Christina Aguilera Has More Leaked Photos

Christina Aguilera apparently has more racy photos floating around, except this time featuring her in bed with new boyfriend Matthew Rutler. According to RadarOnline, someone who claims they found a camera card in a French hotel (Read: It’s those hackers.) is shopping around 109 pics from June to November 2010 that show Christina in numerous compromising positions:

* Aguilera with two naked men who appear to be strippers performing at another bachelorette party, which Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson also attended;
* Aguilera mimicking performing oral sex on an unidentified male who is holding a sex toy;
* Aguilera dancing on a table with friends at a private dinner;
* Aguilera mimicking an oral sex act on a chocolate covered banana at a theme park; and
* Aguilera posing for before-and-after make-up shots.

So basically it’s a bunch of photos of a heavy chick who loves giving head. And here I thought they were extinct…

But on a serious note, here’s the first set of Christina Aguilera leaked photos from December which conveniently came out around the same time as Burlesque just like the Vanessa Hudgens leaked photos that popped up just before the release of Sucker Punch. Long story short: They didn’t work. But keep trying! :D <3 XOXO

Photos: WENN