Christina Aguilera is Pregnant

November 22nd, 2010 // 203 Comments

Here’s Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards Sunday night, and there’s no way you can tell me that headline isn’t responsible journalism. Christ, not even Britney Spears let herself go this much and she stores fried chicken in her pillows for the winter. Which is why I’m starting to think somebody tagged along for a doctor’s visit one day, noticed what he thought was his unborn child missing the rudimentary burrowing appendages and immediately filed for divorce. How he hasn’t sought revenge by collapsing Hollywood into a sinkhole yet is beyond me. I just assumed the Mole Clan of Tunnel 7 were a proud and noble tribe, but I guess they’ll let a woman walk over them without putting up a fight. Pfft. You’ll never enslave the surface with that attitude. I’ll tell you that right there.

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  1. KillerCam

    So basically, she got married, and tried to be and dress like less of a whore, unfortunately whores never change, no matter who’s dick is buried in their mantrap, so now she’s doing her Burlesque thing again….so original. So the whore can sing….and? plenty of holes on youtube can sing as well, get back to doing coke and being nude on Dave Lachapalle photoshoots, or dirty, whichever whorish fetish comes first.

  2. Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards
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    She doesn’t look like she’s growing a kid so much as like she *ate* one.
    And by ‘one’, I mean a Buick full of milkshakes.

  3. Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards
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    This is madness, it’s like she’s telling little girls everywhere that you can look like an average, albeit shapeless woman and still be famous if you have an amazing talent.
    So wrong.

    • Sheradar

      Daaang…. so RIGHT.

    • XGL

      This isn’t average, this is unhealthy. She most likely suffers from hypertension, and if she doesn’t, she will. She is on her way to Type 2 diabetes. I agree, women shouldn’t be skinny, but they shouldn’t be overweight either. You should be HEALTHY. She is shortening her life span and decreasing her quality of life. Heart disease is the number one killer of women.

  4. Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards
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    That just looks distasteful and gross.
    Gaining weight is fine, but there’s no reason to dress like that for a huge public performance, when your back end looks like a flattened mound of silly putty.

  5. CooCooKitty

    Sure does look like she’s got a gut full of human. Saw a pic of her holding her new man’s hand she’s the cause of her impending divorce. On a side note i’m so tired of her fried bleach blonde/black eyeliner look.

  6. Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards
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    Not a complement when your doppelgänger would be a blow-up doll.

  7. Misty

    NEWSFLASH: She’s like 5’2″ a 10 lb weight gain on a frame of that size will look like she put on 30 lbs. not to mention the weight the camera adds. I did think she looked porky. Maybe she is preggars.

  8. Paloma

    This world is full of a bunch of sick bastards to think that she looks fat in this picture. She might look fat compared to an 89 pound 12 year old but this is a grown woman who has given birth. Women are supposed to have curves. If you want to look at a stick figure then look go to the park and look at a bunch of little kids running around the play ground like the sick fucks you are. This woman is by no means a fat pig.

  9. Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards
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  10. Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards
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    Give me a break – Christina is talented and more talented then half the artist out there. No one can deny she has some pipes and God given talent. Are we that shallow that we really mark a women’s worth by her size? Seriously!

  11. Maria

    Not sure what you guys mean that the divorce is hard on her. I’m pretty sure she is the one who wanted the divorce, she is the one who is the cause of the divorce, and she is pretty damn happy right now. I just saw pictures of her out with a new boyfriend (Matthew something) happy as can be. If anyone is upset right now, it would be her husband Jordan, who actually was devoted and loving. Hollywood went to Christina’s head.

  12. Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards
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    Ah hmm… now Christina come to yourself now thats no vibrator hun thats the microphone.

  13. Sam

    Marilyn had a body even when she was a little bigger and Marilyns shape was rare she never gained in the waist anyhow Christina is over killing the Marilyn look it’s sad she used to have a look of her own now she’s having an identity crisis.Marilyn was unique,sweet and very nice Christina is harsh,mean but she’s a talented singer.

  14. Aly

    Oh my gosh people!! She’s like that because she is depressed don’t you tell?!? Fuck you guys I think she’s beautiful anyway. Its all that’s shes going through even her friends say it. It’s because of the divorce, her movie and everything. Stop being assholes!!!

  15. Bella

    Bullys! I’m just glad none off opinions matter! Are ur own lives really that bad! That u have nothing better to do! She is a person remember that! What does her weight have anything to do with u! She has nothing to prove. Keep smiling c it’s ur life remember that xx

  16. Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards
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    Perhaps she is carrying another man’s child, which explains the divorce… which means Aguilera probably cheated on her soon-to-be ex husband.. Whew! Way too much going on here. I doubt X-tina is just gaining weight.

  17. FN

    Most of you are shallow cunts. She is not fat. She’s a normal sized woman living in Anorexic Hollywood…obviously people like you, who barely can live without some kind of lame celebrity gossip to brighten up your sad boring lives, need to go outside and realise that there are all kinds of differently -and realistically – sized women outside the front door that vary and have unique bodies. She’s had a child, made an album, made a film and is going through a rough divorce while trying to be a successful artist and providing beautiful music for her fans. Then you fuckers come along and decide she’s a complete failure because she’s started eating like a normal person. No wonder celebrities ignore all this bullshit, because it comes from shallow mouths who have fuck all better to do with their lives than criticise other people, probably because your life is a pile of wank and, bottom line, you’re jealous. Shame. Real shame.

  18. haters give her life.

    if you consider this fat, then go look in the mirror and think again.
    AMERICA is fat.. and you her fat? shes been a twig in her young years, pregnancy usually makes people gain weight , and she looks better with more weight on her,
    plus, i cant believe all of you like skinny twig ass anorexic bitches over healthy women?
    ok good look having a normal life, and dont tell me your a perfect ass model either,
    if life was based off Hollywood, all of you would of been long gone (suicide from media bullies) buahahaha ……..
    shut the fuck up and dont try to be christina aguilera. shes better then you in many aspects.

  19. Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards
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    she got thick…i like

  20. Maddmike

    I think she is either pregnant or she is just a fat, classless whore.

    On second thought, can she be both? The worst part is that she thinks she is hot. The only thing hot about her is her burning herpes infection.

  21. Larry oxendine

    Yall r crazy.. I love her thick ass..this is the best shes looked in her life!! I love a woman with curves..

  22. Timmyt420

    More front than back lol

  23. Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards
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    somehow I thought it would be…. well….. more round. guess coz she’s not brown.

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