Christie Brinkley, yes. Yes, I do.

January 20th, 2009 // 40 Comments

  1. timmy90210

    first and sweeeeeeeeeet! she got milk…I got….not milk

  2. Shep

    Congratulations to the united states as your reign of idiocy ends today. Who knows what a president with intelligence can do for your country and the world but I’m sure it’ll be better then the last 8 years :) Just think even the inbred racists who lost their house are thinking having an intelligent black man can’t be all that bad, lol

  3. Scrodo

    I wish that was my ‘milk’ around her mouth

  4. Mike

    That’s not milk, that’s a space station.

  5. my tubesteak

    #1 MILF

  6. Bigheadmike

    Me likey…. This is by far one of the most beautiful women in America over 50.

  7. Rant

    Got MILF?

  8. nope. water...

    The amount of airbrushing must have taken a team of artists and weeks…

  9. tv informercial

    Mmmm. She’ll need two shamWow!’s to clean up the mess on her face after I’m done with her.


    got man chowder

  11. Ted Tedlinson

    Hey Shep – you’re an asshole. Can you fly a fighter jet? Do you have an MBA from Harvard? Were you a two-term governor and a two-term president?

    Iraq war over. We won. Fuck you.

  12. ~*Adrienne*~

    #2 Shep. Its people like you who continue to ruin and destroy the United States society and contradict black people’s views. Yesterday was MLK day, do you think he would be proud to hear you say that? Or are you too caught up from the incidents 400 years ago to even care? You are exactly the reason racism is still alive and well today. Go fuck yourself.

  13. Jason

    she’s one of the few older good looking blonde’s. she still looks hot, unlike McCains wife who lost her looks at 30 .

  14. ~*Adrienne*~

    #2 By the way, is it just me or is the only diss racist blacks have against whites are inbreds and “flat white asses”?????? haha…you people need to come up with something new…its getting really boring and my ass keeps getting thicker.

  15. Christie is still smokin’ hot!

  16. Adrienne, stfu. Shep clearly isn’t from the US and I agree with him. DID YOU EVEN READ WHAT HE SAID? HE SAID BUSH IS A MORON AND OBAMA IS AN INTELLIGENT BLACK MAN WHICH IS 100% TRUTH. And the next 6 months will probably be better than the last 8 years. No wonder men don’t respect women. You need to get back in the kitchen, wash them clothes, and stuff a cock in your mouth.

  17. Trashman

    Hey Buddy Love, how stupid are you? Bush is not a moron – see the post above for all the things he’s done that you could never do. He also got better grades than the supposed brainiacs like Gore and Kerry. Gore didn’t even finish his degree and flunked out of divinity school for god’s sake, but he’s a genius.

    Have you ever heard Barack ’57 states’ Obama talking without a prepared speech? He uses ‘um’ like Carolyn Kennedy used ‘you know’. He’s not a moron but he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.

  18. Jennyf

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  19. Carolyn

    So Barack is an articulate man and therefore, that qualifies him to be president? That’s not even a valid argument. This guy has been slobbered on by the media, and he has yet to accomplish anything. Say what you want about Bush, but his anti-terror policies kept us safe after 9/11.

  20. Rex The King

    Catchphrases of the Bush administration:

    “We have to fight them over there or else they’ll bring the fight here”
    “Mission Accomplished”
    “Dead of Alive”
    “They hate us for our freedoms”

    Why does it appear that for 8 years this administration was using speechwriters from the 3rd grade?

    As for not being attacked after 9/11, sure nothing has occurred on US soil, but terrorist attacks were alarmingly high since 9/11 for countries who allied themselves with us.

    Back on topic, Christie looks good.

  21. Milk is bad for the animals, the environment and your body!

  22. testing

    #20 Oh shut up already with this ‘Bush handled the post 9/11 situation well’ bullshit you conservative morons always promote. Bush did not do one thing after 9/11 that anybody else wouldnt have also done, except capitolize on people’s fear to trick the public into supporting an unrelated war based on falsified information.

    he didnt do shit to keep us safe, in fact he ignored a memo that discussed the threat of a Bin Laden attack BEFORE 9/11


  23. 23 is an idiot

    not the place. Yes I think everyone agrees Bush sucked but no one cares about your political views on here. Not the place for your narcissism. I hate Bush but blaming 9/11 on him, shows how stupid you are as well. No more for you!

  24. Mike

    Got Photoshop?

