Christina Aguilera Looks Like This Now

October 18th, 2010 // 123 Comments

A newly-single Christina Aguilera apparently decided to use the grand opening of The Waikiki Edition as her personal single ad over the weekend because here she is looking… good? I don’t want to say these photos entirely reek of desperation, but I am willing to say Jordan Bratman clearly has magic mole powers that make Christina appear hotter than she really is while in his presence. Then again, something tells me he could stand next to Snooki and make her look like something I’d almost contemplate putting my penis slightly next to. — Ha! Just kidding. No one’s that powerful. Not even Madonna.

NOTE: Added Christina’s outfit from Saturday starting here.

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  1. Um, that’s Brooke Hogan, Fish.

  2. That Guy

    Out on the prowl searching for some men………or women.

  3. Photoshop Police

    Are you sure this isn’t a look-alike?

    • wicked witch

      yes, its kelly osbourne. oh wait never mind its not. but i’m sure theres no one out there whose laughing harder then kelly. ms. osbourne use to make fun of girls like christina(who also has a better voice then kelly, ha) now shes just one of them herself. besides she doesn’t look too bad, i think. i always hated her nose though.

  4. IreneWienne

    @Georgio: Great observation.

  5. Lynne

    Look, she’s in Hawaii, land of 88 degree weather and 90% humidity. Having grown up there, I dare any Hollywood female to attempt to look good at an open-air event. She’s lucky her hair hasn’t frizzed to the last follicle, and her makeup isn’t sliding off her face.

  6. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    I’d hit it.

  7. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    I would hit it!

  8. I’ve never liked her look, and now that I’ve seen her knees, I’m definitely
    not interested.

    She never even really managed to pull off the slutty look, she just always looked like she was trying to be slutty but failing.

    • ZigZagZoey

      Yeah, she has a seriously ugly set of legs. Always has. Kinda bowlegged, and now they are kinda fat too.
      I think she COULD be pretty, but ten tons of makeup is just not good on anyone.

    • Cow

      where are her calves??????????????

    • I’ve never understood people who look at a chick who is OBVIOUSLY unattractive, but is slathered in makeup, hair done and in a nice dress and say “omg she is hot”.

      She is not hot. Her face looks like a tranny. seriously, look at her face…really look, look past the make up and hair and boobs. Maybe cut out a hole in a piece of paper to put it over everything so you can see just the face. she is homely as hell.

    • Misana

      I totally agree with you

  9. jill

    what THE HELL is going on with her knee? (shudder)

  10. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
    Hugh Gentry
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    her face looks…..different……fugly….

  11. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    she looks like a blow-up doll….so it should work

  12. Jesus Christ, how dare anyone say thats Brooke Hogan. Christ, Christina has never looked THAT ugly. Christina usually is hot as fuck so this is hardly news that she looks good here.

    • her hips and waist seem to have doubled since “Dirty” but dayum she’s not mannish like hogan. bandaid dresses really look good on curvy girls with round asses. xtina’s torso looks short in it. i’d do her tho, naturally.

  13. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
    sarah holt
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    I don’t know…Picture 3/21 makes her boobs look scary :(

  14. I stand corrected, this is definitely a look alike. Christina’s nose isnt that bird-like

  15. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    Bad surgery.

  16. Marilyn Manson

    Hey mother fuckers….DONT PLAY LIKE THAT!!

    Thats me with my new look for La Cage Aux Folles.

    Do you like my hair blonde instead of black?

  17. Drew

    She needs to do something about those eyebrows.

  18. Kerri

    she is so white trash looking – she could never be pretty. she could spend millions on her clothes/hair/make-up and it would still look cheap.
    she looks like she just stepped out of the trailer park for a night out at….what’s a cheesy US chain?…Steak and Shake.

  19. Rocco

    Miss Piggy’s on the prowl for a new Kermit!

  20. N

    She looks like she’s always has looked, though what is up with her boob in pic 9?

    • Misana

      Dude, I have no idea. The makeup has caused her nose to look larger than it usually does too. Man… this is a total disaster

  21. Gallo

    I stood a couple feet away from her three or four years ago, totally randomly– I was in Antwerp, Belgium (I live in the US) unlocking my rented bicycle and she got out of car that pulled up to the curb and went into a shop with a group of people. I’m not saying this to be cruel, but my first thought was that she was some Belgian celebrity transvestite. Her makeup was cartoonishly thick and her breasts and ass so prominent (but covered) that my first thought was “that MUST be a dude.”

  22. BMJ

    That is not her. What ever it is would be hot if you cut its head off and covered up those knees!!

  23. Sal

    She is so busted. Droopy tits (shoulda kept the implants), big nose, scary assed make up……blerg. If you have actual talent, you don’t need to resort to looking like a cheap Kardashian clone.

    Sorry Xtina, you used to be hot but now I’d like for you to crawl back in to your cave and never again see the light of day.


