Christian Bale is a ‘consummate professional’

February 3rd, 2009 // 101 Comments

An audio tape of Christian Bale going ballistic on the set of Terminator: Salvation made the Internet rounds yesterday. The incident occurred over the summer at the same time Christian was being falsely accused of assaulting his mother. So he decided to verbally assault a director of photography who stepped into a shot by telling him to “Get off the set! You prick!” and other F-bomb laced suggestions. But Terminator assistant director Bruce Franklin says Batman was just having a bad day and is a “consummate professional,” according to E! News:

“If you are working in a very intense scene and someone takes you out of your groove…It was the most emotional scene in the movie,” said Franklin. “And for him to get stopped in the middle of it. He is very intensely involved in his character. He didn’t walk around like that all day long. It was just a moment and it passed.
“This was my second movie with Christian, and it has always been a good experience with him,” added Franklin, who also worked with the actor on 2000′s Shaft. “He is so dedicated to the craft. I think someone is begging to make some noise about this, but I don’t think it’s fair. The art of acting is not paint by numbers, it’s an art form.”

The most emotional scene in a Terminator movie? It must’ve been the part when he really kills that robot with a grenade launcher and says something witty like “Made in Taiwan, motherfucker.” *sniff* I’m getting all misty-eyed just thinking about it….

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  1. poooon


  2. Richard McBeef

    Batman is Geigh.

  3. edamame

    Love him even more!

  4. Jrz

    So basically he’s got rage issues. Fuck’im.

  5. Alex

    He looks like someone that tends to go postal every now and then hahahaha. Who cares, I hate his whispery batman, pisses me off, I dont hate him but I dont like how he plays batman. Plus, yes, batman is the gayest of all super heroes, get yourself some powers dude, utility belt? Is it Prada? hahaha

  6. juniper

    save your money for your mortgage/rent payments and let this idiot have his rage contests all he wants. just dont subsidize it. fuck hollywood.

  7. Dick Fisticuffs

    Sounds like a professional to me. The DP is the one that sounds like an f-ing d-bag. Someone needed to chew him out. A botched take means money.

    Plus, actors are a temperamental bunch and getting into a zone can be extremely sensitive. I’m an editor and when I get in the zone, I could easily see myself going ballistic on a someone if they came in and started playing music, watching TV, messing with my monitors, something like that. I think people need to cut Bale some slack. If nothing else, he’s showing that at least he’s taking the shoot seriously.

  8. Maybe if he would have closed his fucking yap once on a while, his nose wouldn’t have been involuntarily restructured by someone’s fist…

  9. poco

    He is suffering ..Tourette Syndrome and Coprolalia……

  10. It's Me Fuckers

    This guy is a fucking man diva. He is now grouped with shitheads like Axel Rose and that other fucktard Kanye West. Overinflated egotistical cunt.

  11. Jrz

    I’ve never understood why a bunch of adults who fucking play dress-up and make-believe all day have the nerve to be tempermental. Fuck him.

    Hi Rich!!

  12. LondonBabe

    He turns me on

  13. putobale

    bale is a delicade flower assholllllllll*

  14. omg

    OMG he got pissed off? BURN HE!

  15. jrz

    Rich, let’s go over to Zanna’s new place. Well, the current new place. I’ve got Michael Phelps’s bong, some spicy pork rinds and a case of Guinness.

  16. Anonymous

    Christian Bale is a egotistical mega bitch and he is fugly to boot.

  17. matt

    links or it didn’t happen.

  18. Newcastle

    Bale takes himself waaaaaay too seriously. Get the fuck over yourself. The audio can be found on the TMZ site.

  19. 10pound

    Hes hot…i’d fuck him

  20. Zanna cabana wears a banana bandana.

  21. Jackass

    17. There’s an audio clip on the E! News link you fucking idiot.

  22. Delgo

    What’s a matter?
    Did Batman need a lozenge?

  23. Jrz

    I’m there now, Rich. I had to stop off along the way and get coasters. Zanna hates when we leave condensation rings on the coffee table.

