Christian Bale’s sister asked him for $200,000 the night of the ‘assault’

July 24th, 2008 // 42 Comments

Christian Bale’s sister reportedly asked him for £100,000 (roughly $200,000) to help support her children. When he said “No,” she decided to make some remarks about his wife causing a confrontation that, according to The Sun, did include “pushing and shoving”:

Legal sources told The Sun the women said sister Sharon needed £100,000 to help her bring up her three children. They said Bale, 34, snubbed the plea and a row flared in his suite at the Dorchester Hotel in London’s West End. Welsh-born Bale was alleged to have “pushed and shoved” mum Jenny, 61, and Sharon, 41.
Both Jenny and Sharon are terribly upset over what happened. They did not want any publicity and the last thing they wanted to do was wreck his premiere evening. But they say he bullied them.

Here’s what really happened: Christian Bale’s sister asked him for money. He said “How ’bout a check in the amount of ‘I hate you.’?” She called his wife a “hose beast” prompting him to drive over her face with the insane looking Batcycle above. Then Superman showed up, and they all ate sandwiches. The End.



  1. Don’t fuck with Batman!

  2. Clarkehead

    Isn’t family great? If I ever hit the lottery, I’m changing my number, moving to a remote island, and changing my name.

    Oh, and a face lift. I’m hideous.

  3. So… Batman kicked their asses because they were robbin’?



  4. Barak Obama

    I would bitch slap my sister also if she asked me for 200K. Unless she blew me first.

    #3, Bravo!

  5. havoc

    Throw her out the hotel window and tell the cops that the crazy bitch jumped….


  6. metalman

    perfect timing sis! reminds me of denise richards. poor thing ,can’t live on $200k a month

  7. BigJim


    Ah, fuck it.

  8. etr

    now i have to scroll down to see KK. :o(

  9. lilkutie

    Mmmmm. Sandwiches.

  10. Jimbo

    I need $200,000 “to help me raise the children!”

    What a gold-digging whore. Fuck yelling at her, he should have punched her in the clit.

  11. Fugyoself

    Gee whiz, another money-grubbing whore…. this one doesn’t even have the decency to give up the booty first…. whores

  12. Gary B

    If I hit it big and start making mucho dinero, I’d help out my parents and anyone I lived under the same roof with and that is IT! Rest of my family can kiss my ass.
    I would not be surprised if this was not the last time she asked him for cash either and she probably blows it on junk.

  13. Cokeasian

    The sad thing is that she’ll probably get her money now. By whoring out her “story” to the tabloids.

    And guys – less of the misogyny. Losers are losers, regardless of gender, race or religion.

  14. noneyobeezwax

    bitch- if you need money, then pimp out those shitlins you got there. i hear they can fetch a decent price over in thailand.

  15. ……………….HIS MOTHER TOO?

  16. dew

    I read elsewhere that the mother and sister were estranged from Christian ever since the parents divorced and Christian came to the US with his dad. The sister and mother contact Christian before his London premiere to “meet up” with him, then hit him up for a business “loan”, or maybe it was so the sister could “raise” her 3 kids, boo hoo sobbing at how expensive it is to raise kids now days.

    When he refused, his sister bad-mouthed Christian’s wife, which led to an argument, which then led to Christian “escorting” his mother and sister out of his home.

    After reading about his conniving mother and sister, I can imagine them pre-planning how if he didn’t cough up the whopping big amount, that they’d cause a scene in the hopes that he’d escort them out.

    Now they’re probably going to sell their story to the tabloids, so they still getting their payday.


  17. Rich

    Id press charges too if he yelled at me in that Batman voice…fucking frightening

  18. me

    How will batman get out of this death defying jam stay tuned……..

    @4 LOL

  19. A-1

    $200,000 is pocket change for Batman. How could he turn his back on his own family? What a greedy fuck. I think his movie wasn’t even that great. Spider-Man is still #1!

  20. FIST

    Dumb cunts. Women are fucking retards.

  21. dementa

    Bullied my shapely ass. Boohoo, we tried to shake him down and insulted his wife so he shoved us out of his hotel room! Pity us! Waaaaaa!

    Also heard that his sister is a junkie who pops out kids with different men, and mom is an alcoholic.

    Seriously, I can see why he left them to go live with his dad. And he gets massive points for standing up for his wife instead of letting Mommy Dearest walk all over him!

  22. Rockwell

    The lesson to be taken away from this is that women are almost universally money-grubbing whores.

  23. Hecubus

    Apparently his mother is a clown. Being shaken down for thousands by some fucked up wrinkled psycho in clown make up has got to strike some kind of nerve with him at this point, it’s like getting home from a dishwashing job and finding a sink full of dishes.

    PS. That Batmobile looks like it was designed by a retarded 8 year old with a crayon.

