Christina Aguilera Was a Lesbian The Whole Time

A source for RadarOnline claims Christina Aguilera tried to pick her up at a gay bar – with Jordan Bratman in tow – for apparently such is her wont:

The source said Christina waved to her, but that she was confused because her husband Jordan was at the bar with her.
“The bodyguard told me it was an understanding within their marriage and that she brings girls home and Jordan’s okay with it,” the woman said.
“I met Christina in the bathroom and she told me she liked to play with girls. I ended up not pursuing anything with it because the situation just seemed so weird to me, but Christina was definitely looking to hook up.”
According to the source, Christina has been known to frequently approach women while out at gay bars in Los Angeles.

Somewhere Samantha Ronson just went, “Oh hell yes,” before reverting back to her gargoyle form that only Quasimodo can see. Which I’m pretty sure is what Carl Paladino tried to warn us about. “Them queeahs shift shape, I tell ya!”

Photos: Splash News