Christie Brinkley gets the kids, house in divorce settlement

Christine Brinkley and Peter Cook reached a settlement early this morning in their highly-publicized divorce. Peter’s lawyers quickly pushed for one after a damaging barrage of testimonies. Christie will get full custody of the children and all the real estate while Peter walks away with $2.1 million and visitation rights, according to NY Daily News:

The supermodel and the architect came to terms after eight days of salacious testimony that included revelations about Cook’s affair with a teenage Diana Bianchi and his $3,000-a-month Internet porn habit.
Brinkley, who wept in courtroom but seemed elated as she left, called it a “very bittersweet moment…It really is the death of a marriage but it’s also, I think, a new start for all of us and I’m very pleased with the result today. I was here fighting for custody. I think a mother’s greatest fear is somebody trying to take their children … That is what I was up against. I have won custody and decision-making and that’s all I ever wanted.”

What a great American story about a bunch of people I don’t care about pretending they’re concerned about the kids, but really they just want the house in the Hamptons. Warms my freakin’ heart. No, wait, I spilled coffee down my shirt. False alarm!

Photos: Splash News