Christina Hendricks’ Breasts Want To Be On ‘Game of Thrones,’ This Needs To Happen

April 8th, 2014 // 21 Comments
Christina Hendricks Cleavage
WATCH: Christina Hendricks Wants To Be On 'GoT'

If you’re like me, you enjoy huge, ample breasts and the HBO series Game of Thrones, so here’s one two of those things talking about wanting to get inside the other. And I think I speak of all nerddom when I say that if Christina Hendricks gets naked in Westeros, a dragon will fly out of my penis. A literal, honest to God dragon. With Peter Dinklage on its back.


  1. Cock Dr

    This needs to happen (dragon flying out of a penis with Dinklage astride) so this woman and her considerable chest must be cast in a clothing optional role on that show ASAP.

  2. Make this happen, Hollywood. You owe us for Lena Dunham.

  3. JC

    Please cast her as The Naked Queen of Slutteros.

    “Featured Whore in Littlefinger’s Brothel” would also be acceptable.

  4. The problem with getting Hendricks on Game of Thrones is that she’s American, and the cast is almost entirely European, mostly British, presumably owing to the belief that Americans wouldn’t accept the series if it weren’t mostly English-accented. The only Americans in the cast have been Peter Dinklage, because you can probably count on one hand the number of little people actors who could play a major role like Tyrion Lannister (anyone else see Warwick Davis pulling off Tyrion? yeah, me neither); and Jason Momoa, whose character hardly ever spoke “the common tongue” anyway.

    Yeah, I know Hendricks’ father was English and she has dual citizenship with the UK, blah blah blah. But she would still have to fake an accent, and even though the accents on GoT are frequently inconsistent with the characters’ backgrounds, pretty much everyone who’s not American agrees that Dinklage’s attempt at an accent is weak, at the least. So I doubt very much that they’ll take a chance on another American in casting. Hell, I remember people complaining about Kim Cattrall’s English accent in The Ghost Writer—and she was born in England!

    I’ve given this too much thought, haven’t I?

    • Cock Dr

      Dude, look at how big her bobs are.
      She should totally be on that show. Girl doesn’t even have to talk.

      • It’s not that I don’t want it to happen. GoT has already shown naked the only hot chick in all of Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks (Natalia Tena, “Osha”), as well as another minor crush of mine, Downton Abbey‘s Gwen the housemaid (Rose Leslie, “Ygritte”). So the show is definitely in the fantasy-fulfillment business.

    • JC

      “Too much thought” and “sci-fi/fantasy” go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

      I do see your point, but on the other hand, the accents for this show, like those in True Blood, are a mixed-up, mashed-up mess, and unlike True Blood, GoT isn’t even set in a real place. Maybe some people really do cringe at Dinklage’s “bad British accent for a character that’s not actually British,” but If one of the nations/houses speaks in “Busted British Christina Hendricks,” I think that’s 100% AOK.

    • lovecraft

      I think Vern Troyer could have played the part of Lannister quite well.

    • Bob Supman

      It is still an American Show created by an American. We probably wouldn’t care if her accent was bad if she did nudity.

  5. This is an idea I can totally get behind. Or in front of. Or all over.

  6. Fucking stupid chubby chasers. moo.

  7. We just need more boobs, less wieners, floppy, floppy wieners.

  8. Well we can now definitely confirm that those rumors about Hendricks getting a breast reductions are COMPLETELY BULLSHIT.

    Thank you, Good Lord in heaven, for this one.

  9. D-chi

    All I got out of this was that Peter Dinklage lives inside of you.

  10. Film a scene with Dinklage struggling to emerge from between those breasts like a puppy fighting his way free of two feather pillows, and Pop Culture can just freeze in a moment of pure attainment.

  11. Swearin

    What would her cool nickname be? I’m leaning towards The Mountains That Move or The Ginger Who Motionboats

  12. Rick

    I hope she realize how much we want to see them, and literally I am waiting for that day, where I would take a day off for just those two breasts and sit all day watching them. hope she does it early cause once they get old or someone similar come’s along and become same kind of sensation, it’s might loose it’s rating in my must see before you die list.

  13. saving my boner for summer

    She looks like she smells like shit and baby powder. Wouldn’t fuck with a 10ft pole considering all of the sweat and bra rash under her cartoonish balloons. For once I’d like to see a woman weighing something between this harpooned whale and a coked up model.

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