Christina Aguilera Wants You to See Her Cellulite And Other News

June 6th, 2011 // 52 Comments

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- Lauryn Hill is gunning for a TLC reality show. And by gunning, I mean firing babies out of herself like an AK. [Popeater]

- Lady Gaga finally got what she wanted from the Lebanese. [Huffington Post]

- Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio got the VIP treatment by Disney. Suck on that, Reese Witherspoon. [Lainey Gossip]

- Heather Graham needs to eat something. [Hollywood Tuna]

- So does Alessandra Ambrosio. [DrunkenStepfather: NSFW]

- And they should both start with whatever Petra Nemcova is having. [Heavy]

- Candice Swanepoel is in lingerie. [Popoholic]

- Well, it looks like not everything produced by Lenny Kravitz was complete shit. [Maxim]

- Ron Artest will save the hood through the magic of reality television. [Bossip]

- Must have missed this shot of Lindsay Lohan on the red carpet. Our bad. [BuzzFeed]

- People less wasted than Robert Pattinson was last night. [theCHIVE]

- More MTV Awards Red Carpet Shots: In case you’re under 15 and know who most of these people are. [TooFab]

- Trading Up: The 10 Athletes Who Did It Best. [Bleacher Report]

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  1. Puddin' Taine

    She’s definitely not aging well…

  2. just-this-guy

    Love the Lohan pic!

  3. Richard McBeef

    if lauren hill is firing anything like an AK, rest assured it’s pointed at white people.

  4. She even dresses like a middle-aged, fat, hottie-of-the-trailer-park lady.

  5. Abby Normal

    Everyone should be certain to check out the Lindsay Lohan on the red carpet link. She looks remarkably good for a change…

    • Kelley

      LOL … hilarious.

    • TomFrank

      Something told me it wasn’t a shot of Lindsay’s “red carpet.”

      The words “Lindsay Lohan” and “red carpet” should not be that close together without the obvious joke being made.

  6. I was never a fan of her music, but I could recognize she was super talented and super hot. Whatever happened to this?

    • Abby Normal

      She is aging like a fine wine, which is to say thin at the neck and fat at the bottom and probably a little dusty to boot. Also, she should be stored horizontally in a dark room.

  7. “‘Say cheese’ or ‘show cheese’? I’ll do both.”

  8. JC

    Human rights groups have often been quick to condemn Lebanon for censorship, but in the case of Lady Gaga, they didn’t really care.

  9. Christina Aguilera Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:


  10. Refried

    I like Bristol Palin better as a brunette.

  11. Clarence Beeks

    This is bullshit. yes, Aguliera looks terrible and has gained a lot of weight, but I’ll bet you Adriana Lima has cellulite when her legs are crossed. Women’s fat deposits are in a grid, so whenever SQUEEZED, it will show.

    leave it the fuck alone already.

    And no, I am not covered in cellulite- I am in great shape. But i am sure that shit happens to me when Is it down too.

    • Any Guy

      so the double-chin and the cankles, what’s the excuse for that? you got them too?

    • Jam

      It’s not the cellulite that’s bugging me, it’s the double chin. And the overall “look”.

      She looks like she escaped from “Trailer Park Boys”.

  12. Christina Aguilera Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    She always looks dirty…and not in a good way.

  13. Bilvis

    She’s mirroring the path of Sally Struthers.

    • TomFrank

      If that’s true, then she unfortunately skipped over the part where she’s naked on camera (as in Struthers’s sex scene in “Five Easy Pieces”).

  14. BringOnTheSun

    I love Clarence Beeks. :)

  15. rough text

    “Friends with benefits” I rather watch shows like springer which is where that saying is from. Based on the previews looks like someone wrote the movie around the title.

    #1 export which is entertainment in this country, and we cant get decent writers?

  16. Rico Jones

    She has been looking like total shit lately. Does she think this new look is good? She looks like a trashy whore.

  17. William Cosby

    Hello queers. That’s what you all must be if a little cellulite turns you away from a beautiful woman. It’s either that or you don’t like the fact she has no penis.

  18. oj

    She has a great mouth and smile, though.

  19. Bratman, you old dog, way to know when to get out!

  20. tlmck

    Has not been hot since the Candyman video.

  21. stevebeagle

    yup,, starting to look like her mom.

  22. Looks like Barney Rubble’s sex-change went off without a hitch.

  23. Matt

    Dolly Parton looks is looking great.

  24. the captain

    …….more & more we see a pig with lipstick on.

  25. Lady Marmalade

    Wow, Snooki scrubs up well!

  26. Christina Aguilera Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    someone needs to get this girl some lipo. what the fuck has happened to her? she looks like a car crash.

  27. rican

    And I’ll have some cantaloupe with that cottage cheese, please.

  28. Christina Aguilera Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    Someone put on their upper lip a little sideways this morning..

  29. Jeff Cooke

    Christina Aguilera’s voice is aging just fine you superficial dickheads!

  30. Dressing age-appropriate fail.

  31. SheCantSing

    hey Christina, have you sung the National Anthem lately??? GOD I HOPE NOT…

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