Christina Aguilera is Losing Her Mind

February 8th, 2011 // 74 Comments

After flubbing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl thus causing the Baby Jesus to cry into a river of Mountain Dew, Christina Aguilera‘s sanity is being called more and more into question. And apparently by her own people who planned a mental health intervention, only to retreat after she threatened to fire them all, according to Page Six:

“They wanted to talk to her carefully about the issue, but they’re not going to because they are scared after she threatened to fire them,” a source close to Aguilera’s camp told us. “Her people desperately want this to come out so she will get help.”

Obviously this is a delicate situation that needs to be handled carefully less a further psychological break occurs. Which is why you’re going to want to bring Kermit in because he’s the only one she’ll listen to. And definitely not Fozzy because I’m still not convinced that wasn’t date rape that one time. As for Gonzo? Maybe, but if he starts dropping acid again, he’s taking that shit outside. — Why is everyone looking at me funny? Miss Piggy needs our help, dammit!

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    As well as her looks.

  2. I would tap that ass. She is nice and thick with them big tits. The only problem I have is, that she is so pale.

  3. teresa

    No this fat twat just needs an ass-kicking intervention, and while you’ve got her down on the ground, cut off here ratty locks and mop that 10# forcefield off her bloated face. Bitch, and not in any good way.

    • Kyle

      You’re just jealous becuase I’d rather bang her than you. Granted i don’t know you, your appearance, or your opinions, but isn’t this the way internet trash talk works? I’ll just talk shit, just to cover up the fact i don’t even know your name. Fuck yeah. I’m cool.

      • teresa

        Peesh! Loser, I’m a super fit and compact size 1 natural 32D and no way your wannebe ass would ever get near me. Hehehehehehehe!

      • Kyle

        ha! i’m so cool and hot, i doubt anyone can be as hot as me. shut up woman, you must be lying. With my 6 pack, tones chest, and ripped beceps, there’s no way you are coming anywhere near me. Also- there’s no God, and you are so fucking stupid for believing in one. Unless, in the off-chance you are an atheist, then i retract my comment s and would like to remind you that “You’re going to hell.”

      • teresa

        Btw, you gym boys look like sheeet. I like natural boys, but then again I’m not a gay man.

      • muaahhhahha :P Funny.

        .. aw man, commenting the superficial drunk again….
        never ends well.. haha just think of me as that weird guy that laughs in the corner at all the insults.
        love-a female.

  4. Come for the tits, stay for the comments. Been short on tits lately Fish.

  5. Valentine Tits! Valentine Tits! Come on guys say it with me! Valentine Tits! Valentine Tits!

  6. Oh Snap

    Somewhere, Britney Spears is screaming “OFF WITH HER HAAAAIR”

  7. teresa

    She’s got that ‘I’ve got a booger on the end of my tongue’ expression cause her steel mesh girdle is literally cutting her in half. Kfc baby, kfc all the way!

  8. DKNY

    Trannie hooker

  9. jim x

    Seriously, how fucking sad is that people won’t risk their job enough to try to save someone from a downward-spiraling train wreck.

    I mean, wtf. No one likes to go on unemployment, but isn’t it nice to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say “I *didn’t* let a woman go over a cliff by being a parasite?”

    If it’s so bad that people working for her can admit it, but the *still* won’t do anything, this will not end well.

    • That Bastard Tony

      The really sad thing is that her idiot employees don’t realize they will be unemployed if she dies. Funny how no one leaned anything from Michael Jackson. Not saying she is that far off, but then none of us expected MJ to leave here that quickly.

      As for everyone that is saying she is high, understand something. Charlie Sheen is high. Lindsey Lohan is high. Christina is high with some very serious issues. We don’t need her becoming the real life Black Swan.

  10. Oh Geez

    She wanted to practice her lines the night before, but was raped by Roethlisberger.

  11. Kyle

    Mentally insane people don’t miss a line in the National Anthem, mentally insane people would run around the field, foaming at the mouth, and attempt to kill the players with a steak knife. Do you see the difference?

    • Levi Coult

      lol that’s a GREAT point… she’s just realizing that being lazy and not learning the damn words to the national anthem is not the way to go… she’s just throwing a little temper tantrum

      • Kyle

        then again, she may have been raped by a certain upset QB after the game.

        “The way you sang those words, i swear i felt like you were singing to me. And that you wanted sex.”

  12. Christina Aguilera
    Jerry Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    her makeup ALONE proves she’s batshit crazy. i blame mickey mouse..he’s been churning out trainwrecks since 1988.