  24. Homosexuality

    “I’m no expert, but homosexuality is not a choice – as far as I know – so all of the above commenters were simply born that way.” – Barack Obama

  25. eww

    beat ho

  26. eww

    wasted good looks due to tacky taste. she’s a ten. the hair, and makeup and clothes just ruin her. she has moments tho.

  27. Ash Bones

    Her money makes her hot to me !!

  28. Ash Bones

    I would clean her cunt with my tongue, yum..

  29. Turd Ferguson

    She always looks beat and desperate – even more so now that you can add irrelevant to it.

  30. TAB

    Her face looks huge, like she is on her period or something…

    She looks ugly with side of ridiculous..

  31. Elle

    Kelly Clarkson?

  32. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    why does she wear so much makeup????? gross. no natural beauty

  33. Melissa

    Ewww, you can see her fake eyelash peeling off in the inner corner of her eye. I think she could look really beautiful if she toned up a bit and dressed a LOT classier… I think she wore that dress because it probably sucks in all her lumps, and for some reason women always feel the need to look extra slutty straight out of a marriage.

  34. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    And then there is Jorge checking her out in the background…

  35. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    She’s just ugly, plain and simple. Baaaad extensions, too.

  36. Toni

    I could care less about her personal life, I just know that she is one hell of an entertainer..she has a great voice and puts on a terrific concert! I’m straight but that doesn’t stop me from being a fan!..but hey..we are all entitled to our opinion, and I love reading all of yours, some of you are so all make my day!!

  37. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    This is the typical one leg forward, hide the hips with hands pose. Kim K is well known for this pose as it hides the leg and hip fat well!

  38. cc

    I suspect that she looks vastly different without make up. That notwithstanding, I’d perform cunnilingus on her pretty much whenever she wanted it so long as she never once mentioned The Moleman’s penis has been there first. If she did that, I’d lose my appetite.

    That’s my holy triumvirate of body parts that need my mouth…Xtina’s vag, Miley’s nipples, and Jessica Alba’s ass.

  39. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    Much improved from recent viewings. Of course you can see that the dresses themselves are one gigantic girdle, probably worn over another girdle. Which was worn over “control top” panties.
    A girl’s going to get better action looking like a lipstick lesbian that a sloppy plump dyke. Good lucky with the single life sweetie.

  40. I would have expected her to be wearing a flannel coat or something now that she’s gone les. If not, perhaps the elusive “lipstick lesbian” might actually exist! And not just in the instructional videos I’ve seen…

  41. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    She looks like Marlon Wayans in “White Chicks” right here.

  42. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    Put a butt crack in that chin and I’d swear it was Brook Hogan.

  43. sensitive guy

    It’s the perfect mix of Courtney Love and Heidi Montag – that perfectly orchestrated ‘candid’ look that says “I don’t care about anything, except everything that people think about ME!”

  44. Jimbob

    I preferred her huge implants to these moderate and droopy ones. She is flat as a board naturally and worse now after the kid–flappy. Moderate sized implants do not make a so-so chick hot; she needs the old ones that were bigger than her head.

  45. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    I so would.. cos you you know shes gonna be dirty and wanting to bring another girl into the mix!!

  46. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    This is how I suck up liquids running out of my mouth: pft-pft-pft-pft-pft-pft-pft.

  47. Bleh. Too much cakeup.

  48. heidi's MUM

    Does anybody else think her nose looks strange? Seriously it looks wider at the bottom….

    • She has an Ecuadorian nose

      • KC

        An Ecuadorian nose lol…um have you seen pictures of her mother. She looks just like her and she’s IRISH and has the same wierd nose. I see her in interviews and think she seems pretty down to earth and she does have a good voice. But even though, I can’t stand her, or should I say the way she presents herself which is looking like trash. She dresses like a 2 dollar hooker everytime you see her. There is nothing beautiful or hot about her. And she has a child. Really, is she that insecure that she needs to dress like that to draw attention to herseld? She looks like a cabbage patch doll. Some men, and women, see breasts hanging out and tight clothing with bleach blonde hair and use the word hot. And don’t blaim it on a stylist. All these celeb retards who need ANOTHER PERSON to tell them what to wear or what type of makeup to put on need to be shot. She looks like a made up clown and if she’s wasn’t famous, if you saw her in the supermarket wearing makeup like that people would be laughing. Anyone who is natually pretty or even thinks they are, would NEVER wear that much makeup. And you have to be blind to not see she STILL HAS’s just a borrible, horrible unnatural looking job.

  49. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
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    Why does she always wear the same dress? And her implants are weighing her boobs down, lol.

  50. Christina Aguilera at Opening of Waikiki Edition
    the only opinion that matters
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    I have decided I am not going to be mean and say nasty things about stars anymore, they are people with feelings too. Regardless of what anyone may think of her appearance, this woman is seriously talented. God it is hard being nice, my tongue is bleeding from biting back the bitchy comments.

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