Christian Bale is a ‘consummate professional’

February 3rd, 2009 // 101 Comments

An audio tape of Christian Bale going ballistic on the set of Terminator: Salvation made the Internet rounds yesterday. The incident occurred over the summer at the same time Christian was being falsely accused of assaulting his mother. So he decided to verbally assault a director of photography who stepped into a shot by telling him to “Get off the set! You prick!” and other F-bomb laced suggestions. But Terminator assistant director Bruce Franklin says Batman was just having a bad day and is a “consummate professional,” according to E! News:

“If you are working in a very intense scene and someone takes you out of your groove…It was the most emotional scene in the movie,” said Franklin. “And for him to get stopped in the middle of it. He is very intensely involved in his character. He didn’t walk around like that all day long. It was just a moment and it passed.
“This was my second movie with Christian, and it has always been a good experience with him,” added Franklin, who also worked with the actor on 2000′s Shaft. “He is so dedicated to the craft. I think someone is begging to make some noise about this, but I don’t think it’s fair. The art of acting is not paint by numbers, it’s an art form.”

The most emotional scene in a Terminator movie? It must’ve been the part when he really kills that robot with a grenade launcher and says something witty like “Made in Taiwan, motherfucker.” *sniff* I’m getting all misty-eyed just thinking about it….

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  1. Pinkgrapefruit

    “Bruce Franklin says Batman was just having a bad day and is a “consummate professional,”"

    Bitch, please.

  2. Pinkgrapefruit

    “Bruce Franklin says Batman was just having a bad day and is a “consummate professional,”"

    Bitch, please.

  3. Pinkgrapefruit

    “Bruce Franklin says Batman was just having a bad day and is a “consummate professional,”"

    Bitch, please.

  4. Pinkgrapefruit

    Ooops. Sorry about the triple post.

  5. ElleKay

    Like i said before… If the douchebag guy wasn’t wandering the set being an asshat, he would have not gotten chewed out by Hottie McHottiePants. Stay off the fucking set, dillhole – we’re filming a fucking movie. Did the FIRST time you interupted the scene not give you enough of a clue to refrain from doing it again. Betcha he isn’t wandering any other sets is he? Director of Photography – my ass. That title implies you have a little more experience and intelligence to be in that line of work than this fucktard obviously has. Way to go, Mr. Bale… I’m on ur side!!

  6. Amy

    “The most emotional scene in a Terminator movie? It must’ve been the part when he really kills that robot with a grenade launcher and says something witty like “Made in Taiwan, motherfucker.” *sniff* I’m getting all misty-eyed just thinking about it….”


    and ok, even if he is a professional there are people out there, like nurses and firemen who’s jobs are a hundred times harder and i’m pretty sure they don’t loose it like that.

  7. J Man

    Typical American reaction, getting all sensitive and shit when someone just rips into someone else. It’s no wonder everyone else considers the average American to be a fucking pussy…. you’ve all been fucking pussified by your women. Too scared to say shit in case someone is “offended”, too scared to compliment women because they’ll sue your ass.

    Face it you’ll are just too pussy to do shit. So what if CB went off on that asshole, everyone is entitled to it once in a way – everyone getting so fucking offended when you’ll would just love to do the same to the next asshole who cuts you off on the freeway. You know even gay men, no matter how camp, rip into people and goddamn it its funny as hell. Its you whitebread American idiots who do absolutely nothing because just about everything these days offends your delicate sensibilities. Fuck that, you guys used to be real men, what the fuck happened?

  8. Alex

    He should have just kept pissing him off till he hit him (which obviously wouldn’t take much) then sue and never have to work again.

  9. moron

    #5, Alex, have you ever read any of the batman comics? Try reading it before you call it “gay” – there’s a reason why Batman and Nietzsche have been compared. Wait, do you even know who Nietzsche is? Yes, I can see you googling or Wikipediaing right now.

  10. Bale Sapussy

    What an absolute pussy. A complete bully. He has never been in a true physical confrontation in his life- he relies on the fact that he screams and curses to intimidate people. The DP was so apologetic, and pussy Bale just kept going and going- exactly what a bully does when they see weakness. It makes them feel big.

    It’s more than a bad day and a mistake. He went way to far and thinks way too much of himself.

    Bale is a small-dicked piece of shit and, even though it won’t make one difference in his life, I won’t go to or rent anything he’s in.

    I was a fan. Not any more.

