Christina Hendricks’ Breasts Looked Like This At The Emmys

And let’s get the obligatory ginger with giant breasts post out of the way.

By voluminous request, here’s Christina Hendricks at the Emmys Sunday night despite the fact she looks exactly like she looks at every single red carpet event: Huge ass on her chest, weird husband by her side. I know I shouldn’t look a gift-tit in the mouth, but there’s only so many times you can fantasize about sexually harassing a busty secretary before it starts to feel like work. “Oh for crying out loud, you broke the copier again? I can’t keep having sex with your breasts every five minutes! This pretend quarterly report isn’t going to pretend file itself. Also, have you seen our new health insurance premiums? How’s that supposed to give me an erection? Obi-Wan Kenobi sending a fax knows what I’m talking about.”

(Warning: Never Inception me.)

Photos: Getty