Christina Aguilera Should Stop Wearing Tights

December 5th, 2011 // 87 Comments

We are all Kelly Osbourne now.

Despite being desperate for her boyfriend Matthew Rutler to make an honest woman out of her – Ignoring all that sex they had while she was still married, of course – Christina Aguilera won’t stop wearing the same pair of black tights everywhere she goes. Apparently, she’s one of those women who not only believes a man when he says something doesn’t make her ass look big, she breaks out the goddamn super glue. “These are staying FOREVER.” *squeeeeeeeeze*

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  1. Mia

    That is the ass of a 500lb woman that rides the electric carts at Walmart ’cause she’s so fat.

  2. Oz Matters

    This would be very attractive to a black rhino.

  3. forrest gump

    well, good to know the united states are already BANKRUPT.

  4. stevebeagle

    like mother like daughter

  5. jen

    I think the tights thing might be because none of her pants are fitting her anymore…and she doesn’t want to admit that she’s gained a lot of weight. the good news is she could pretty easily get back into great shape, she has an amazing body when she is at her best.

  6. Bee Bee

    She may have a bigger, lumpier ass then back in her heyday, but I’m quite sure its much more appealing that half the people that complain about it.

    • LOL! Ya whatever you say. I love how these DELUSIONAL fans of celebrities use the excuse “well your ugly” or “your just jealous”. STFU you are probably 300lbs with an ass that rivals hers right now.

      Jump on a treadmill and drop the BBQ’d Cheetos’s.

  7. Christina Aguilera Butt Fat Ass Tight Pants
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