Christina Aguilera’s The Voice of World Hunger Now. Christina Aguilera.

Presumably after never once looking at her, Yum! Brands has named Christina Aguilera as “the voice” – That happened. – of their World Hunger Relief Effort. Because if there’s one thing starving children want to see, it’s fat waddling on a woman’s face from experiencing the daily luxury of being able to eat her feelings at any given moment. Their little eyes just light up. “Will I to get eat that much now?” one of them will ask, his tiny voice cracking with hope. “No,” will say a grown-up, bringing him back down to reality. “Unless, of course, you best her in combat with this bow and arrow…” (I’m going to be that grown-up if you can’t already tell.)

Photos: NGRE/AKM-GSI, Splash News