Christina Hendricks Breasts Are Real, According to Christina Hendricks

May 23rd, 2011 // 96 Comments

In a new interview with The Daily Mail’s You Magazine, Mad Men star Christina Hendricks basically calls everyone an idiot who says her breasts are fake and explains why she married the weirdest looking man alive who’s so full of confidence now he gave himself a pedostache:

On why you bothered to click on this post and even know the name Christina Hendricks:
“I hope I’m not encouraging [breast augmentation]. If there’s anything to be learned from me it’s that I’m learning to celebrate what I was born with, even though it’s sometimes been inconvenient. Having larger breasts has made it harder for me to shop throughout the years, but I’ve learned to love it. It’s so bizarre that people are constantly asking if my breasts are real or fake,” she adds. “They’re so obviously real that anyone who’s ever seen or touched a breast would know.”

On how Geoffrey Arend gets to have sex with her:
“I moved to New York as a teenager when I started to model, and there was a restaurant called Il Buco which was filled with gothic-looking chandeliers that had weird apples and flames coming out of them. I’d been trying for years to get the owner, Donna, to sell one particular chandelier to me, but she wouldn’t. Geoffrey and I went there one New Year’s Eve and I happened to point it out to him. Then months later, I came home and every inch of our dining room was filled with flowers. Geoffrey was on one knee, so one part of my brain was registering that he was proposing, but then I looked up and saw the chandelier, so the other part of my brain was going: ‘How the hell is that chandelier in our house?’ He’d commissioned the artist to make Donna a replacement, so she finally relented and sold it to him. I was just crying so much when he proposed. I mean, what can you say about a man like that? He’s just so old-fashioned and kind and dreamy.”

So, wait, he bought her a chandelier and that’s all it took? Because, seriously, I have a lamp right here with a dimmer switch, and you don’t even have to bolt it to the ceiling. Not doing it for you? No problem. Check out this flashlight on my keychain. It says, “Hard Rock Orlando,” AND doubles as a bottle opener. Eh? I’ll be over here waiting for the sex.

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  1. marie

    She’s sexy, and it really doesn’t matter if her boobs are real or not – they’re perfect for her curvy body.

    • vitobonespur

      I agree with you that she has a dynamite, curvy figure. But I don’t agree it doesn’t matter if her breasts are real or not. As an old duffer who has watched so many beautiful, natural boobs make way for tupperware, silicone, and saline, I am heartened by a lovely woman with the bumps that God gave her.

      Well, on the other hand, I guess in the BIG picture it doesn’t really mean shit. But those of us who have been around for a while love to see the real things. Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

      • Gwubbles

        Nono, you’re on the mark. As a 20-something guy, I agree – real is always better. Pity so much of our culture has become obsessed with the veneer of the artificial.

    • John

      she’s fat not curvy. only other fat chicks think she’s curvy

  2. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    I wonder what her snozzberries taste like right meow.

  3. It had to be said

    I never thought they were fake. That being said, pictures or it never happened. Naked pictures.

  4. Unimate

    Still has, and always will have, a comically tragic face.

    • Big Ass Bunny Feet

      Agreed. Her face is busted even with all that professional makeup. It would be frightening to wake up beside her.

      • that_girl

        Jealousy at its finest. Christina is a very beautiful woman. God has graced her with an amazing body and flawless facial features. I would kill to look like her.

    • Jovy

      that_girl needs to up her standards if she thinks this woman is flawless. Remember the picture of her with NPH on stage? Stay puft cankles.

      • No shit @Jovy. Amazing how ppl cry out ‘jealous’ when someone calls bs her ‘flawless natural’ feautures lol. For how much men stare at women on these sites, you’d think they’d know more about female anatomy. She had floppy, smaller boobs with a big space before. No matter how much weight you gain, your boobs dont turn into giant inflated rectangles. You can even see the implant at the top when she turns to the side in some pics.

      • gyromancer

        bianca, hate to tell you, but when I gain weight my boobs get most of it. I’m about Hendrick’s height and while I’m not quite as hippy as she is, my figure’s pretty similar to hers. If I wear a fairly tight bra they do squish up at the top and sides just like hers – and I don’t have implants. I don’t know what implant outline you think you’re seeing, but even if she did have them, the extra padding she’s carrying would make it impossible to see any definite edge.