  11. Linda


    He is English not American you ignorant fool. Americans are pussys when it comes to losing weight because most Americans are fat. Americans are big pussys about admitting they are fat and will say I am not fat, I am stocky, husky, curvy, etc.

  12. soahc

    #27 I agree, Psycho was one of the best films ever.

    I think roid rage may have something to do with this.

  13. Colin

    If anyone here has ever worked on a film set you would know that nearly ALL DP’s ARE assholes! Bale is just speaking up for everyone else whos sick of these self-absorbed fuck-faces.

    kudos christian.

  14. Jim Jones

    Um…what’s the story here? That Bale uses the F-bomb? What a shock. Who doesn’t? how does this merit being newsworthy at all (it’s even featured on, which I know might be stretching the news label, but that’s what they claim).

  15. cschack

    Best bit’s where he goes “you’re a nice guy…” then goes right back to berating the DP.

  16. Kimberly

    What an ass…

    He’s off my “To-Do” list…


    He sounds a lot like Bill O’Reilly in his “We’ll do it live!” blow up.

  18. eyepopper

    @31…that probably took you all day to compose, you fuckwit. I guess we should all pat you on the back, despite your obvious low intellect and use of bog-standard filmic cliches from Austin Powers. Twat.

  19. Alex

    Haha, 67. I’d really like to see a live shit-talking showdown between Christian Bale and Bill O’Reilly. Why has no one thought of this yet???

  20. Cornelius

    He sounds like a cross between “Do it LIVE!!” O’Reilly, and scarily, Pat Bateman.

    I think I have to go return some videotapes.

  21. oh..yeah??

    Oh Lord….
    We ‘ve got ourselves another Russell Crow…

  22. Marigold

    AWESOME! i love how CB asks McG what i thinks and he’s all, “uh, i didn’t see it.” LOLOL! he’s the freakin’ DIRECTOR! that was great! and i agree with #42…i would LOVE to modify this for MY job!

  23. Russian Chick

    Americans are such pussies! In Russia, someone would flip like this the FIRST time someone fucked up their work, not the 2nd or 3rd. Oh and they would REALLY beat the shit out them, not just threaten. That’s the Brit in him: “Excuse me, Sir. Would you ever so mind if I beat the shit out of you?” *Girly Slap*

  24. Creepy Bale

    The guy certainly can’t act his way out of a paper bag (How can I “emote” while wearing Batman’s mask? With my eyes? Naww, I know, I’ll WHISPER, that’ll show I can act!), so no wonder every little thing ruins his concentration. He has always impressed me as being a sociopath. There is no emotion in his eyes in ANY of his movies. He’s like looking at a meat wall. Even Richard Gere has a little emotion that leaks through occasionally.
    This guy is an accident waiting to happen. Let’s watch. This is the second “rage” incident in the last year. I predict there will be more.
    Christian Bale is super f**king creepy. End of story.

  25. Russian Chick

    40, “The only reason the take was ruined was because Assclown Bale has focusing issues. He said it himself, he got distracted and was wondering what the DP was doing versus playing his part. THAT is amateur.”

    From my understanding, the DP walked behind the actor Bale was supposed to be reacting to and was humming or some shit. That is unacceptable, and he should know better considering he has worked on other movies before.

  26. joe

    Bale, you are an asshole!

  27. joe

    Bale, you are an asshole!


    I think Bale is right. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about your work. He is a master artist and cares about his films and they are all of high quality. He was likely doing press for Batman and getting really stressed while filming at the same time.

  29. Pam

    I heard his whole rant. It kind of turned me on.

  30. MissJStyle

    I ADORE Christian Bale. He is so sexy. I love tall, dark and handsome men. And I love how hes aggressive and straightforward. He’s a great Batman. He’s passionate, attractive, ambitious….WOW. He’s my ultimate movie star.

  31. Christian Bale is Right

    Sorry, but I actually have more respect for Christian. I mean, come on — he’s taking his shit seriously, and from what it sounds like, a dipshit assistant photography director decides he’s going to be fucking right as Christian’s doing a scene. Has anybody here ever been on a live set? Live sets mean “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DON’T FUCK AROUND.” Live sets cost money each and every time a scene has to be reshot because someone sneezed, tripped over equipment, missed the tabletop when putting their coffee down, etc. But fuck movies — how about when you’re trying to concentrate on something really important and intense, and some asshole decides that’s the time when s/he is going to do something they really could wait to complete? That is called “rudeness”, to the highest of pisstivity, and Christian’s reaction to someone doing this is mild compared to some things I’ve heard, and seen people do (like throwing sharp objects, punching someone without warning, tossing cases of beer, and unbelievably, hurling a sheep. Be angry, but don’t take it out on a docile creature).