  24. Angel

    Show the link! The audio file of his rant is absolutely unbelievable. He didn’t have a bad day…he was out to HUMILIATE the director of photography. He was a complete asshole and NOTHING excuses his behavior. No matter how famous or successful you are…there is no reason on earth to treat another human being like that…especially a fellow “consummate” professional. My respect for Bale took a nose diveee

  25. sirrix

    Wow you guys gotta listen to it. What a total jackass. What kind of accent does he have, anyway? It’s like a cross between British and total asshole.

  26. Jrz

    “there is no reason on earth to treat another human being like that.”

    Sheeeit….Sure there is. In the words of Chris Rock…ain’t no one above an ass kickin’.

  27. Deacon Jones

    You can’t expect this guy to put in a performance as good as American Psycho and not have fucking issues…

    Greatest movie ever….one of them..

  28. gigi

    Jrz — Chris also said in the same breath “…just don’t do it…”

    I guess people can’t get pissed anymore… Something tells me this whole thing was out of context. Sure CB went on & on & on & on, but it was probably a crazy domino effect of circumstances…. I bet it was one of those long days…into night… into morning, nothing was going right, everybody was a little frazzled, on edge & loopy, maybe hadn’t eaten, and he just snapped. That doesn’t happen?? now he’s gonna have to apologize & look like a pussy… maybe even attend some kind of anger management crap….

  29. peoplearedumb

    Seriously, who the fuck cares?! He got mad and went off on someone. That’s all we know, yet everyone on both sides are trying to attach more meaning or there own interpretations of the event. He’s a human. Sometimes people get mad and redirect their anger on someone. Maybe this guy deserved it, maybe he didn’t. The real point is, who the fuck cares?!?!? I’ve gone off on people who didn’t deserve it, I’ve gone off on people who do. This audio recording doesn’t tell me anything except that CB went off on someone for walking into a scene.

  30. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Sheesh, can’t a guy get totally pissed at someone anymore? I think you’re all jealous that you can’t do that to some of your co-workers. I’m sure most of you talk like that when you’re behind the wheel of your car. Go Bat-Bale!

  31. Britannia = Shit Island

    Every American worth his salt knows that people from the British Isles are tea-bag fairy shit heads with poor teeth, horrendously unfunny humor, awful…just fucking AWFUL food, bizarre shitty versions of our cereals and candies, faggy dialects and weird syntax, cold unfriendly cities and towns, ummm did I mention the food sucks? London is a more expensive New York…which means it also smells like trash, is filled with minorities, has no foliage, and its main attraction is a fucking clock instead of a giant green woman with no cleavage.

  32. Justin

    why the fuck is the DP wandering into the shot while they’re rolling? what is he blind? bale got pissed off because that dude is clearly an idiot. i don’t blame him.

  33. prideofchucky

    They should have released this earlier. Just to f**k with Bale. He deserves it.

  34. Sexy Techy

    I can understand why Bale went ballistic. I have a clerk that comes by my area and loves to sing and yell across the room to another clerk while I am trying to do my computer programming. My work takes a lot of concentration and there are times when I want to tel the clerk to shut the fuck up!

  35. sunshine

    Kind of beat that (fucking) horse to death, didn’t he?

  36. E.A. Poe

    Who gives a flying f_ck what an actor says. Actors fall somewhere between whores and amoebas in the grand scheme of things.

  37. That’s as diva as diva gets. What a jerk-off.

  38. clx

    Deacon Jones nailed it.

  39. werner herzog

    Christian Bale is the greatest actor currently working, and will be the greatest actor of all time in 30 years. He is used to working with the best directors and crews, and the Dir of Photography from Terminator 4 really is a hack and a nobody. Christian Bale is justified in being pissed that he had to work with such a piece of shit Dir of Photography.

  40. Dr.


    The only reason the take was ruined was because Assclown Bale has focusing issues. He said it himself, he got distracted and was wondering what the DP was doing versus playing his part. THAT is amateur. Watch out for that bird over there.. “what is that thing doing. I wonder where it’s going.. Where has it been. Why can’t I fly? I’m fucking Batman— Oh shit, the scene. Right. Now who am I going to blame this botched take on.”

