Christina Aguilera Got Drunk Again At The Same Exact Place

March 10th, 2011 // 51 Comments

Last week Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler were arrested after getting shit-faced at Osteria Mozza, so you’d assume they’d never show their face again. Guess again. Three days later they were back get hammered on vino. Us Weekly reports:

“She acted as if the arrest never happened,” a Mozza source tells Us. “When their server offered them dessert, they asked for more wine.”
When it was time to leave, “She seemed tipsy,” the observer notes. (Thankfully, the “You Lost Me” singer and her set assistant beau stayed safe this time, and went home via chauffeured limo.)
Still, an Aguilera insider notes that the star hasn’t changed her hard-drinking habits since her brief, “welfare-related” arrest. “She should see the arrest as a wake-up call, but she doesn’t. She doesn’t think things are that bad.”

I guess you can say, at least they learned their lesson and hired a driver, but there’s nothing like picking a habitual drunk spot to demonstrate to the world you’ve pissed yourself in public on more than one occasion. Seriously, one of the major signs of alcoholism is drinking yourself retarded at the same place over and over again regardless of how many times you’ve made an ass of yourself. Winos are a territorial and superstitious lot. “Hey! Hey… that’s my drinkin’ table. I will totally fuck a mole if you don’t move, you hear me? I’ve dunnit… I’ve dunnit before. Oh God, how I’ve dunnit… *sobs* … Is that baby having a birthday? I want to buy it a shot.”

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. Sporange

    Looks like Hulk Hogan’s ex wife. Ick.

  2. Deacon Jones

    She looks like an albino witch.

  3. turning into a fat cyndi lauper

  4. Damn, she looks like shit in these pics. Not a good look at all

  5. JC

    Why pick on her? She’s entitled to celebrate her 53rd birthday with a few drinks.

  6. jake_ryan

    Tina Yothers looks like shit.

  7. michmyster

    im thinking my fiances “free pass” celebrity might change if she looks like this now haha. she needs to lose weight, shes short too so being short and lumpy is getting closer to the snooky look as we speak

  8. wrecked 'em

    Send her to Sober Valley Ranch for Sheen-hab, immediately!

  9. Nicole

    She doesn’t look good here at all. Drinking does not agree with her. Why is it all these Disney kids are flipping out? Gheesh..

  10. the captain

    when some women, like cristina, get drunk they f*ck for the money.

  11. skpy

    Looks like Hatchet Face from Crybaby

  12. Cock Dr

    But I thought super-stardom & huge amounts of money guaranteed eternal happiness.
    She must be happy, what with ditching the mole-man & obtaining a slightly better looking bed & party partner. What’s wrong X-tina?

  13. God, Fish, could you please stop posting picks of Kirstie All… oh, never mind. Forgot my glasses.

  14. The fatter she gets, the more spunk it’s gonna take to give her my solo bukkake.

  15. Yeezy's Son

    We laughed at Charlie for his belief in short, mythical creatures that are trying to ruin his life. Now that there’s evidence of such beasts Charlie’s not looking so crazy.

  16. Guesty

    Annie Leibovitz must be mad at herself for casting Queen Latifah as Ursula from The Little Mermaid in her recent Disney campaign, when Christina masters that look without expensive lighting, makeup or wardrobe. What beauty.

  17. catapostrophe

    “Three days later they were back get hammered on vino.”

    Do geniuses write/edit/post this amazing prose?

  18. cracklin' bread

    WTF is this shit about her being “the “You Lost Me” singer” – nice try, dumb Us weekly “writer.” You thought you could hang this on her the way madonna is still referred to as the “material girl” and lilo is “the mean girls star…” That is so stupid and annoying at the same time, on so many levels!
    I hope you suffer amoebic dysentery as a result.

  19. noooooooooo

    “…and went home via chauffeured limo”

    Wasn’t aware that the amount of semi drivers in LA carrying moon pies in back was that high. At least they know how to lure her back into captivity.

  20. Christina Aguilera Drunk
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  21. moms boyfriend

    She looks like a bloated muppet.

  22. Damn, remember when she was smokin’ hot? I’ll never forget that week.

  23. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    Ohhhh my this woman is starting to look a little bit rough , another five years she’ll start looking like something the Dog Whisper couldn’t handle.

  24. cc

    Christina, wanting to become the blonde Snooki is not much of an ambition.

  25. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    “did someone say pie?”

  26. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s kind of starting to look a bit like the fat Elvis.

  27. Did she get drunk before wearing a bathrobe out to this restaurant, or after?

  28. Looks like she just caught a whiff of her monkey hole. Long John Silvers, anyone?

  29. Deacon Jones

    Well, I know who they can cast as the Hobgoblin in Spider man now..

  30. Jammy

    Yeah she’s gonna drink what else does she have left? she has no looks no figure no career, she needs to do something to drown her sorrows. Whats sad is that she has a child and should stay sober at least for that.

  31. Bill Clinton's zipper

    It’s my Grandma ! NOOOOO!

  32. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    Kirstie Alley’s lost weight.

  33. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    Good god. Her face is so fucked it’s trying to collapse itself into a black hole.

  34. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    Good god. Her face is so fucked it’s trying to collapse itself into a black hole.

  35. Aja

    She looks so bloated and old.

  36. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s looking more and more like Anna Nicole Smith….tick tock tick tock

  37. Willy Crawford

    I don’t care, she still holds a special place in my spank bank…

  38. ABMan

    Looks to me like that long-haired dude is about to whip it out in public.

  39. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    whisky dick be damned….I’m goin in!

  40. Im trying to pinpoint when Christina started eating everything in sight.

  41. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    Sta-Puff Marshmallow Girl

  42. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    The Ugly Truth
    Commented on this photo:

    sad when ugly women cake on layers of makeup. just looks awful.

  43. Christina Aguilera Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    PftffoopptthHahahhaaahaha!! You made me squirt 7-up my nose! HaH!!

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