Christina Hendricks for London Fog

August 25th, 2010 // 52 Comments

Here’s Christina Hendricks as the new face of London Fog effectively proving her beauty is best served under heavily-moderated conditions. Perfect lighting, make-up, outfits, etc. Because, seriously, compare these pics to Christina at the Creative Emmys which are, admittedly, probably the best red carpet photos of her yet. And also have huge boobs. So, so huge… Oh, no, not again.

*floats onto a tree branch next to group of a blue song birds*

Take it from the top, boys! ♪ ♫I love titties, pretty titties! Titties so pretty and BIG… ♪ ♫

Photos: London Fog


  1. her only assets are covered up. dismal FAIL

  2. Mary Jane

    My love

  3. brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr…motor boat

  4. “But there’s no fog in London…”

  5. I want to pee in her butt.

  6. Christina Hendricks
    Commented on this photo:


  7. Christina Hendricks
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s such a beautiful woman

  8. Jake

    Overrated fat chick.

    • It had to be said

      Look, there’s nothing wring with being gay, but I don’t see why you insist on commenting on incredibly sexy women. I don’t post on entries of gay icons like The Situation and say “overrated meathead” while you’re masturbating to him, do I?

      • Jake

        I see my comment drew out the chubby-chasers.

      • @It had to be said…he’s not gay, just confused.
        @Jake. Jake, can I call you Jake? So, you seem to think that the bad ass broad featured above (pointing finger upwards) is fat. Thick? Yeah. Fat? No sir. Would it matter either way? No. You see, I have what is called a penis…we’ll call him The Captain. And The Captain doesn’t discriminate. I’ve gotten a few large ladies in my day. Ooooooo have I. And I gotta say, I’d rather bang a fat chick with enthusiasm over a self-obsessed skinny bitch any day of the week. So ladies, if you have curves…strike that…if you have a vagina, please feel free to look for me on WoW. I’m a 398th level Dwarf…but don’t let the height fool you. And Jake, my thought is that you are either a 12 year old kid who has never seen an actual vagina, calista flockhart, or the pope. My guess? The pope.

    • jake i love my skinny chicks too but admit those tits are supernatural in a bustier~ find her equire shots they’re bona fide fap material

      her kuato foot on the other hand, ewwww…….

    • Ray Sist

      You can call someone fat and chick, but not (from the miss Universe thread) wetback or beaner. So what if one is race. The other is sex and physicality.

  9. Deacon Jones

    As hot as she is, I’m getting tired of seeing her in trench coats and multiple layers that only show the top half, I want the whole package.

    Can’t the paps put themselves to use and instead of taking 3,000 shots of Britney’s tampon string just get a couple of Christina in a fucking bathing suit? I’ll even settle for a tank top at this point.

    • Jake

      trench coat hides her FATNESS.

      • It had to be said

        Oh Jake, it’s OK that you like bears. Don’t beat yourself up.

        Hendricks is completely hot. Not fat. Hot.

      • CARLO

        Listen this chick is perfect at the moment…in fact, she’s amazing, at the moment. She looks like she is aging fast and it’s obvious that when she is no longer a big star that she will get lazy and be a big fat lady but for now, she’s got beautiful curves and I can’t wait to see more of her.

        I like em too skinny and young…it worked. My wife was scary skinny and now she’s average weight and still smaller than most women. Pick em young and put them on the farm team for developement. Meanwhile stab as many hot curvey women in their absolute prime as you can!!!

  10. Racer X

    Tits or GTFO!!!


  11. MrsEllis

    She’s beautiful, but I don’t get why she doesn’t act more. She’s actually not bad at it, but all I’ve seen her in are Firefly and Mad Men.

  12. Christina Hendricks
    Crabby Old Guy
    Commented on this photo:

    To paraphrase Ben Franklin, “Huge breasts are God’s way of making us happy.”

  13. Just giving my customary shout-out to inform you that I would end all of you for one night with this woman. That is all.

  14. keepin it rough

    Irkk! Disgusting unkind eyes…

    ♫Why must I feel like that, why must I chase the cat, must be the rough in me♫…

  15. Amy

    She looks like a large-breasted Ashley Simpson in this picture.

  16. LowSlash

    I’m gonna rock your worlds here and insist that Christina Hendricks is both fat AND hot. You can be both, people!

  17. Beav

    She looks like Ronald McDonald smuggling the hamburgler under her trench.

  18. josh

    The cattle I can see in the prairie from my window have a more intelligent and lively gaze than you Christina.

  19. Ann

    Better watch it boys. If you don’t agree with the FAT CHICK MAFIA you must be GAY!

    • It had to be said

      Oh good. The gender that notices things like “clothes” and “shoes” has spoken. Awesome.

      Her tits are awesome. Her ass is decent. Done and done.

      • Banana

        I think the comments on this site have proven that men like women of all shapes and sizes. Men aren’t the ones perpetuating the female shape hate. Instead it’s women like you who keep women down. Shame on you.

        Women come in all shapes and sizes. Be happy for others. Don’t be such a hater.

  20. Christina Hendricks
    Commented on this photo:

    Ok, bad angle. But we all have one that the camera finds sometimes.

  21. Christina Hendricks
    Commented on this photo:

    DO you think Don Draper has got in there before?

  22. Christina Hendricks
    Commented on this photo:

    Ooh gorgeous – redheads are best viewed indoors, the sun is our enemy in many ways

  23. Christina Hendricks
    Commented on this photo:

    I would very much like to come home to that one night.

  24. Christina Hendricks
    Commented on this photo:


  25. Drew

    Their graphic artist is fucking terrible.


    Give me your job.

  26. UrbanHeart

    those of you who say she’s fat or needs to work out clearly don’t under physiology.
    Look at her arms and legs, she’s not overweight.
    She does have a small, dumpy torso — her organs have to fit somewhere.. and her core needs to support those fully loaded cannons — but she can still looks great; especially with the right attire.




  28. Catricia

    I am a straight female and I think she’s hot as hell. It is a shame that a girl her size is considered fat because of her large(enviable) breasts.
    Hating men are jealous they can’t get a woman like her.
    Hating women are jealous they don’t look like her.

  29. Christina Hendricks
    Commented on this photo:

    I think she’s gorgeous, but those feet freak me out.

  30. TheK

    Healthy bodies come in more than one size. You don’t have to be a hardbody in order to be healthy, most women aren’t meant to have a 6-pack and thats normal.

  31. Vito

    Women are supposed to be round and curvy!

  32. captain america


  33. kimkardashian smith

    she is looking so hot and sexy and she is very popular celebrity . She is most hottest girl have chosen last year and she is the heartbeat of every young boy.
    I personally like her.

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  35. Christina Hendricks
    Commented on this photo:

    What a gorgeous woman! Her curves are amazing, and she is much sexier than these 100lb regurgitaters.

  36. Dee

    She will always be “Our Mrs. Reynolds” to me.

    End of story.

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