  25. PunkA

    She has always been a looker. She probably needs this after her latest failed marriage, especially since the guy was nailing a 19 year old. That has to hurt the super model ego. Another example of the fact that you can be the hawtest women in the world, but if you are a bitch, your man will look elsewhere. Just be nice, be kind and don;t treat your guy like shit just because you feel entitled.

  26. paul

    #2 Typical comment from someone who has no idea of what being an American is about. Bush made mistakes speaking just like OBAMA did today on his speach. Does that make him an idiot. As far as the Iraq war, maybe we should just put back in another fucking mad man so he can rape all the woman over there. Bush is have your fucking party and get over it. OBAMA is now the new man and I’m sure he will do some good and fuck up some. But get over Bush you fucking cry babies. HE DID NOT GO TO WAR WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF DEM. & REP. so the same party your all down with is the same party who sent those boyz to war….HOLLA.

    As far as the way other countries view us.. GO FUCK YOUR QUEEN OR PRIME MINISTER…Next time you need our army or support for a disaster…Go ask Chavez for money and support and leave our military alone…..THERE TOO BUSY FUCKING UP TOWL HEADS WHO WANT TO KILL ME AND MY FAMILY.




    GOD BLESS THE USA……NOW FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. skating on glule

    So anyway….

    This is what a mature woman wears in order to look both attractive and age appropriate.

    Ole Gristle Richie-Ciccone needs to be taking notes about now.

    moving on, sort of:


    What is the objective basis for this “truth” ? IQ testing? School transcripts? Achievements in government or the private sector? Not disputing your eh, “argument”, but would like to know how you arrived at the conclusion.

    Also, Obama has a white mother-what is your basis for calling Obama (nee Soetero) a black man? One hopes you aren’t embracing the racist antebellum “one drop of black blood” standard here.

  28. CJ

    Now THIS is what class looks like…refreshing.

  29. Lorac

    Does anyone else question the Dairy industry’s propaganda that milk does a body GOOD?

    Milk is one of the most vile things you can put in your body.

    Cow’s milk is meant for calves, human milk is made for human babies.

    We are the only species on earth that not only drinks breast milk from another species, but we do so AFTER we have stopped weaning from our mothers tit. How is that natural?!

    Wake up America! The meat and dairy industries are MURDERING YOU through food consumption.

  30. kat

    Given the fact that Christie is a Vegetarian, why is she advertising for cow’s milk?

  31. kate

    She is very beautiful, but why does she like to join ***seekingsugarmomma. c om****? I really do not know why. seems that she likes that site so much. she puts so many info. there.

  32. bmose

    She looks sooo doable for her age……Are you paying attention Madonna?

  33. browncat

    #27- pity that US is in so much debt. You NEED the world more than the world needs you now. You poor suckers don’t even realise that CHINA owns you now. As a country you’re in so much debt it is not funny. The American Century was the 20th. America is on the descendency. Notwithstanding your magnificent new President, you are in dire straights. Sorry America. George Dubya Bush hammered the nail into your collective coffins. Your manufacturing industries are finished and you buy stuff from CHINA with the money they LEND you.
    Shame, really. I like America and Americans (the racist scum who post on this site excepted!) but it really is over for you now.


  35. TaNeeda

    All you racist pigs can stfu! America is No.1!.. What other country in the world would elect as President an essentially untested, inexperienced small-time politician based on the fact that he’s black and, as his own Vice-President puts it “is clean and articulate”? Plus, we’re even elevating him to cult status already!

  36. Chris

    I’m not even gonna touch the US/Barack/Bush thing, because as of today, we get to see what happens when a non-citizen half-breed realizes that on the basics “yes he can” and on the other 80 percent of the shit he promised “no he can’t”….but that’s me not commenting. Christie Brinkley is doable, but from personal dealings with her during a benefit for the town I live in, her and her troll daughter can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned.

  37. Marley

    Holy fucking christ. All of you are dumb little shits. Every last one of you. You are all spouting off facts about 9/11 and Bush and Obama as if you know shit.
    Shut the fuck up, for God’s sake. Just, shut up and go in a hole and die.
    Especially #27…Paul. My God. You are the reason why American people have a a reputation of being the dumbest fucks on the planet.

  38. It’s people like you who continue to destroy and destroy American society and full of contradiction views black people. Yesterday was MLK day, do you think he would be proud to hear you say that?

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