    By the way — Christian is Welsh. There’s more to the United Kingdom than England. His asshole accent is definitely Americanized, though.

  32. Colombo

    @ 61 I was referring to the American reaction to CB’s outburst

  33. Dia

    umm who the hell cares? he blew up. I’ve done it. you’ve done it. moving on.

  34. He is the first celebrity who has a “BLOW-JOB” licence, folks!!

  35. rusty

    Born in Wales, raised in England – has an English accent.

  36. Merch

    Meh, the Bale’s a whining bitch who takes himself too seriously for his own good. No surprise there.

  37. Mike Hawk

    I’d love to see Christian Bale work with Ricky Gervais in Extras… See how he reacts when Gervais messes up take 43… Seriously somebody get those two together!

  38. Kahvi

    He can yell at me any day, just as long as he brings some spankings along with it.

  39. JoeJam2845

    Just goes to show you these people are NOT angels! If most of you saw how these people act off camera you would be stunned! I’ve been around several A-list stars off screen and they feel like they own the World! I say Fuck ‘em all!

  40. sharon zephro

    I was so sad to see mr. Bale act like that, I was afraid and I was no where near him, in fact sitting in my home on a computer hearing this scared me. I have followed hi career, he is a fine actor, but I now have a different feeling in wanting to view him beyond his out of costume bullying. Mr. Bale at the age of 58, you make me want to cry.

  41. lauren

    how serious is terminator 4, really now

  42. Tawny

    Makes total sense. Yeah, a four minute rant is a bit excessive, but I can’t blame him. Why the hell are you dicking around with lights during shooting? DP is a tard, and needed to be told so.

  43. To see how far our society has fallen in order to produce a scumbag like Christian Bale, read the article
    Orson Welles. Everything Christian Bale will never be. Except dead.
    and watch the video of how a genius and gentleman “tells someone off.”

  44. The URL from the previous comment was stripped for some reason. Just go to the site and it’s at the top, for now at least.

  45. Europe

    61 honey hes Welsh not English mkay?

  46. j2g

    He often keeps his american acting accent for interviews so the american public dont get confused (either he doesn’t give them enough credit, or damn!…). I imagine when you’re in character you probably want to keep the characters speaking accent as much as possible. Unless of course you’re shouting at some dip shit who is fucking up your zen while your trying to act. This can often cause you to slip back into your natural tantrum voice, which we all perfected as teenagers by shouting at our sibling or parents. He is still cool in my book, but just a bit more human and normal than I originally thought.

  47. Mikael

    I’ve done far worse things. I mean this makes me just respect the heart he puts into his acting. The guys who is screaming boycott and shit like that, that’s just stupid.
    I’ts not professional. It’s not – no – no – fuck you!

    It’s NOT fucking professional. I don’t give a FUCK!
    I’ll kick your fucking ass!

    I’ll… ehrm… oh. sorry.

  48. Rule #1: You don’t break into an Actor’s sight line and get caught or you get fired. Rule#2: You don’t break into a Director’s sight line or you get fired. Some Director’s don’t even want you to catch their eye in the hallway. Rule#3: A slow fuss budgeting DP can ruin your whole shooting day. Ask yourself: If the lighting WAS bad then what was doofus going to do about it during the scene? Move it? No he has to bring in a Grip (a real man or woman) to do that – and waste a whole lot of time between shots with his fussy dweebiness. Ever watched anyone hem and haw over a light meter for a couple of hours? Then after doofus had his chance, he continues on with the friggin’ meter like Rainman? Bale called him a nice guy because he probably was that ineffectual sort of “nice” that can drive a professional person batshit. I can only imagine how long this DP took to set up that shot – and then ruin it. This tirade is not the whole story. A good DP is worth his weight in gold – way more pivotal to the film’s success than people might imagine.

  49. lulz

    Fuck CB. The DP isn’t blameless either. He’s such a fucking kiss ass. I don’t stand for that sort of shit. I don’t care how fucking famous you are or how powerful, or what drugs you’re on, you talk that way to me, you find yourself unconciouss on the fucking floor.

    Ah, fuck actors anyway. They want to be so fucking famous and rich, they should be held to higher standards than the rest of us.

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