Christina Aguilera Passed Out Drunk at Jeremy Renner’s House

Apparently when she’s not starting catfights with her Burlesque co-stars – the first movie she’s ever been in – Christina Aguilera is passing out drunk at parties she wasn’t invited to. Parties thrown by Oscar-nominated actors like Jeremy Renner, according to Us Weekly:

A week later, Renner went on a rant about the incident at In Style’s Golden Globe party after seeing Aguilera at the fete.
“Someone comes and tells me she’s in my room,” he told pals at the Jan. 16 affair. “I run up and open the door and I’m like, ‘Um, hi. What are you doing?’ She just starts slurring. Her boyfriend [Matthew Rutler] was rubbing her back. Who comes to someone’s birthday party that they don’t know and gets in their bed?! My parents were there!”
Adds another source, “Christina was a mess at that party. She acted like a fool. Her boyfriend was shushing her and telling her to go to sleep.”

I want to say this shoots down my pregnancy theory, but then again, does it? Aren’t pregnant women tired all the time? I could’ve sworn I read that somewhere. Anyway, to answer Jeremy Renner’s question, Christina Aguilera comes to someone’s birthday party she doesn’t know and gets in their bed. She also does another little trick, but you know what? I don’t want to ruin the surprise. (There’s a fetus in your cowboy boots.)

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