Christina Aguilera Called Mickey Mouse An ‘Asshole’ At Disneyland

Christina Aguilera celebrated her birthday at Disneyland a week before Christmas and allegedly flipped the fuck out when Mickey Mouse wasn’t available to take a picture with her because grown ups do that. TMZ reports:

Our theme park source tells us while ringing in her 34th b-day at Disney’s California Adventure, Christina and her crew tried to get a pic with Mickey, but he was going on a break … so Christina was told she had to wait. Cue meltdown!
Aguilera lost it, and called Mickey an “asshole.” We’re told she even dropped the dreaded, “Do you know who I am?”

And somehow it manages to get worse because apparently Christina Aguilera’s entourage are fully prepared to assault a man in a cartoon mouse costume at a goddamn children’s theme park:

Xtina’s crew started hurling threats, we’re told … and Mickey had to be ushered to a safe zone — out of public view. Security was called, but by the time they arrived … the former Mouseketeer had already split.

In Christina Aguilera’s defense, she was a Disney kid, so God only knows what kind of shit she had to do to that mouse. Britney Spears doesn’t even know what day it is, and Lindsay Lohan’s a hooker, so you know it was something messed up like blowing Dumbo’s trunk while Eeyore watches or stepping on Cinderalla’s dress-making mice to name a few examples I haven’t made detailed drawings of. – *shoves pieces of paper in mouth* – Or one where Olaf from Frozen has a giant carrot penis. – *shoves another piece in mouth* – In fact, just stay out of the men’s room stalls altogether. They’re, uh.. fumigating. For ghosts.

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