Christina Aguilera Brings Her Concubine on Trips Now

December 6th, 2010 // 74 Comments

You can tell it’s a boy by the jowls.

Seen above at a Japanese press conference for Burlesque this morning where she presumably fielded questions about the Cher robot mysteriously not in attendance, Christina Aguilera also brought along her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler, forcing his band to cancel a gig at the last minute, but then again, you can’t buy this kind of publicity. And I’m not just saying that because they’re all production assistants who are lucky to get paid in Bisquick. (I am.) In the meantime, photos of Christina and Matthew getting cozy on the set of Burlesque way back in February have started to surface, and you can see them starting here before they become Exhibit A in Jordan Bratman‘s airtight palimony suit that ultimately finances the mining laser he’s always wanted. “Prepare thee for penetration, Earth’s core. Mole Man’s feeling randy…”

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  1. Mena

    Someone needs to stop eating all the platanos from the Cuchifritos cart.

  2. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh my god. Look at thunder thighs Sally behind her. Yikes!

  3. Anna Banana

    Those Disney kids just grow up to be so wholesome and sweet.

  4. Anna Banana

    Those Disney kids grow up to be so wholesome and sweet

  5. Andriiya

    She’s turned into one of those fat girls that thinks wearing too much makeup will make you look pretty by drawing attention away from your extra chins.

    • gogo

      c’mon girl, we’ve all seen less pregnant ppl looking much less flattering than this..

      • Andriiya

        My comment was not on her fatness it was on her makeup. She already looked like a dragqueen before she got pregnant, now it just looks like her makeup is supposed to make you forget about her fat face. I mean, her fucking forehead looks fat here.

      • gogo

        ha ha, that was hilarious!!

  6. If this pregnancy means the return of Busty Christina, I’m all for it.

  7. jojo

    A couple monster dumps and she will be down to size Brit Brit.

  8. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Fa Nay Nay
    Commented on this photo:

    what happened to her? did she eat her exhusband?

  9. GravyLeg

    And the mystery of why cans of Pork and Beans is so hard to find this holiday season has finally been answered….

  10. joho777

    Super thick makeup AND a double chin.

    I’ll pass.

  11. LJ

    She hooks up with a Production Assistant?

    Couldn’t she do better than a glorified barista?

    At least she could have hooked up with a Camera Operator, or someone with a real job.

  12. Cock Dr

    The weight gain is painfully obvious. It looks as though she starved her way through the movie’s production, kicked her husband & his tunneling tricks to the curb, and then set up bed & buffet with new BF.
    Mmmmmm, and we’re not even through the holiday feasting season & she’s got those thunder thighs & double chin. She’ll be ready for a weight loss endorsement deal soon if this trend continues.

  13. Robin

    That’s hillarious because it’s true , I blew up like a wood tick when I was pregnant with my son, and looked normal when I was pregnant with my daughter. How long is she going to wait to announce she’s pregnant? If she’s not knocked up I would seriously consult a doctor about getting her thyroid tested.

  14. nano

    It’s just new boyfriend syndrome. Some girls gain a lot of weight when they first start dating someone else, from going out to eat/movies/etc all the time. Once the honeymoon period wears off she’ll probably drop some weight.

  15. Richard McBeef

    If I took out my contacts, saw her from 75 feet away, and somehow her yosemite sam legs were hidden from view, I would think damn look at the hot chick over there.

  16. Gullum with a wig and make-up.

  17. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it just me, or could this guy look a little like Mole Man if you squint? I mean, he’s more attractive for sure…but not by a huge margin. Seems like she’s got specific taste in men.

  18. A few years after she’s had the baby, he’s gonna start trying to bitch about her being a “bad mother” and pull a Federline on her ass and get EVERYTHING..

  19. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    camel toe

  20. JD

    I can’t feel too badly for Mole Man. He fired a live round into Christina Aguilera when she was still hot, that’s certainly more than someone of his stature ever really had a right to.

    See also: Kevin Federline.

  21. Elle

    I for one think Kelly Clarkson’s makeover is nice…different, but nice.

  22. Beatnik

    I think she gets really bad acne when she’s pregnant. She wore a metric tonne of makeup during her last pregnancy too. As for the weight gain, I don’t think there’s enough cake in the world to explain how she’s gained so much so quickly. She’s got to be preggers!

