Christina Aguilera Hates America

February 7th, 2011 // 119 Comments

Christina Aguilera apparently botched her rendition of the National Anthem last night by swapping out the words “o’er the ramparts we watched” with “what so proudly we watched.” I honestly missed it because I couldn’t tell you the words if you put a gun to my head, and let’s be realistic, if you’re not popping a beer and prepping a plate of food during the National Anthem, you’re a liar and a commie. Anyway, Christina knows she fucked up and had the following to say for herself, according to Us Magazine:

“I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place,” says the star. “I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”

What’s hilarious is this is probably going to be the moment America finally turns against Christina. Not after the adultery, or Burlesque, or presumably aborting her love child because she looks thinner, it’ll be flubbing one line of the National Anthem during the Super Bowl. Granted, it’s not like she spiked Baby Jesus on the 50-yard-line then demanded universal health care pay for his treatment, but to some people, I can see how she might as well have on account of “that Mexico talk last name.”

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  1. Oh Snap

    That was Christina Aguilera? I thought it was kid with strep and down syndrome

  2. Leroy

    Hot, Big Breasted Sexpot. She deserves a pearl necklace more than Mariah Carey. Who cares if she missed a line? And why is everyone saying her career is over?

  3. Dude

    Stupid cow. She sucked. That girl from glee sucked harder and the black eyed peas were the absolute worst.

    • FoSho


    • Next Thing?

      And the whore was PAID to do it right, probably $2 zillion! Celebrities don’t give a rat’s ass whether they are patriotic or not. No excuse. There is music to be jazzed up and music NOT to be jazzed up. Who’d wanna be at a soldier’s funeral and they fuck “TAPS”? “Amazing Grace”, “Take Me Out To The Ballpark”, “The Lord’s Prayer” are not the jazzy type, bar none!

  4. Poison Ivy League

    Don’t like her but at least it means she was singing LIVE.

    • Casey

      And? So do 99.9% of people who sing the national anthem at an event. I suppose she deserves a slow clap for that.

      Maybe if Christina hadn’t been so busy fucking up the tune beyond recognition with her own idea of voal gymnastics WHILE falling flat on many of the notes, she could have remembered the lyrics.

  5. Christina Aguilera Super Bowl
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    haters are gunna hate but i think she looked stunning and every makes mistakes. it was only one line for fuck’s sake

  6. At that moment, somewhere in a cave in Afghanistan, huddled around a black and white 13″ TV, a half-dozen jihadists put down their ribs, nachos and MGDs (and possibly WMDs, who knows?) to high-five each other.

  7. jumpin_j

    Almost tops Leslie Neilson in The Naked Gun when he sings, “… gave proof through the night, that we still had our flag”. Almost.

  8. jumpin_j

    Actually, Cyndi Lauper looks good after that chemical peel.

  9. Leo Cocksuckerian

    She was just a howling banshee. Unfuck her.

  10. Christina Aguilera Super Bowl
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    They make these really cool things called a hairbrush. You should try using one sometime.

  11. There was a howl from the mole castle that the locals understood as amusement or vindication.

  12. That Guy

    That broad can’t catch a break, lol.

  13. anonym

    pregnancy really fucked up her body

  14. GravyLeg

    SNL is going to eat her for breakfast…

  15. stevebeagle

    she’s a liar. & i know it’s not cool to be patriotic,, but she is a fucking embarrassment , yet typical of today’s culture . just look at how many ass bags in the stands wont remove there hats & stand still for 2 minutes during the song, let alone the fucking apes in pads & uniforms on the sidelines who cant stand still or put a hand over there heart..and we wonder why the rest of the world laughs at us.

    • Wipin' wit my hand

      I agree with you. Who in the fuck is running the entertainment industry? Certainly noone related to our founding father’s interests.
      Why not have Snoop Doggy Doo Doo rap the anthem next year, replete with gangst lyrics added?

      • taco flavored kisses

        Testify! Sorry ass fucks wouldn’t make a fraction of what they make here if they went ANYWHERE else…show some love, you ingrates!

    • Cowboy Bertram

      Oh yes, it’s the failure to remove hats that has the rest of the world laughing at us. Nothing to do with “culture” like Jersey Shore or the House Sluts of Whatever County. Not even about wars launched over missing WMDs. It’s the Hat, Stupid.

