Christina Aguilera is Moody

December 10th, 2010 // 43 Comments

Despite this being her first major acting role, Christina Aguilera waltzed out to her car with an attitude last night while the rest of the cast of Burlesque made nice with the fans and signed autographs. (Except for, of course, Cher who was permitted to fly a helicopter through the ceiling.) Although, in Christina’s defense, there are plenty of legitimate reasons for her shitty mood including racy photos being leaked online and standing next to prehistoric nipples. Obviously, I’m going to ignore them both and stick to my story about Matthew Rutler knocking her up because I ejaculate journalistic integrity. On that note, anyone notice Matthew’s morphing into Jordan Bratman? No, really, look at him. He’s already got the mole beard going on, and if you checked under his nails, you’ll probably find a soil that can only be found miles beneath the Earth’s crust. This is getting almost as bad as Jennifer Aniston making John Mayer age in reverse.

JOHN: There? I’m a dancing baby. Are you happy now?
JENNIFER: I will be in a minute. *pounces*
JOHN: I need an adult!

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  1. devilsrain

    and bloated

  2. I stopped caring after the first sentence.

  3. Grand Dragon

    She looks like Taylor Momsen after a 2 hour binge at Golden Corral.


    Taylor Momsen looks like Christina with a tapeworm.

    • Taylor Momsen looks like a young (and much better looking) Courtney Love.
      Miley Cyrus looks like a young (and much better looking) Fergie.
      Christina looks like a young (and much better looking) old and fat Elizabeth Taylor.
      Ke$sha looks like a young (and much better looking) Judd Hirsch.

  4. You’d be moody too if you were drunk and your eyelashes were falling off.

  5. jumpin_j

    If I was in a crappy movie like Burlesque, I’d be in a lousy mood too.

  6. Photoshop Police

    drunk or pregnant or diabetic

  7. Harriscandoit

    Is it just me or does she look high as a motherfucker in pics 1 and 2?

  8. McFeely Smackup

    If my debut movie was on track to lose about $50 million, I’d look a little down in the dumps too.

    Also if I looked that fat.

  9. Billy Seatsniffer

    Are we still pretending those photos of her weren’t voluntary?

    They were photos she had taken, and give to her stylist (???), who had his/her computer “hacked” and the photos got out.

    Yeah, and someone broke into my house and stashed a bunch of porn DVD’s in my nightstand with a lot of crunchy kleenex.

  10. i’d bend her over and stick it between those cheeks with forewarning her

  11. GravyLeg

    I guess she has a thing for the Merlin Olson look….

  12. jojo

    Christina always thought her shit did not stink, yet her left eye knew different.

  13. Christina Aguilera
    cardinal ximinez
    Commented on this photo:

    Obviously she has a thing for a warm fuzzy beard between her legs.

  14. Christina Aguilera
    Commented on this photo:

    she has weird legs

  15. Gogurl

    She is so pretty, I want to look like her.

  16. Gogurl

    Lmao and ya’ll are stale. Stop trying to be funny.

  17. Max

    Maybe she’s upset because Sam has stopped returning her calls, being that her movie bombed and she’s no longer considered an A-list celebrity.

    • Gogurl

      30 mill is far from a bomb.

      • McFeely Smackup

        when it cost 4 times that to produce and promote it…it’s a bomb.

      • Gogurl

        It cost 55 mill it already made about 30 in 2 weeks when you count the WW, and DVD sales you get pass the budget, and you add the makeup, soundtrack, and books you go way pass the budget and you get the profit far far far from a bomb…it’s a hit girl boom boom bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Harriscandoit

        Ummmmm sorry Gogurt but it cost around 50 to make, the promotions which where everywhere was probebly another 20 to 30 million. I might break even after all that but i doubt it. Also have not seen a top selling single off the soundtrack.

      • Gogurl

        Who cares about singles album is already over 100,000 –

        18 26 BURLESQUE RCA/RMG 41,452 -34%

        That’s this weeks #s.

        I know my movies sis, and I right ya’ll are wrong, WW it will make over all the money anyway. The movie was really good you should watch it sis.

      • Alexandra Hemale

        Sorry Gogurl, you can keep yourself deluded all you want but it’s not going to change the facts. But what more can we expect from someone who says this is a good movie. Consider raising your standards a little.

      • Garth Foster Brooks

        Is Gogurl the female equivalent of GoGurt, yogurt in a tube to eat on the run?

        So a Gogurl would be a skank who blows you while you drive to work, the you kick her out, and she hops in the next car?

  18. Christina Aguilera
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks so gorgeous!! Fuckable :D

  19. Christina Aguilera
    Mary Exmass
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy crap, he DOES look like the mole man! Good call, Fish.

  20. Christina Aguilera
    Commented on this photo:

    Dear Lord, she has the most hideous bow legs I’ve ever seen. Disgusting is putting it kindly.

  21. crybaby

    Christina’s looking more and more like Hatchet Face every passing day.

  22. joe

    I used to want to bang her. Now I just look for pencil to jab in my eyes.

  23. wim

    yep, agree:
    …….once a whore…………ALWAYS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. wim

    yep, agree:

    once a prostitute…………ALWAYS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. reptilianeworldorder

    Shit…my fault guys. Anyone wanna help me get this genie back in the bottle?

  26. Christina Aguilera
    Commented on this photo:

    Luv Burlesque! Its a fun entertaining movie and Christina is wonderful in it. Luv her and Cam Gigandet as Ali & Jack. ;)

  27. Christina Aguilera
    Mama Pinkus
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks ridiculous

  28. HMMM

    PLEASE, tell me her 15 minutes is up… With that look on her face she deserves to not have any fans. Like she is the first one to have photos leaked on the net… it is not her fans fault that the pics were that bad!!!

  29. miley sucks

    she got an old lady face

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