so high? I think it’s because they’re not as big as they seem and that’s the only way to keep up appearances. I used to be in love with her, but after seeing her tiny rack in that Playboy picture from a few years back, it’s obvious she’s had work done. And the way she stuffs her tits into clothes like that..I don’t find it attractive. It’s not cleavage, it’s two basketballs stuffed into a shirt.

    In4flames: I’m a guy. I’m straight. I do not live in my mother’s house. I like hot chicks with big tits. But I don’t like being fooled.

  8. Christina Hendricks Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    oh my id most definitely nail this woman deep. and heavier chicks in my exper are tighter

  9. VandaL


  10. are her breasts getting smaller, or is her head getting bigger?

  11. If I’m going to shoot anything into her mouth while she’s asleep, it won’t be cheeseburgers.

  12. Bucky Barnes

    She looks smaller all over. A little difficult to discern from these pics but she doesn’t appear to be quite the thigh-zilla she’d become in the past few years. Nice job Christina! Keep working out and play you’re cards right, you could have me.

  13. Maeby

    Nope, she just smooshed them down. You can see them towards the sides. They’re at her waist cuz of the tightness of the corset

  14. My Name Peggy

    Calm down Fish. Whether or not to shoot a big tittied celebrity with cheeseburgers is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

  15. This chick has 10 angles that make her look amazing, and 5 that make her look like a space monster.

  16. Meh, I still would like to put my cock in between those tits and thrust forward and backwards with the utmost force, until I jizz all over those big pale jugs.

  17. Cock Dr

    Perhaps slightly smaller, but she makes up for it with the extreme elevation.

  18. Christina Hendricks Cleavage
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Her photo should be in the dictionary next to the word “bodacious”.
    If she ever needs a breast exam I would step up & volunteer.

  19. Christina Hendricks Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    Poor outfit choice. The male equivalent would be Fish shamefully covering up his notoriously massive erection with a shitty homemade batman cape.

  20. Poor outfit choice. The male equivalent would be Fish shamefully covering up his notoriously massive erection with a shitty homemade batman cape.

  21. Christina Hendricks Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder if Christina’s breasts taste like schnozberries…

  22. Rush

    Her husband looks like Booger from Revenge of the Nerds.

  23. That Guy

    She has lost some weight, but the optical illusion is just a function of wearing a black outfit against a black background.

  24. Eh, they look about the same to me. It’s mostly just a combination of the fit and color of her outfit. She may have lost a little weight, but it’s not a huge difference.

    But thanks for posting these anyway, Fish. Christina Hendricks posts are the most welcome posts imaginable. I owe you a pizza.

  25. Pete

    Shouldn’t there be a word somewhere between breasts and implants for women who’ve had implants long enough for people to have forgotten that they’re not real? Stepbreasts? Paleofakers? Vonteesers? Help me out here people.

  26. See Alice

    She looks so much better not fat . Bet she smells better too !

  27. What is wrong with you people discussing her fashion, her eating habits, etc. Are there any men on this thread. Those are some big titties. What more is there? Although the comment about smelling better was pretty fucking funny.

  28. I still think she’s beautiful.

  29. I actually rubbed one off to her.

  30. Christina Hendricks Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:


  31. CC

    I hear a motorboat.

  32. Christina Hendricks Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    I have an urge to order fast food by yelling into her mouth.

  33. tone

    All I see is one fat ugly ginger pasty woman.
    She’s a fat pig. I’d bet she couldn’t even do 3 pushups. All she’s good for is sitting on the couch eating fucking Doritos. Bet she’s too lazy to even stand in the kitchen and cook something. She probably gets it delivered. She has rolls of fat around her belly and sides. She can’t even properly bend over, for crying out loud. She’s a fat, lazy, pig.

  34. CM

    NEEDS TO LOSE WEIGHT. That corset and girdle are not fooling anyone.
    Have you seen candiids of her? when she doesn’t have that corset on?
    She is fat and flabby in the middle. She is just an tub of goo.

  35. Erica

    OMG some of you are riduilaus. She is NOT fat, she is curvy. This is how real women should look. She is a real woman with a proper figure, so much better thanthe emaciated sticks we see on the catwalks. This is what men want. Mean want curves, men don’t want bony anorexic girls like Jessica Alba and Kate Moss. Real women have curves!!!

    ~Erica of SkinnyVsCurvy

    • Two Ton Tilly

      Yes Erica! Curves! I weigh 250. Can you find me one of those fellas that enjoy CURVES in my neck of the woods? I write to men in prison, but as of yet none of them has been released.

    • Jock McCrock

      er… real woman? Those are implants. Back to the drawing board with your ‘read women’ theory.

      • The Gouge

        Proof, please and thank you. If you’re comparing her to that picture from a billion years ago when she weighed about 50 lbs less, you’ll have to do better than that.

  36. bernergirl

    I love her but it could be because she is the only one in Hollywood with my same measurements. She can do no wrong. And yes when they are this big…they can only go up…especially in shape wear.

  37. Ashe

    Why god?! Why would you strike those down? Did I do something wrong? Did I not touch myself enough? Don’t take the titties, take me! TAKE ME!

  38. Jones

    Possibly the ugliest women I have ever laid eyes on.
    I really don’t get tha appeal. She has big titiies BIG WHOOP!
    That doesn’t help her ugly face. I love how she wears black to
    make it look like she has slimmed down when she is still a fatty.

  39. sunnyroberto

    I think she’s a doll, but her clothes never look great. She needs to hire a stylist. If she had someone who could dress her right with clothes appropriate for her figure, she would rule the world.

  40. I’m pretty sure that’s Lois from Family Guy.

  41. The Critical Crassness

    It very obvious from the nature of the comments that very few of you have any idea how to analyze photographic evidence. If you did, then you would realize that her face is much thinner in this image than in her other most recent posted images. The thinness of her face is not an optical illusion caused by the black background because it is separated from the background by her red hair. While the size of her overall body may be distorted by the background, it is the style of bodice on the dress which is effecting her breasts’ appearance making them look significantly smaller than before.
    Of course, if you dd analyze the image in that manner, the comments would be boring as hell! Charge on poorly informed masses,charge on!

  42. Elle

    Ah-ha! The REAL reason filming for Mad Men season five was delayed until next year!

  43. the one

    these sort of americans are SOOOOO LOW, folks.

  44. Gerbil in my Butt

    The woman is fucking gorgeous!

  45. Christina Hendricks Cleavage
    oh i know
    Commented on this photo:

    yikes, awful outfit!! makes her ass look like it starts in the middle of her back, and flattens out her boobs!! wtf???

  46. Christina Hendricks Cleavage
    oh i know
    Commented on this photo:

    her clevage looks like a butt crack in this pic!!

  47. ctti

    She’s beautiful. And she does look slimmer. I believe it isn’t just the black outfit because her face looks more defined & her head doesn’t look as small as it used to. Good for her.

  48. Tiff

    That woman is a travesty to fashion!

  49. Mama Pinkus

    I think she is gross. And those are either some very weird pants or that gal has a serious case of cameltoe.

  50. Meh

    I liked her before when she was thick-ish. What a shame.

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