    Guess what dickhead, there are going to be people moving about when the cameras are rolling. The world doesn’t pause while you’re ATTEMPTING to act.

    BOYCOTT. Teach pricks like this a lesson.

  41. XOXOX


    Try this next time. I borrowed it from Christian and modified to meet your needs.

    What the F are you doing? Do I f’n walk around your area and sing loudly and yell across the room while you are working? Do you have any idea how f’n distracting it is when you come in my area and sing loudly and yell across room while I’m working? Give me an F’n answer!

  42. Solaera

    “What kind of accent does he have, anyway? It’s like a cross between British and total asshole.”

    Lol @ 25 … I was wondering the same thing.

    Why the fuck doesn’t he have that offensive mole removed from his nose?Damn. That thing is distracting.

  43. hair of samson

    #32 the DP didn’t wander into the shot. Just into Bale’s line of sight. The camera was on Bale and the DP was walking behind his co-star Bryce Dallas Howard, adjusting lights. Going DA DA DA DA, from what I hear.

    He wasn’t ruining the shot, but I can see how it would upset Bale’s concentration. To those who say “He’s just an actor” or “It’s just a Terminator movie” or “He’s a pampered little turd” — yeah yeah, I know you all work much harder jobs, that’s why everyone I see out there is a bona fide drooling vegetable. We’re all hard-workin’ Amurricans and this pansy furreign actor thinks his feces don’t stink! Save it.

    Superfish does nothing except write about how he wants to bone midget starlets and even he’s acting all superior. At least Bale is doing something about Skynet and the machines ( i.e. the New World Order and the communist Jews like Rahm Emmanuel who run this cesspool, which is soon to have gulags and work farms with giant pictures of Obama hanging over them. )

  44. Elle77

    I don’t give a shit about how dramatic the scene was, Christian Bale is a total fuck and that poor guy Bruce shouldn’t make him sound like he was great to work with. That’s bullshit. He’s a total fuck and he deserves to have his fame and fortune stripped from him.

  45. I LOVE CB!

    It appears this has happened before and the dip shit did it again. I bet he will never ever interupt a scene again. Sometimes people do not get it until you explode.

  46. your mom

    i love it, he’s a sexy bitch, i’m imagining being choked out by him in bed

  47. I just heard this audio clip on the radio this morning, and he took it way too far. I don’t care how famous you are, and how much money you have there is no reason to disrepect someone like this. He sounded beyond livid about this incident. Im sorry, and I loved “Dark Night,” but he seems angry to me now. By the way Heath Ledger made that movie in my opinion

  48. dew

    According to the many “Hollywood” scenes in movies, where someone closes that black and white sign and the director yells ACTION, scenes are supposed to be considered almost “sacred” in the hopes the scene can be put in the movie without having to do it over and over again.

    I would think this fellow had just made a mistake, but supposedly it was his 2nd time to do so, therefore maybe he shouldn’t be working where scenes are shot.

    Could you imagine a minor coworker distracting a surgeon as s/he was making an important repair, or a coworker distracting a bomb specialist? Sure, those careers are much more important than acting/movies, but they are all expensive job scenarios, so it’s important to get it right without distractions.

    But just a few sentences of complaints would have sufficed, with perhaps 1-2 F bombs at most. But Bale was almost FULL POSTAL!

    Thank goodness there weren’t any real guns around (although he’s Brit, and probably scared to even be in the same room as a real gun, like the blonde James Bond), or a telephone to hunk across the room, like a primadonna Aussie actor likes to use when they’re throwing a tantrum.

    But, this Bale-tantrum supposedly occurred during the time his mother and sister were trying to scam and blackmail him??? Well, if this is the ONLY freak-out, near-postal tantrum Bale’s ever thrown, then maybe it was due to external stress of having a sucky family.

  49. Em

    Super douche…he sucked as Batman.

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