Christian Bale isn’t a dick

July 14th, 2008 // 76 Comments

Every once in a while, it’s nice to see a celeb not act like a complete douche bandit. In this case, Batman himself Christian Bale, who took the time to sign a shitload of autographs for fans that approached him and his wife in Manhattan. Which is pretty badass compared to other superhero actors like, say Tobey Maguire, who’d probably just punch you in the kidney then call Spider-man a fag.


  1. horse_lady

    I think he was even hotter in Reign of Fire…..OMG he was ripped and oh so yummy…..Matthew has NOTHING on Bale… also just something really hot about a guy bringing down a man killing beast.

  2. mmmm

    “I watched Empire of the Sun the other day and had confusing and pedophilic thoughts.”

    +1. He’s so adorable in that movie, verging on hot. Very confusing.

    I want to vagina trap him.

  3. michelle

    he really is a nice guy. i used to seat his wife and him at pf chang’s in santa monica all time. real cool couple:)

  4. John Johnson

    Did anyone else think ‘Why is he holding hands with Kate Beckinsale?’ at first?

  5. stephanie

    #36- she has to be a tourist

  6. stephanie

    #54- yes
    #38- the machinist?! haha, yeah, that is kind of sick, but I can understand. he’s great.
    #53- PF Changs– yum! and Pei Wei

    and the people talking about selling the pics on ebay… yeah, I don’t mean this like a black person can’t be a fan of Christian Bale or Batman… so please don’t infer that… but so many of the people that do stuff like that and/or scalp tickets are just like that black man with the backpack and pro pics.

  7. dystopia.

    I love him. I’ve loved him since Little Women when he wasn’t even hot.

  8. max

    He’s actually 6′ tall. She’s around 5’10” and easily outweighs him. They always wear black and she’s always grinning her gummy grin just like in the top pic.

  9. Astrid

    he is f…. hot…I wish I could have a dinner with him at Dorsia….hehe… but without being killed afterwards… ;)

  10. Sendy

    She is pretty and sexy. I think I will love her. LOL. Every time I sign in to the celeb club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M, I can see many new topics talking about her. She has created a nice profile for seeking a great man for hook ups.

  11. rubmybuddha

    This just proves that all people in Manhattan walk around with stock photos of the favorites stars in their purses and briefcases.

  12. Dino

    He was awesome in Equilibrium.

    Now that was a cool film, totally mad.

  13. jt82

    From fetching coffee and dry cleaning for Winona Ryder to marrying Christian Bale. Well done.

  14. There simply aren’t other possibilities folks!!!

  15. Pete

    I read an interview with the guy on a British website the other day and he truly relishes playing the character. I think guys like McGuire are almost embarrassed that they’re portraying comic book heroes.

  16. Batman is the best & BALE is awesome

  17. Snape's Mistress

    He’s absofuckinglutely HOT. ::drools::

  18. Michele

    I think Christian is a great actor who has his ups and downs like everyone. Unlike some actors, he doesn’t try to hide it as much. Let’s face it, they are actors, and many of them who have positive public reputations towards the fans are simply acting. Some just don’t bother. I’d put Christian somewhere in the middle, he truly seems like a nice guy, but he isn’t going to put on a fake face if he doesn’t feel like smiling, either.
    Best working actor of his generation right now.

  19. Alex

    54. John Johnson – I totally thought that was Kate too!!!

  20. hahahah i love how its all geeky men. probably good since the wife is there :) I’d like his autograph…

  21. selin

    his wife is not beautiful for him.not suitable for him he can find a wonderful woman than her.even i dont wear outside like her.if i m bales wife i can wear better than her.ha ha ha and she has no make up good.

  22. Missystar

    #16…that is some funny shit. I am in complete agreement–I would let him do anything to me, including yell and shove. He could also refuse to cough up $200,000, as long as he was shirtless at the time.

  23. Man, Bale is so hot! He is every freaking woman’s dream! I can’t stop fantasizing about this guy — his wife is pretty damn lucky to be with him. I almost like that she’s not some amazingly beautiful woman– she’s normal, average at best. He must be pretty down to earth and has his priorties straight. Just because he makes money dosen’t mean his money-hungry, loser mom/sister is entitled to it. Damn, I want to spend a whole day with this man — he is so f’in HOT!

  24. Rebekha

    Did anyone else notice that in picture #4 he is totally rubbing someone boob with his arm. I’m not sure if its a man boob or a woman boob, all I know is I wish it was my boob.

  25. sheniqua


  26. anonymous

    Hey it looks like he wears 511 tactical pants.. lol awesome.

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