    • Cardinal Fang

      Pepsi Max is racist.

    • testington

      oh shut up, people make mistakes she screwed up one line of a song…it doesn’t make her anti-American or unpatriotic to screw up one line. Get over yourself, you are probably one of those retards that puts your hand over your heart during the national anthem because you’re to fucking stupid to realize it isn’t the pledge of allegiance.

      • mighty_scoosh

        It makes her look completely unprofessional and a national laughing stock. Screw up the National Anthem at your kid’s little league game and don’t worry about backlash. Butcher the National Anthem during the Super Bowl in front of millions and millions of viewers and you deserve to have your career crash and burn.

      • stevebeagle

        During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Men not in uniform should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. — United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171. ..

        tool bags like you are part of the problem…no what your talking about before you shoot of your cock sucker.

  16. Roughy

    Sickens me. How un-Ameican. Too busy, tossing new bf’s salad to remember words we hold near and dear…

  17. Snooki can sing?!

  18. her range was off, her voice gritty, and her memory, shitty.

  19. Deacon Jones

    “…AND the Moleman’s creepy STAREEE…., his greasy, itching HAIRrrr, gave me proof through the night, that I had to get the fuck out of THERE…”

  20. blablalb

    Who doesen’t hate America? Such a disgusting country full with scum.

    • akewlazzmom

      I’m sorry, blablalb is it?
      Kiss this American Veteran’s ASS!!!
      Fuck off….on an American website!

    • taco flavored kisses

      “blablalb” is no doubt anti-semitic eurotrash who just recovered from head trauma suffered at the last soccer (yes, soccer) match he attended

    • Nancy

      Aww, isn’t that cute, Blablbab thinks it’s cool to hate America. Hey Blabblab, when you turn 18 and finally move out your parents’ house, I’d suggest taking your Green Day CD and leaving the country. I hear there’s plenty of room on the ocean floor.

    • mighty_scoosh

      I see Blablalb is taking exercising his 1st amendment right to free speech. Of course parts of America are disgusting and full of scum. That’s one of the thing that makes it great. You can’t enjoy the great without some terrible. And the fact that you can say it’s disgusting without being drawn and quartered by your government… What a country!

    • JOE

      Step your greasy low life punk azz in my local bar, mate, and
      be so bold as to repeat that drivel to my face. See how man teeth, you’ve
      left then my friend, ay?

  21. DKNY

    She’s a trannie hooker. She shouldn’t have been allowed to sing the anthem in the first place. And why do these idiots always need to jazz up their performance? How about singing the anthem the way it was written, the way everyone knows it? The performance isn’t supposed to be about you and how creative you can get, it’s supposed to be about the country and the anthem.

    • Super Bowl Blown!!!

      Folks, imagine you’re at a soldeir’s funeral and “TAPS” was improvised! You’re at church, preacher wants to change music/lyrics of “The Lord’s Prayer”… Some music is for being jazzed up, other types, not! “Take Me Out To The Ballpark”, “Amazing Grace”, etc. Christina Axelrod’s rendition was hideous, to say the least! The skank might’ve even done better on drugs.

  22. i thought this dude had a pretty good voice…

  23. Christina Aguilera Super Bowl
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    when you gotta go…you gotta go…

  24. SIN

    well?? where is her wardrobe malfunction? Seeing those huge puppies was the least she could do.

  25. GravyLeg

    If you are a “has been” adulterous skank with Alzheimer’s, please raise your hand…

  26. jojo

    I think she was distracted by thought of John Maddens six legged Turkey bird.

  27. Christina Aguilera Super Bowl
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    I’m sure it’s her butt love face.

  28. Christina Aguilera Super Bowl
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    If you crop this picture just right…she kind of looks like a member of the ss…

  29. Mandy

    I couldn’t even tell what song she was singing, there was no melody. She was just speaking words really loudly.