      • John

        that_girl is obviously fat too, Henricks is an icon for fat chicks to worship
        so they can convince themselves they are “curvy” she is fat and ugly so
        easy for you to relate to.

  5. She’s SO beautiful. I love this woman. And yes, partially because of her large – REAL – breasts!

  6. Amanada

    Perfect curves, perfect collarbones, perfect face. The girl is just DREAMY, s’all.

  7. Juiol

    No shit…

  8. Slinger

    i would enter

  9. Cock Dr

    Women appreciate flowers and…wait a minute….he bought her a ceiling light fixture? And that sealed the deal? He gets to have sex with her & her jugs forever after because of that?
    I look at him, and I look at her, and I conclude there must be more to this story than we’re being told.

  10. Cardinal Fang

    I’ve seen and experienced her type of tit before. Yeah they’re big, but they’re also very fluid and will spill into any gap when pushed.Not saggy, not yet at least, but that’s why they float up so nicely up to her collar bones for all of us to gawk at.

  11. Maeby

    i read that as ‘fleshlight’ instead of flashlight. made the article very interesting.

  12. I think she’s flattering herself more than a bit…I don’t think many people ever thought her boobs might be fake. She’s a big, overweight girl…I think we all get that overweight women have big boobs, not rocket science.

    It’s not that she has bigger boobs than anyone else in hollywood, she’s just made a career off of putting them on display…and all the fat chicks out there have a hero to look up to.

  13. suck it

    A tell tale sign of implants is that they can be pushed up to the collar bone and look round. Anyone who thinks she is implant free is a moron.
    She is hot, I just wish she wouldn’t insist they are real.

  14. Personally I think I should make the final call on this.
    Give me 5 hours with those nekkid fun-bags and I will confirm that they are real.
    5 hours? Yes…I’m very thorough.

  15. Suud

    Oh sure, Playboy photoshopped her breasts to make them look smaller. Or she has amazing genes that makes any weight she puts on go directly to her chest.

    She’s incredibly beautiful and her body looks more like an average woman, but I doubt she went from the size she was in the Playboy photoshoot to the size she is now naturally.

    • Jesus, are you a fucking moron?

      the playboy shoot was 12 years ago…and she was easily 40lbs lighter in the pictures. Is the idea that chicks boobs get bigger when they pork up news to you?

      • Deacon Jones

        12 years ago? Why the fuck was she in it THEN?

      • Suud

        Is the idea that chicks who “pork up” gain just as much around their stomach, thighs and hips as well as their breasts news to you? Like I posted before, if her breasts are natural, then she has some amazing genes to put most of her weight gain in her chest.

    • so you think she’s a slim little flower except for her boobs? She’s clinically morbidly obese.

      • NTT

        She is not clinically morbidly obese. She looks average weight in person. You sound like a total moron. FYI Sophia Veragara is 5″7 170lbs.

      • Yeah righht

        Guys need to shut the f up and stop talking about tits like they know crap about tits. You know nothing about tits or female anatomy. You don’t automatically get huge tits the moment you put on weight. That’s like assuming the fatter a guy gets, the more muscly his biceps get. Unfortunately, fat doesn’t distribute like that.

    • I’ve never seen someone so clueless about breasts as “Yeah righht”. He apparently thinks boobs are muscles.

  16. You require many many years of therapy.

  17. Deacon Jones

    Can’t we solve this dilemma with some before/after internet sleuthing? There’s bound to be some “early” pics out there of her.

    I’d do the search, but my laptop’s been taking a fucking beating lately, and I really don’t feel like explaining to corporate IT why they are getting hit with spam ware from my computer for the 3rd time in a month.

    “errr, it was Yahoo, yeah. I know it.”

  18. Honest Abe

    Read between the lines— she’s saying that when they are out of a bra, they have the same firmness of a hefty bag half full of water—

  19. Tits are real all right, real phat! Hey i got one those laser pointer thingies that can supposedly take down a jumbo jet. Will mail it to ur agent, thats worth at least a BJ, yes?

  20. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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  21. kimmykimkim

    Her tits are about as real as my love for children.

