The Concrete Evidence of Christie Brinkley’s Immortality I Missed

By the time you’re reading this, Photo Boy will be driving a Uhaul somewhere down the east coast as he begins the first leg of moving his entire life to Florida so he can fulfill his lifelong dream of wearing polo shirts with George Zimmerman. It’s all he talks about. But enough about my passive aggressive swipes to deflect from true emotions, because here’s Christie Brinkley who, unlike Photo Boy, won’t die somewhere along I-95 within the next 24 hours, or anytime ever, because she’s fucking immortal. Which kind of makes me feel bad about all those babies she killed in that butter churn per her deal with the Devil, but kind of doesn’t. I mean, I don’t know them.

More importantly, in before someone says “Love that Joker!”

Haha! Jack Nicholson loves cocaine.

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