  30. scarlet leaves

    meh, everyone will forget in a few weeks…she’ll be fine.

    she needs to take some serious vocal lessons tho…

    • Blown Bowl

      SCARLET, myself being a semi-pro musician doesn’t forget shit like this. Screaming thru your nostrils, like CARRIE UNDERWEAR, forgetting lyrics CHRISTINA AXELROD’s been doing since she was 7yrs, off key and a complete, hideous over-kill, trying to jazz up something that shouldn’t I won’t forget! I’m an opera/classical who sings deep bass and I would blow the audience with my rendition, not because I’m a celebrity but the sheer quality! And I’ll hold my words.

  31. anonymous

    caught up in the moment my ass. the stupid bitch was too busy grandstanding and over-singing the national anthem that she forgot the damn words.

  32. The Listener

    She sounded fine. She might have forgotten a few words because she’s human and not perfect. And she isn’t the only singer who holds the notes a long time when singing the anthem. It’s not like she ruined the song the way Roseanne Barr did a few years ago.

    • Mortimer Duke

      Speaking of Roseanna Barr, I forgot completely to mention that Roseanne was skinnier than XXXL-Tina, in that Snicker’s commercial.

    • anonymous

      Sorry Listener you are a moron. You have ONE job in which you are being well paid and it lasts about 3 minutes. How the hell do you fuck it up?

      • dude

        Why do people f*ck up ever?

        Presidents have slipped and stumbled, mixed up country names, mispoken.

        Basketball players have missed uncontested layups, footballers have fumbled easy passes.

        Virtually every singer who performs live has forgotten or mixed up lyrics to their songs, songs they had performed thousands of times.

        Not everybody is perfect like you…

  33. Mortimer Duke

    She has since forgotten the same words she had to utter as she climbed under a fence to get into this country.

    As for the weight, all them hispanic chicks balloon up given enough time and sedimentary activity. If they dont work out, they turn into Chunk from the Goonies.

    • GravyLeg

      I think you meant “Sedentary” Morty…

      It has been a LONG time since anything on that woman was comparable to a rock… but if she DID have any attributes of a rock, it would be sandstone for sure… sooooo you were kind of close… :)

  34. Technical question…Do they have to do the Super Bowl over now?

  35. Christina Aguilera Super Bowl
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    Sieg Heil!

  36. Christina Aguilera Super Bowl
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    You can tell she is hitting a high note here because her hand is all the way up to the top.

  37. Christina Aguilera Super Bowl
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    She has the color palette of a White Stripes album cover.

  38. Jeremy

    That’s the musical equivalent of a pig rolling around in its own feces. Less is more. Have some vocal restraint for Chrissakes!

  39. Nancy

    She’s an adulterous skank who probably can’t even name all 50 states. Who the hell chose that has-been to sing the National Anthem? I’d rather Katy Perry sing it next year!

  40. FoSho

    I was so drunk I didn’t even notice. Who cares. Her singing alone was offensive enough for me.

  41. cc

    One word. Hasbeen.

  42. Danklin

    She was caught up in the moment? Horse shit. She was too caught up in doing vocal gymnastics and showing off instead of remembering the words. How do you not know the national anthem by heart??? What a disgrace

  43. eric

    What a fat whore. She should kill herself for being so fugly nowdays. Was there no one better to sing it? My dog was free. Bark bark woof woof!

  44. Cardinal Fang

    National anthems with annoying vocals, missed verses, bad mikes, and sound, those annoying rent-a-crowd dancers. It’s 2011. You would think they would have this perfected by now. Can we just have some kind of amazing laser show or display of talent that brings class and honor to the game and country.

  45. Aggie

    That was bad. Really bad. Britney Spears at an awards show bad.

  46. BiJenni

    All things considered, when I read she was picking up chicks in bars, I went from “wanting” to fuck her with my strap on to “obsessing” about fucking her with my strap on. She can mis-sing anything she wants as long as my pussy is her microphone. Just sayin.

    • Eatmycookie

      Why a strap on? Im confused, no GAYS ARE CONFUSED.

      You like cock and dont even know it, and you like pussy too.

  47. For you kids who aren’t old enough to know, go do the Google on Whitney Houston at the 1991 Superbowl. That’s how it’s done. The girl had it then.

  48. Eatmycookie




  49. Christina Aguilera Super Bowl
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    granny legs

  50. J

    Isn’t it odd how her butchering the national anthem is accompanied by a picture of Christina Aguilera doing the Nazi salute?

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