Christina Aguilera’s The Voice of World Hunger Now. Christina Aguilera.

August 1st, 2012 // 40 Comments
'Ruining The Voice'
Christina Aguilera
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Presumably after never once looking at her, Yum! Brands has named Christina Aguilera as “the voice” – That happened. – of their World Hunger Relief Effort. Because if there’s one thing starving children want to see, it’s fat waddling on a woman’s face from experiencing the daily luxury of being able to eat her feelings at any given moment. Their little eyes just light up. “Will I to get eat that much now?” one of them will ask, his tiny voice cracking with hope. “No,” will say a grown-up, bringing him back down to reality. “Unless, of course, you best her in combat with this bow and arrow…” (I’m going to be that grown-up if you can’t already tell.)

Photos: NGRE/AKM-GSI, Splash News


  1. Well perhaps she will share her food?

  2. Johnny P!

    In related news, she’s also been officially named as “The Big Thighs of Arab Spring”, “The Ass of the Serbian Revolution”, and the “Manicure-Pedicure of the African Aids Foundation”.
    That woman just gives, and gives, and gives…

  3. Pat C.

    In the pictures you’re showing in this gallery, she looks normal i.e. not fat.

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      in comparison to pther pics these do look closely to normal or for a normal woman who is 5’1″(or so. not sure she might be an inch or two taller or shorter.) and had a child. if they are thinner then it is an exception. in anyhow there are worse photos out there of her. not to the level of Jessica Simpsom but worse.

  4. In all fairness, she’s a lot smaller than Sally Struthers.

  5. Fiona

    I can already see the South Park cartoon where Christina eats Sally Struthers, thus passing the torch.

  6. Schmidtler

    idk, I think I’m giving her a lifetime pass just for doing the theme song for ‘Casa de Mi Padre’. She’s still sexy as hell, if you just focus on her mouth, and cut the rest of her out of the picture.

  7. “Dear world,
    Thank you for going hungry so I can be sated.”

  8. Christina Aguilera Fat Cleavage Hunger Relief PSA
    Commented on this photo:

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

  9. Christina Aguilera Fat Cleavage Matthew Rutler Skinny Jeans Boots
    Emma Watson's Vagina
    Commented on this photo:

    without a wand she is enchanting her panties with the words:Erecto Expecto Patronum penis.

  10. Christina Aguilera Fat Cleavage Hunger Relief PSA
    Commented on this photo:

    The only advice I want from an orange oompa-loompa is how to get the golden ticket for Wonkaville.

  11. alex

    I’m glad to see Brooke Hogan landed on her feet.

  12. Christina Aguilera Fat Cleavage Hunger Relief PSA
    Commented on this photo:

    ewww still HUGE and has trailer park written all over her. looks like a blonde snooki.

  13. joho777

    I would imagine Jessica Simpson would be a much better representative for World Hunger.

    Aand the gig would give Jessica some publicity while she is thinking about maybe starting to consider losing some weight,

  14. Christina Aguilera Fat Cleavage Hunger Relief PSA
    Jimmy C
    Commented on this photo:

    Voice of Hunger Relief? So you mean to tell me that whenever she sings her shitty music she gets fatter?

  15. Toby Weymiller

    She should focus on solving world hunger by breast feeding.

  16. Christina Aguilera Fat Cleavage Hunger Relief PSA
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    This reminds me when Sally Struthers would would talk about feeding the starving children.

  17. brian

    She has fattened up a bit over the years, but she’s still hot. I’d rather have her this way than all coked out and banged up (*cough* Lindsay *cough*).

  18. lilgrandma

    I think she looks GOOD!! so tired of this white BONEY,SKINNY women!! Look at hip hop women they are so HOT!! they got meat some meat on!! they know what their man like meat on their bones!!! you go girl you look good don’t let this boney,skinny bitches tell you that u look fat Christina!!! your past is the past and so what!! keep your head up girl!!

  19. twidget

    Lol…Christina Aguilera is the new Sally Struthers!!!

  20. Christina Aguilera Fat Cleavage Hunger Relief PSA
    Commented on this photo:

    You know what’s weird? I was just thinking about eating out Christina Aguilera and bam..this story hits.

  21. yo

    This woman is a 31 year old mother, not some teenage slut bag dancing around for approval. Who gives a shit how much she weighs!!

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