Christian Bale didn’t physically assault mother, depressed about Heath Ledger

July 22nd, 2008 // 67 Comments

Christian Bale is reportedly suffering depression from strains in his marriage and the death of Heath Ledger that’s hitting home with The Dark Knight now the biggest thing since sliced bread that lives in a cave. According to a close friend of Christian, his mother provoked him into an argument Sunday evening at the Dorchester hotel where he had booked her and his family rooms for the London premiere. Things got heated, words were said and his mother and sister decided to turn him into the police for being a potty mouth. The Daily Mail reports:

“Things got out of control and he says now he wishes he just left the room. The thing that happened here was that normally Christian would just call a friend and go out to a pub to cool off. But he was literally trapped into this confrontation with his mother and sister because there was an army of fans and paparazzi outside.
“He was feeling the stress, but he didn’t lay a finger on anyone. Instead, he flew off the handle and cussed his mother. He just got very loud because his mother was saying some very outrageous things about him, his wife and his child.”

I guess Christian Bale learned the hard way that simply saying “I’m Batman” won’t automatically end every family argument. Damn, I could’ve told him that after last Thanksgiving. Of course, when I said it, I was naked and holding a pumpkin pie over my head. Not the best execution, but my uncle eventually relinquished the Cool Whip after the cops showed up and made me put some pants on. Way to narc me out, Grandma.


  1. heath ledger lolol

    dark knight sucks

  2. steve


    christian bale is hot

  3. Truth Squad

    That’s the story that the police want you to believe. The real truth? Mom caught him with some Bat-Porn and he had to Batarang her.

    Sorry mom, but nobody is allowed to see the Dark Knight digging into his bat cave…

  4. If I lived in London, I would be doing motherfucking LIFE!!!!!!!!

    Hey, I’ve been gone a while, did anyone see that crazyass Natalie Portman video? Holy hell, WTC????!!!!

  5. LOL

    Fish you are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. satala

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  7. satala

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  8. cate

    I’m siding with Batman on this one.

    AND, TDK was awesome.

  9. sara

    um.. what kind of mom does that? i’m pretty sure if i cursed at my mom she would not seek to RUIN MY LIFE AND REPUTATION by turning me into the police!!

  10. vaffanculooooooooooo

    to all the douches that need to feel worthy of something by insulting those who take a small childish pleasure in declaring themselves first on the board

    to all the sad, sad people whose ego needs boosting by claiming superiority to those who take a little competitive pleasure – innocent pleasure – in saying ” i beat you all i was here first!”

    to all those who basically act condescendingly towards those who lightly and playfully just type “first!”
    lemme say
    without even being actually n.1


  11. His family sound like a bunch of cunts.

  12. #10 hmmmm….issues much??

  13. One

    wow, if thats true then it seems like his mom and sister are a couple of nasty, jealous bitches. Here he sets them up in a nice hotel, and its only the biggest night of his life and the biggest movie he’s ever made… and they totally pissed on his parade. That sucks ass.

  14. Louis C.K.

    You know what else doesn’t work? Christmas caroling in the summer time, at your ex-girlfriends house, naked, with a bottle of whiskey, and a hard on.

  15. WOOO HOOO….I’m 12th!!!!

    He should have shown her the back of his batman glove!!!

  16. Not Bitter a Bit

    Wha’s the big deal? All families fight. My mother used to stomp me to the floor when I disturbed her by crawling into her room and puking on the floor. True I was only a baby but what of it? I got back at her by adding jalapenos to her vaginal jelly that she used when fucking the pool boy behind daddy’s back.

  17. CC


    He has two other sisters, both successful. This sister with the mom, who worked in the circus btw, is a data entry drone.

    The dad divorced the mom and married Gloria Stenim.

    Bale brought them to London and out them up in a hotel.

    Everything about this screams golddigging bitches looking to squeeze some cash from the movie star relation.

  18. vaffanculoooooo

    #12 frist!

    ciao frist, no actually i just needed an excuse to insult someone

    then i got creative and kinda got in the whole “holier than thou” thing

    you know what i mean no?
    i just wanted to tell someone they’re an A HOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


  19. #18, that’s cool. We all need to call people a-hole sometimes..

  20. A-1

    It is ironic that his family decided to call the police the night before his big movie debut. Makes you wonder if they were legit. I did see The Dark Knight this weekend. I wasn’t impressed. Spider-Man is better!

  21. ted

    I’m FIRST.

    AND Christian Bale can hit whoever the fuck he wants. I don’t give a fuck. He should slap his momma, cuss his sister, and just generally be an asshole. Thats what vigilantes are for. They don’t live by the rules. They are edgy. The whole gig of being one is that you can do whatever the fuck you want and not give a shit about it.

    My guess is after this VERY public scene that he has made about being innocent, he is going to cruelly punish his mother secretively until she goes crazy. Well played Bale, well played.

