Christian Bale isn’t a dick

July 14th, 2008 // 76 Comments

Every once in a while, it’s nice to see a celeb not act like a complete douche bandit. In this case, Batman himself Christian Bale, who took the time to sign a shitload of autographs for fans that approached him and his wife in Manhattan. Which is pretty badass compared to other superhero actors like, say Tobey Maguire, who’d probably just punch you in the kidney then call Spider-man a fag.


  1. Jen

    At least someone knows how to act in public.

  2. Cyrez

    His wife’s top is a darker shade of black than his pants or his shirt. Fail.

  3. I love you Patrick Bateman!

  4. Bradley


  5. jzz

    i don’t see Christian Bale anymore, all i see now is Bruce Wayne.

  6. Onyx Blackman

    @ 3, do you like Phil Collins?

  7. Duke Nukem

    Not the face! Not the FUCKING FACE!

    er, um, excuse me, I have to return some video tapes…

  8. veggi

    I would stick a finger up his ass, then lick it. I’m pretty sure he’d like that type of thing.

  9. I would have bat kicked that idiot kid’s ass for wearing those stupid sneakers.

  10. mac b

    That’s especially cool considering that most of those folks probably weren’t fans of anything other than selling autographs on Ebay.

  11. Jeff

    That guy is awesome. So glad people are posting stories like this.

    Way to go, Christian! My man crush knows no bounds, haha

  12. !

    Nice too see someone actually appreciate the people that help him obtain fame and fortune. Decent guy, rest of hollywood should take note.

  13. iheartbatman

    This makes him 80% times hotter. And he was pretty fucking hot before. damn!

  14. kit kitten

    nice to see the american psycho references! that movie is hilarious, and christian bale was awesome in it. i think that’s when i fell in love with him – when he was running around the hallway, naked with a chainsaw.

  15. Janet

    god he’s sexy

  16. twzzlrgirl

    My God the things I’d love to do to that man. I just licked my computer screen.

  17. angelchrome

    Man alive – how tall is his wife? He’s like 6’2″ and she’s wearing flats!

  18. veggi

    @8- go fuck yourself. I would like to do some nasty things to that man, but you my dear, are disgusting..

  19. veggi

    I’m concerned that he looks feverish, that’s all. If my finger tastes warm I might give him some Advil.

  20. @8, don’t let @18 get you down. I bet you’re getting a lot more action, so rock on sister!!!

  21. bbb

    I love him (especially Patrick Bateman!) but did anyone read his interview in the recent issue of Details or Vanity Fair (cant remember which one). He is CRAZY – like, should be locked up delusional kinda crazy.

  22. Anne

    “My God the things I’d love to do to that man. I just licked my computer screen.” LOL, Best comment I have read in a while.
    Probably because I SOOOOO agree!

  23. Rocky

    I met Tobey Maguire when he was filming the first Spider-Man. He was a class-A douche. I don’t think I have ever met anyone more unpleasant or uncharismatic in my entire life. He was a total fuckbag.

  24. roop

    He isn’t a dick? He’s walking around in all black on a day when it’s 83 degrees, that smacks of a pretentious dickiness to me. Look at these fucking ebay autograph selling losers, if there was ever a need for a pipe explosion this would be it.

  25. Mary

    I want to see MORE posts of this incredible man. He is an amazing actor and my ‘F’ing wet dream!

  26. twzzlrgirl

    #22 — thanks Anne :)

    I shorted out my computer from the drool, but it was very satisfying :)

  27. Is he making The Machinist 2? Eat something, dude!

  28. Sweet Jesus He’s is so friggin’ sexy. I think its his lips/mouth that really do it for me.

  29. NastyBedazzler

    I’ve been a huge fan of Christian Bale since he played Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Looks like it’s the same for a lot of people here as well. Since then I’ve kept up on all of this movies, he’s one of the best actors of our time in my opinion.

  30. Ward

    Hey fair play to the guy, quite nice to know he’s not a complete scummer as I’m a fan of the film’s he in. Well done Baleman. Your fans salute you. =D

  31. CES

    Absolutely one of my favorite actors and tops in sex appeal. Half of New York wears all black everyday it is not necessarily pretentious. Wearing khakis? Now that would be completely dickish.

  32. jane

    agree with 29.


  33. Anonny

    Note to self: find hot British guy. They don’t mind horse teeth.

  34. dement

    If he weren’t married, I’d volunteer to have his babies. He’s awesome.

  35. Randal

    Good work Christian! You’ve done a bang up job with your career and continue to keep it cool with good natured and warm hearted stops in public like this.

    Folks will always see others who wear their hearts on their sleeve and you wear it well.



  36. Mr. Krinkle

    I know anyone is drooling over Bale, but did anyone else notice the ugliest woman on the planet in picture 4! Good god, she should be put down for the sake of humanity.

  37. Holyfuck

    There aren’t man things more pathetic than a grown man hounding another grown man so he will sigh his name on a photograph for him. Growm men who seek autographs are kind of creepy. Autographs are for little kids. Just look at these retards…

  38. AC

    @36….hahaha she looks like Sloth from the Goonies’ twin sister…bummer huh…

    And Christian Bale is the hottest man ever. Even in the Machinist. I know its sick, but true

  39. kenny

    Bale is a class act. He even signs autographs for illegal immigrants. See pic #1.

  40. rtyd6td

    he’s awesome , but looks like a tramp. ah well…better looks like a POS (like me) than some overly rich cunt.

  41. Lisa

    I love Christian. He is sooooo much hotter than Brad Pitt.

  42. Mr. Krinkle

    @38 I was thinking the lost sister of Alfred E. Newman, but I see definitely see the Sloth resemblance.

  43. I can’t believe Bryce prefers Van Patten’s card to mine!!

  44. JungleRed

    He does it for me. He’s not the best looking man on the planet, but he really is one hot piece of ass. I watched Empire of the Sun the other day and had confusing and pedophilic thoughts.

    As an aside, just how OLD is John Malkovich? Bale is about 10 years old in that movie and Malkovich still looks 40.

  45. FCS

    #39 little did Bale know he was authorizing buddies green card when he signed..

  46. emily


  47. Linda

    That thing by his eye is gross. Tumor?

  48. Kahvi

    mmmmmmMMMMMMM! That man is fine!

    Not only is he the sexiest man in Hollywood, but one of the best actors. I first saw him in “Newsies” when he was like, 17 and I was like, “That boy’s really good lookin’. He’s going to be a hot man one day.” And I was right. A few years later, I saw his picture on the cover of Entertainment, and at first didn’t even recognize him.

  49. Anonymous Black Chick

    Christian’s wife is hot. I suspected it from his choice of film roles, but now I KNOW Christian has good taste.

  50. AC

    @42…no you’re right, Alfred E. Neumann for sure. Either way, the poor thing must hate getting up every day knowing she has to go out in public like that

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