Christian Bale didn’t physically assault mother, depressed about Heath Ledger

July 22nd, 2008 // 67 Comments

Christian Bale is reportedly suffering depression from strains in his marriage and the death of Heath Ledger that’s hitting home with The Dark Knight now the biggest thing since sliced bread that lives in a cave. According to a close friend of Christian, his mother provoked him into an argument Sunday evening at the Dorchester hotel where he had booked her and his family rooms for the London premiere. Things got heated, words were said and his mother and sister decided to turn him into the police for being a potty mouth. The Daily Mail reports:

“Things got out of control and he says now he wishes he just left the room. The thing that happened here was that normally Christian would just call a friend and go out to a pub to cool off. But he was literally trapped into this confrontation with his mother and sister because there was an army of fans and paparazzi outside.
“He was feeling the stress, but he didn’t lay a finger on anyone. Instead, he flew off the handle and cussed his mother. He just got very loud because his mother was saying some very outrageous things about him, his wife and his child.”

I guess Christian Bale learned the hard way that simply saying “I’m Batman” won’t automatically end every family argument. Damn, I could’ve told him that after last Thanksgiving. Of course, when I said it, I was naked and holding a pumpkin pie over my head. Not the best execution, but my uncle eventually relinquished the Cool Whip after the cops showed up and made me put some pants on. Way to narc me out, Grandma.


  1. Erica

    #1. You must of seen a different movie. That movie was beyond amazing.

  2. Big Bird

    Jedi knight or whatever the fuck these kids are all about is a new religion and bale should have slapped those bitches. What a pussy.

  3. Sapphire Eyes

    Family can be your best friends or your worst enemies. I’m the youngest of three and my brother and sister can make my life hell sometimes.

    I side with Bale on this one. One angry word and the ninnies go running off to the cops. Bunch of crybabies. It’s too bad you can’t choose your family. God knows, I’d have chosen a completely different one myself.

  4. no one fights like family. but it has caused me to consider:

    “let me get this straight. you want to blackmail a man who you think runs around the city beating criminals to a pulp every night? good luck with that.”

  5. meraderadingdong

    Christian Bale is so hot he can come punch my mother and I would be ok with it. Plus, he is a total badass, and I am sure he IS depressed about Heath. We all are.

  6. Hotpants

    #29- Yeah, cause it’s totally impossible that prospect of having to watch a friend and cowork’ers living corpse captured on film for 3 hours would depress a guy. He’s not human or anything. And what the hell does he need cover for? His mom and sister tried to humiliate him, ruin the premier, and hurt his career out of petty anger. Even if he went for the verbal jugular, you don’t do that. I’d seriously consider disowning them if I were him.

  7. Kb

    She sounds like a real piece of work. She calls the police because he yelled at her??? And then the nerve of the sister sayings that this was a private family matter. So why in the world did you call the police? And for yelling?

    I get the feeling this mother and daugher probably deserved every bit of yelling they got, and more.

  8. i am sure Christian Bale isn’t a bad person, however I must say that he gives off a dark aura, something about him that makes alarm bells go crazy.

  9. Bunch of bitches who just wanted to get money out of him. His mom’s also probably bitter towards Christian because when he parents divorced when he was a kid, he chose to stay with his father over her (smart move; She sounds like a real nutjob). And now, coincidentally the NIGHT BEFORE HIS BIG PREMIRE, they try to sabatoge it by making him look like a jerk infront of his fans and all of Hollywood? Tsk, tsk, how pathetic. I’m siding with Christian 100% Any man who is so dedicated to being a good father and is an incredible humanitarian who loves animals is NOT a bad person. Besides, even if he DID get into a heated argument with them, so what? He’s human! All he did was YELL at them! And he had good reason to! His mom was apparently insulting his wife and daughter. I’d yell at my mom too!

  10. John

    My mom kicked me out of the barbecue because I wanted to make it A Knight’s Tale themed party, I had tiny little lance umbrellas to garnish the martinis and everything. After that I threw my mom down the stairs and watched the first thirty minutes of Monster’s Ball over and over again.

    I can do a thousand now.

  11. Snoodle

    Poor thing, this whole ordeal is being blown way out of proportion….in no small part to his *cough* loving mother….

  12. Jeniffer

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  13. Victoria

    I knew he didn’t beat them. Everyone at work was like aww man he hits women. I told them no matter it verbal or physical the police put it as assualt.

    I totally agree that the mom and sister sound like gold-diggers. Sounds like some family members I have on BOTH my parents side.

  14. kit kitten

    bale is so hot. oh god, the things i would do to that man….

  15. sounds like one or the other of the women might do whatever it takes to get some extra coin

  16. The word assault is often misunderstood, and in Batman’s case, the confusion seems widespread on both the Internet and the street. Recent allegations that “Dark Knight” star Christian Bale assaulted his mother and sister have been translated by far too many people into “Did you hear he beat up his mother and sister?”

    Roughly speaking, assault generally means putting someone in reasonable fear that harmful or offensive contact with them is imminent. For example, in a heated argument, anything from harsh words to a raised fist could lead the recipient to believe that an offensive contact was about to follow, and that they are therefore being assaulted. In fact, no contact need occur at all: an assault charge can stand on its own in most jurisdictions.

    Whatever happened between Mr. Bale and his family, the public must remember two things. First, an allegation, until proven, is only an allegation. Second, the word assault is not synonymous with the words “beat up.”

  17. Erica.

    #55. True that. I’m still sad about Heath. Especially because of how fucking amazing he was in the Dark Knight. I was speechless by the end.

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