  22. TS

    Hey FRIST!!! We all need a drink sometimes as well. Is it Friday yet?

  23. Sam

    Its not hard to believe that he’s family could be a-holes. We’ve all seen it before with other celebrities.

  24. Holyfuck

    What’s up with these lame audio pop-ups that keep slowing my computer down. At least they could annoy the fuck out of me with a good song.

    I don’t need to hear some dude telling me to “get readdy nigga nigga nigga get ready”.

    Sweet culture…

  25. shellibelli

    If I was his wife Id suck his dick right now
    wait even if I wasnt his wife Id suck his dick right now
    come here baby Ill make it all better

  26. Hey, TS, where ya been??

    Of course it’s Friday. It’s always Friday in my world!!

  27. kat

    if he is that depressed, he can always come to my house for some consolation. a nice full-body rub down (with my tongue) can cure the darkest of times.

  28. HughJorgan

    Moms a drunk, sisters a druggie. I would imagine both need cash. nuff said.

  29. veggi

    What a dick! He drags over Heath’s corpse for a little cover. Total slimeball.

  30. CJ

    So why aren’t the hags being charged with inciting confrontation? I can’t stand people who incite and then get to go all holy and charge someone with reacting!!!! Throw the hags under the bus….just once…that’s all it takes.

  31. Rondell T

    Fucking cunts called the pigs because he swore at them?


  32. #31 – totally agree. are you effing kidding me? if someone called the cops every time i raised my voice and took the LORD”S name in vain (haha) i would be spending every night in the slammah!

  33. I don't give a fuck about my spelling

    #17. I agree 100% this smells fishy as hell. We all know what fucking pieces of shit our family members can be. There is NO way this guy was or is a threat to his mother and sister and the fact that they are acting like he is just proves what slimy bitches they are. It’s fucking disgusting that they wuld try to ruin his reputation and cause all this turmoil on his big night, especially since this movie has such a sad real life undertone, clearly this is a sensitive time for him. I hope no one believes his ma and sis I knew the second I read this story that it was a bunch of bull. I’m no celebrity fan, they are paid disgusting amounts of money and often lead self absorbed ego maniac lives, but the truth is when you are on top a lot of people will try to take you down.

  34. wtf???

    Agreed #31 and #34. If my mother called the cops every time I yelled at her I’d already be set up to do life, I’m a mild manered girl, my mom can push my buttons like no one else and ya I get pretty fucking pissed off sometimes, who the hell doesn’t? I hate idiots who think it’s okay to waste the police’s time with their little family feuding and shit they know damn well is not an emergency, the cops have better things to do with their time you whores, like trying to figure out where the hell to find a doughnut in England… I guess it’s crumpets again eh piggies?

    This story right here is why MANY people no longer speak to certain family members. No one can cause you as much hell as a family member.

  35. J@cko

    I really appreciate Christian’s acting. I hope he’ll be able to sort out the family issues.

  36. Anon

    When will women like these stop going to the police because they started something and a guy does to them what they was doing to him.

    They are pathetic little cowards who need to understand that if you talk to someone like a piece of shit they are allowed to talk to you like you’re a piece of shit as well.

  37. Get Out of Jail Free

    “Uhhh, I’m, like, uhhh, really depressed about Heath…”

  38. Let this asshole please kill himself BEFORE HIS MOTHER DOES, amen!!

  39. kitty

    boo fucking hoo, depressed about heath ledger??? SUCK MY ASS…PUSSY

  40. mon ami

    Okay, that is the funniest shit I’ve read in awhile, Fish.

    As for the Bale incident, I feel bad for him. I’ve had similar blow-outs with my own mother.

  41. ?

    Wait wait… Did I just hear that he’s having trouble in his marriage? Fuck, my dream is starting to come to fruition. I’ll be moving to L.A. soon…

  42. Ted from LA

    That’s not the way I heard it. I heard he hit his sister first (POW!!!!) and then ran over to his mom (ZOOM!!!!!) and stuck her finger in the toaster (ZAPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and tried to blow up the house (KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    (Please tell me one of you people hear is old enough to get this…)

  43. Ted from LA

    That’s not the way I heard it. I heard he hit his sister first (POW!!!!) and then ran over to his mom (ZOOM!!!!!) and stuck her finger in the toaster (ZAPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and tried to blow up the house (KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    (Please tell me one of you people here is old enough to get this…)

  44. ?

    Holy hilariousness, Ted! ;)

  45. Kathleen

    I believe the story.
    Poor Christian.

    The Dark Knight was amazing.

  46. Kathleen

    Very nice, Ted.
    I’m a youngin’ but I still caught the reference.

  47. MK

    I’d let Christian do whatever he wanted to me.

  48. csl


    Don’t let those evil cunts bring you down!!

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