Christina Aguilera Loved That Time Hillary Clinton Stared At Her Boobs

Yesterday, we shit all over the Republican party for hitching their wagon to the micropenis marmalade man and his moose bride. So in the interest of equal time, let’s take a look at the Democrats prize pony and the giant breasts that she loves, because we’re nothing if not objective journalists over here. Pregnancy speculation, anyone? Seriously though, this election’s only just starting to solidify the rest of the world’s valid opinion that America is the braying jackass of the Earth, and Christina Aguilera will not be left out if she can help it. So here she is relishing in the fact that the first female President of the United States is a total tit man. Via Jezebel:

When describing what it feels like to have one’s bosoms stared at by Ms. Clinton, Aguilera laughed and said, “It’s amazing. It’s awesome. She supports the girls!

*resists urge to laugh at feminism tumbling down a mountain of progress* I’m no Hillary supporter, nor am I a Berniebro, but only because while I fully embrace most of his policies, I know I have a better chance at winning a Pulitzer than any of them have even making it to the floor of Congress. That said, what I do believe, and have said in the past, is that the Clintons are an unstoppable political force, of which we now know the glue is their love of thick ass. Don’t believe me? Let Photo Boy explain in the way that is most natural to him:

The Clinton’s Unquenchable Thirst For Dat Ass: A Study In Photos

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“What God has joined in freaky pleasure, let no man put asunder.” Mark 69:69

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