1. first

    first bitches

  2. widget

    Is her nose orange to match her bra? I am so confused.

  3. Maeby

    I don’t even….

  4. heather

    What has she done to herself? She’s just not quite right in these pics..

  5. Laura

    wow, i never thought i’d say that, but i’ll have to agree. necessary.

  6. Aggie

    What happened to her chin? Is she actually a long lost Willis?

  7. MrsUri

    Ew. M. G.

  8. oh no, not again

    Plastic surgery special: buy one chin, get a free nose job. Spray tan not included.

  9. 15piecesofflare

    cheek implants and eyebrows bleached?

  10. Apparently you can’t fit a mirror in a purse that tiny.

  11. ThighHighs

    She looks sticky.

  12. Rancid

    I don’t understand all the hating. She, like any broad, looks 100% better without 20 pounds of makeup on the face. She actually looks cute here.

  13. kimmykimkim

    Well I guess we can call it a tie between Christina & Britany. They’re both pretty much fucked.

  14. Ed

    Has she always had such a prnounced chin, nose and cheeks? I’m getting a Mrs. Potatohead vibe here.

  15. Jill_Ess

    Oh. Ma. Goodness. Well done.

  16. marie

    It was her make up artist’s day off…I guess.

  17. eskwire

    Thanks a lot, fish. Normally I would’ve just stared at her chest and ignored her face anyway… But I am always ALWAYS irresistibly lured to uncover any and all stars you place on pics. Your star placement did the opposite of what was intended – I was tricked into looking at her face. You bastard.

  18. Bob

    Every time I see her now I’m convinced the Moleman has the real Christina locked up somewhere and is trying to fool the rest of us with “Xtina”.

  19. Smiley

    This is why she used to starve herself into waifdom and never let herself be seen without 10 layers of pancake on her face – to try and mask her real real features. If you look at pics of her as a kid you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  20. bahlder

    Got damn she looks rough there.

  21. watson

    I just thought of something! Maybe this whole Christina is a mess thing is a publicity stunt. Maybe she never really left Mole Man. I’m just saying! Cant take everything at face value nowadays. I mean really look how well it works for Britney, not that Britney is faking it. Now you get more media attention from screwing up than oh i dont know performing or entertaining, i.e. Sheen, Kardashians, Spears, Cyrus, Hilton, Brown etc etc. The list just goes on and on. I got tired of typing the names out real quick.

  22. Nick

    What kind of drug is she on?! She looks like an heroin addict on cold sweat!

  23. holly

    She looks like Hatchet Face, from Crybaby…. except way less awesome.

  24. me

    My goodness she’s freaking ugly.

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