  13. jojo

    This is the new face of “Mad Cow” disease.

  14. Christina Aguilera


  15. Bucky Barnes

    Christina is completely sane, all the crazy comes from her invisible conjoined twin who, to be quite frank, may have a wee tiny drinking problem…

  16. Tommy

    She is now known as XXLstina.

  17. elmer the fudd

    Teresa – I love you. YOU FREAK!!

  18. testikn.g

    Can she ever stop copying Britney Spears? Just because Britney had a kid, got fat, went crazy and made a come back she has to?

    • taco flavored kisses

      …don’t forget “accidentally” flashing her gash to the paps – she copied brit on that as well, no?

  19. levi

    anyone in the pop culture world is already borderline crazy, if not absolutely. the notion that she might be going crazy is wholly legit and logical. I would never in a million years wish pop celebrity stardom on anyone!

  20. SlapKatyPerry

    stupid bitch you made John Stafford Smith cry

  21. Savalas

    I heard someone here mentioned Christina Aguilera and gonzo.

  22. bassface

    My money is on narcissistic personality disorder.

  23. Statler and Waldorf prevented the intervention, saying the show must go on.

  24. The Listener

    I’ve got a theory. Maybe after giving birth these ladies hormone levels never went back to pre-pregnancy levels, and then, they just go crazy.

  25. Smiley

    Well not sure she’s losing her mind as much as she’s obliterating it with booze and drugs. Rumor has it…. Girl is definately losing her looks in any case. Time to dry out, get your fat ass on a treadmill, and lose the porn queen blonde hair already!

  26. Star Droppings

    She let Jordan Bratman climb on her and make a baby, and it’s missing a line of the national anthem that makes her people question her sanity? Way to have her back, assholes.

  27. Lady Blah Blah


  28. Elle

    Just another case of the “has-beens”.

  29. You can say Christina is crazy is when she has sex with a Superficial commenter

  30. Christina Aguilera
    Commented on this photo:

    just realized she pissed in her pants, she is slowly now just realizing it and is trying to be discreet

  31. Mary

    She looks like that scary ugly blond girl in Cry-baby. Not Amy Locane, not Traci Lords-the super scary one with the f’d up face.

  32. Fletch

    Why in the hell is this fat turdball getting the pass over on the cheating thing. I could understand if the guy she cheated with was some face jock but from one Mole to another?

    She has zero talent. She’s has no more looks. She just looks like Snooki with blonde hair

  33. Christina Aguilera
    Commented on this photo:

    The concept that Aggy is quite possibly demented….is news NOW? Wow, they’re quick!

  34. pewpew

    so whats the problem ? she messed up singing in the superbowl so that requires everyone to stop what theyre doing ?

  35. Christina Aguilera
    Commented on this photo:

    This is Britney spears all over again watch it unfold.

  36. Laurali

    I just hope it is a phase she is going through. Let’s face it, most of the other teen turned 20 something entertainers have already established their place in train wreck history. Hopefully she is going to sew her wild oats and then focus on her career and son. She really had been pretty tame compared to the rest of em.

  37. brian

    that makes sense to why she randomly verbally assaulted Julianne Hough

  38. Christina Aguilera
    Commented on this photo:

    people seriously like to make mountains out of mole hills. she’s misses one line in the anthem and that makes her crazy? this is just ridiculous.



    • michiez

      no kidding.. didnt even think of that.. i guess they have no choice to be her “friend”. but she has nicole richie? or she probly ran off b4 it got to crazy

  40. welldoneson

    So, she’s a singer, and she sang at the Super Bowl, which is a fairly big deal, right?
    And she sang the National Anthem, OK? And she didn’t know the words?

    What, was she too busy with gardening and volunteer work to check it out?
    Was her agent too busy to advise her to study?

    Too many questions… I know, I’ll summarize: WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF?

  41. babooda

    The funniest thing about her messing up the national anthem, is the fact that half of the people commenting on it don’t have a clue what all the words are.
    IF that is their proof that she is losing her mind…….what a bunch of hypocritical losers, they all are.

  42. captain america


  43. peter griffin

    I was telling my wife that her singing sucked and she screwed up the words and at the same time I get a text from my daughter that my 5 year old grandson thought her singing was lousy, too. Gotta say, that boy’s got a good ear.

  44. Ur momz

    She has bulimia and binges on gallons of ice cream, I knew it. Hope she recovers and tries anorexia for a bit till she hits about 105 like she used to be.

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