    • kimmykimkim

      Hmm, something sounds weird there…ok I don’t care about her tits, its her lower back problem. But kids are a major buzz kill. Why the fuck am I talking about ki…oh yeah – milk.

  22. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    Ugh – is that her husband? He’s not much of a looker, is he?

  23. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    “So do you like my new red do, Gomez?”
    “Why, yes, yes I do, my lovely Morticia. It brings out your ‘eyes’”

  24. Keyser Ballsy

    We need a salute to funbags day on the superficial.

  25. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    He’s either loaded or got a freakishly large dong.

  26. You know what else is real? My boner.

  27. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    she looks like she lost a lot of weight

  28. SEM

    When she takes off her bra they sag down past her belly button. There’s a visual for anyone who thinks huge boobs are attractive because they’re not, Unless, of course, you like a big unshapely saggy sack of fat with dirt and sweat trapped beneath them….

    • Cash

      My ex was built just like her, and I can guarantee they didn’t sag any more than a girl with D cups. Some women have large breasts AND a regular fitness routine, just like some women are super skinny AND have a healthy appetite. If the only kind of large breasted women you’ve ever seen naked are of the type you describe, I think it’s time you started dating outside the trailer park SEM.

    • deets

      wait, why are they dirty? Large breasted women are allergic to showers?

  29. Cash

    “He’d commissioned the artist to make Donna a replacement, so she finally relented and sold it to him. I was just crying so much when he proposed. I mean, what can you say about a man like that?”

    He has plenty of money, and enjoys throwing it around to impress materialistic women with large tits?

  30. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    er.. there are pictures that show her with small tits. Does she think everyone is retarded or what?

  31. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    i love how this skeezer admits she isn’t even a redhead, goes on to get offended when anyone questions her big cans, and babbles about “celebrating what she was born with”…isn’t that what fat girls ALWAYS say?

  32. tlmck

    I’d rather have Kat Dennings.

  33. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    I can’t stand her stupid wig.

  34. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    If this clown is good enough to be banging her, Weird Al Yankovic should be giving Angelina Jolie tongue baths.

  35. titsonsnack

    she is one of those chicks who looks like a drop dead gorgeous bombshell when they’re made up, and a total piece of dog shit when they’re not.

  36. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    He maybe UGLY,,,,,,But I bet he knows how to work tit,,, I mean it…. (sorry couldnt help it)

  37. fap

    Who gives a fuck, she’s a fatty with a manface.

  38. NTT

    That dress looks like a spit out Tootsie Roll

  39. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    Youre still obese, accept it, deal with it, and move on.

  40. the captain

    believing her is the same thing as believing LILO is telling the truth.

  41. Strawberry

    She is full of it. She modeled in Playboy wearing a bikini before getting implants. See for yourself. No one gains weight solely in their breasts.

    Who cares if they are implants?

    • Yeah righht

      You and I don’t care but men do. If they find out they are silicon (millions of women have them), they will stop seeing her as something special. Given that she has nothing else going on for her look-wise, she will continue to lie and claim they are natural.

  42. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    Lukiest dude in the world.

  43. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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  44. Yeah righht

    No, they are not. Very obvious they are fake. She knows they are her only selling point so she’s gonna keep on claiming they are natural. Keep on shamelessly lying, busted mug.

  45. Christina Hendricks Breasts Real
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    that is a total weave, a bad one if i might add

  46. brian

    TOTAL BULLSH*T!!! I’ve seen her old playboy photo shoot where she is flat as a board.

  47. Rocco

    There’s no denying that Christina is a knockout, but I do suspect that her twins are fakes (although very good ones). As for the husband, I think he’s nothing more than a gay friend acting as a front; just like Angelina Jolie, my feeling is that behind all that happy marriage charade beats the heart of a true lesbo. In Hollywood, rarely is anything what it seems – it’s a world of illusion largely populated by phonies, fakes and professional actors.

  48. Shorty80

    Well, they’re real because they exist…we’re not all imagining them. But she didn’t use the word natural. She’s trying to trick us!

  49. BradsPittHair

    She’s a fat lying sack of cow dung.

  50. Kelsey

    She looks terrible without make up. And she’s a terrible liar.

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