  23. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    Thundaaa Thighs!!

  24. McFeely Smackup

    Yet again, I feel compelled to comment on the AMAZING amount of makeup this chick wears. Mostly, I’m amazed that the weight of that much makeup can adhere to the human face without sloughing off.

    What must her real skin look like that she refuses to go out in natural light without a spackle job first?

  25. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    She look gorgeous here

  26. Somebody should tell her, that those make up bottles can be closed and reused the next day… Angelina could feed the whole world with what she spends on make up.

  27. ManiacFive

    I thought recently single divorcees were supposed to, you know, try to look good for attracting new potential mates. Rather than just piling on the makeup in-between eating pies.

  28. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    Must keep baby inside!

  29. josh

    Fat fat fat :-(
    Those greasy fingers and that oily face ewwww :-(

  30. She brings that double chin as carry-on too, looks like.

  31. james

    well, Marilyn Manson is looking healthy, now in his 40′s it seems he is taking better care of himself and is not starving himself to death, Im happy for him, I also like the new look, He went blond and it suits him

  32. molly

    christina has slowly morphed into one of those ugly chicks that tricks you into thinking they’re hot by doing all the right things (straight blond hair, make up etc)


  33. Okay Okay you have to give her a bit of leeway if she’s pregnant. women gain weight during pregnancy. It’s when they have the baby and keep the baby weight on, say 3 years after birth, when they can stop saying its baby weight and admit they are just fat.

    Woman: “Why don’t you have sex with me and find me attractive anymore?”
    Man: “You gained 25 pounds after the first child and 35 after the second”
    Woman: “What did you expect???? It’s baby fat!!!”
    Man: “The kids are 18 and 16. THEY don’t even have baby fat anymore!!!”

  34. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    SNOOKIE IS THAT YOU? …oh wait.

  35. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    Snookie looks great blond! …oh wait.

  36. streamargentina blogspot cee oh em

    when did christina aguilera start looking like a fat jewish girl?

    • Actually she looks like an Overweight Latina girl trying to look like an Overweight Jewish Girl …

      • grace

        She looks about as Latina to me as Halle Barry looks Chinese. Um, yeah she’s white too you know …and white and FAT is what she looks.

    • Orra Le Mamma Cita don’t get all upset Mamma Chula!!!! hahahahahahaha. No I’m not Mexican or Puerto Rican but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn express Last night.

      Grace no need to get your burritos in a knot darling. I love latina women for the most part. She has fair skin and light eyes but her facial structure is definately Latina. Cannot deny that. Her weight gain however is universal!!! Oh ya, she’s pregnant … keep forgetting that.

      • grace

        Like I said..she looks white to me lol…and with a name like Dante Calamari I’m sure you’re latin too and an expert on latin facial features lmaooo.

      • Sal

        Her father’s from Ecuador so she technically is part latina.

  37. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    she IS gorgeaous!

  38. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    Anyone wanna place bets on how long it takes for her thighs to rub holes in the crotch of her leggings?

    • Ezemyr1

      The same amount of time before you start crying again about your fat lumpy body and stare envoking troll face.

  39. Intifada

    There was once a time when I would eat the flesh off my own left hand to have rough sex with this tiny bitch. I’d still have rough sex with her, but she’d have to ask and I’ll keep my hand, thank you. Gonna need it anyway, with all that extra meet she’s packing! She’s a two-hand-girl now and these two hands know how to treat chubby little bitches.

  40. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    Even clowns wear less make-up! Guess she’s doing try outs later!

  41. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    I hope mole boy takes her to the cleaners.

  42. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    Karma will come to visit.

  43. probono

    When the tights turn shiny, it means your FAT

  44. GravyLeg

    So ugly, I’d tie a pork chop around her neck so the dog would play with her but we all know she would just eat it first….

  45. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s a fucking midget

  46. oh la la

    when did snooki go blonde?

  47. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:


  48. Kaiser

    Snooki is blond now?

    WOW, didn’t knew that.

  49. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Tommy Lee's Cock
    Commented on this photo:

    Not pregnant, just a lazy emotional eater with no self-discipline.

    She was stick-thin 3 months ago. This is what happens after you starve yourself for months to lose weight: binge-eating.

  50. Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler
    Commented on this photo:

    they are clearly boning. more money for mole man..

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