  24. rough daddy

    irrk poor bastard, they see him as the famillies cash cow….he seems like a docile kind of guy…and who bullied whom?

  25. pat

    “Both Jenny and Sharon are terribly upset over what happened. They did not want any publicity and the last thing they wanted to do was wreck his premiere evening.”

    Sowhy’d they call the police then? Why didn’t they just walk out empty-handed and go back to their own rooms? Because they’re money-grubbing liars.

    As someone else mentioned, I’d personally help my family if I had that kind of money, because my family are decent people.

  26. Elizabeth

    You forgot the pycho piece of hose beast…..;p

  27. msallied

    Good for him for not enabling those two dingleberries. I read somewhere that it was only about five years ago that Bale was able to pull himself and his family out of massive debt. This and Batman Begins are the only movies of his to really make any kind of money. It’s not like he’s a gazillionaire. He should use his money to care for himself, his wife, and his baby. And after that, any causes that are worthy. I don’t see how giving his crackface sister a hundred grand is a worthy cause. He probably knows exactly what will happen with it if he does.

  28. Lucie

    If this bitch wants money she could, i dunno, work?
    Unemployment you say? Ooh, you should have thought about it before popping out your 3 meat balls. I hate it when ppl think they deserve everything just cause they reproduced.

  29. apofire

    “Both Jenny and Sharon are terribly upset over what happened. They did not want any publicity and the last thing they wanted to do was wreck his premiere evening. But they say he bullied them.”

    Oh boo fucking hoo, bunch of fucking sea monsters. They knew exactly what they were doing when they went to the cops a day AFTER the incident. Get a goddamn job and quit trying to leech off Christian’s hard-earned money and success. How low can you fucking get.

  30. it pains me that The Sun is the main source of information on this.

  31. Insatiable Peter

    Christian should get his John Preston on from Equilibrium and slice off his sister’s face.

  32. Jeniffer

    Recently, quite a few celebrities and pro athletes were said to appear on the millionaire luxury club “R I C H L O V I N G.C O M” to hook up with hot girls, ladies, models… OMG!!! Are these famous guys fond of internet dating for now?? Maybe they are indeed so rich that they feel boring sometimes to need new things? It was reported on MSN Charlie Sheen has found his girl there last May.

  33. Ahh, I see. Where are their FATHERS? Are they dead or something?

    Get her a used 97 Corrolla and a trailer and to hell with her. Make a big shit mess of your life and expect someone else who tried to do something with their own life clean up your stupid mistakes.

    #32 – Holy God, Charlie Nasty Ass Fucking Sheen? No one will be stupid enough to go there now. His comedies are as close to him as you’d want to get, and usually you wouldn’t even want to get THAT close.


  35. ElChuco13

    Goldiggin sister! He probably said “I said I would never run up to the hills if I got a little bit of money, but as soon as i was paid I WAS GONE!” Fuck both of you trying to leach me! Goldiggin! The got the shovels sticking out the back of their shirts! Nothing worse than family hittin you up for money, because you know you got to help them.

  36. fghrfghtdr

    I want to see that movie again. It was like having an orgasm. It was THAT good.

  37. de

    The mother and sister don’t have a chance. No matter what really happened, Batman’s people will make them look like nasty whores. But I read somewhere that Christian Bale did tell E! not too long ago that if people knew what a real jerk he was in real life they wouldn’t adore him so much.

  38. Snoodle

    Christian Bale, with no previous record of anything and all around apparent sweet heart….and now he’s getting his name dragged through the mud because he yelled at his gold-digging family members? Psh. I do agree this one seems the most accurate. Considering the rest of his family is successful save for this pair…..poor dear, here’s hoping this blows over.

  39. Linestepper

    First of all, if they didn’t want to ruin his Premiere night then why not wait until some other night to whore it up and ask for money? Methinks I smell a rat.

    And second of all Christian Bale should be allowed to do whatever he wants to anyone he wants and be exonerated for it on the basis of the fantastically unimaginable public service he has done the world via his movies.

    That’s right, he is the man. They could have found him in a tub filled with his mother and sister’s entrails singing rub-a-dub-dub, and when brought up on charges the lawyer/barrister would simply show a clip from American Psycho and say…”booyah”. Verdict: Not guilty, fee to go on your own reconnaissance sir. God speed.

  40. Me

    You people forget that his mother made him choose between his father or his mother during their divorce.
    Bale wisely choose to live with his father who relocated to the USA. Ever since that happened his mother was jealous of how well father & son succeeded in their careers.
    It appears that his mother never really maintain contact with him after he moved away.

  41. Regina

    #38, you are SO right. The man is actually a great humanitarian and he rescues dogs, apparently. DOGS. The man is amazing, and the press (and his freaking loony mom and sister,) should leave him, Sibi, and their daughter alone.

  42. it really is too bad that people keep bothering him about these rumors, he seems like a solid guy in general

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