Christian Bale defended by McG

July 28th, 2008 // 31 Comments

McG sang the praises of Christian Bale who he’s currently directing in the upcoming film Terminator Salvation. Christian had some trouble in the press last week when he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother. But McG won’t have any of this poppycock and delivered a ham-fisted defense of the actor at Comic-Con this weekend. Us Magazine reports:

“Christian sets an excellent example in that way,” McG went on. “Just for the record, he is a big hearted, good guy. I’ve worked with a lot of people, and that’s just simply who he is.”
Added McG: “He loves his wife. He loves his child.”

Other things Christian Bale loves according to McG:

Baby Jesus.
Helping old ladies with their groceries.
Christmas morning.
Butterfly kisses. (Both the Bob Carlisle song and the actual act.)

Meanwhile, Christian Bale just fired his publicist. He specifically asked for anybody other than McG to defend him in the press. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to track down Hitler’s Ghost for a comment?


  1. adeliza

    Who the hell is McG?

  2. Justin

    I’m probably not first.

  3. travis bickle

    He just wanted to put a smile on his mother’s face

  4. tp

    Damn his wife is fugly!!!

  5. MacD

    Suck my golden nuggets!!!

    Anyway, that’s a terrible excerpt, Fish. You don’t get any idea of how back-handed McG’s compliments sounded unless you quote more of it:

    “McG admitted Bale can be opinionated — but in a good way.

    “I can’t just tell him, ‘Go camera left,’ because Christian is going to talk to me in-depth about what decisions were being made into his character going left.

    “It’s wonderful,” McG added. “It’s the elegant opposition you want. You don’t want people just going, ‘Yeah, whatever. Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.’”

    *** yeah, that’s really wonderful. I love guys who basically respond to every suggestion with “Don’t tell me what to do, fuckface.” It couldn’t be more obvious that Bale’s a psycho. Very often a young actor gets his first major notice from a great performance given in a role very close to the actor’s real personality (so…hello, “American Psycho”).

  6. dan

    Slap! all your family!

  7. I’m Batman bitch!

  8. Barak Obama

    I would slap my sister too if she asked me for 200K! Unless she blew me first. That girl always did have a mouth like a vacume.

    Seriously though and WAY more important, where did they find these Ecko:manufacturing girls at? They are smoking hot.

    Vote for me! Help put a muslim in the oval office.

  9. Charles Few

    What the world needs now is more pictures of elizabetta gregoraci’s boobs.

  10. Yummy

    I had a McG for lunch today, it was yummy.

  11. ?

    Christian Bale needs to tell McG how to make his fucking movie so it doesn’t suck balls.

  12. Crappola

    We should stop referring to this douchebag director as McG <– fucking stupid name. Call him by his real name Joseph McGinty Nichol. He should man up and stop hiding behind his queer-given name. No man should be given a nickname if they directed movies such as Charlie’s Angels, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and We Are Marshall.

    Fuck him and his sand-filled vagina!


  13. veggi

    Christian Bale has always seemed like a switch hitter, up for anything as long as it’s some type of thrill. Clearly he knew how to stroke his director’s McGspot.

  14. Miserable Bastard



  15. Jodi.

    I’m a bird, I’m a bird:

    McGawk McGAWWWK.

    I’m also a bird with legitimate concerns about this new McG film – I take it Bale didn’t want to go left because it put him onto the blue screen…(i.e. the whole set).

    Anyway, I’m off to punch my Mother.


  16. f you men

    That man is the most talentless actor I have ever seen. I do not understand how he gets ANY jobs. He’s directing now? OMG. Plus he’s not even cute. He has nothing going for him. Except maybe his awful batman voice is so easy to mock.

  17. bootlips

    He reminds me of the arrogant Kevin from The Back Street Boys.

  18. batgirl

    Who is McG? How are we supposed to know what this article is about?

  19. of course McG is kissing bale’s ass! he could have done it right in front of McG and he still would have said he didn’t do anything! why did he even have to comment about it, or did he assault his mother with mcg?

  20. nicegums

    you think she wants some teeth with those gums?

  21. dementa

    Dayum, McG? what kind of a name is that?

    As for Bale’s wife, it’s kind of nice to see a Hollywood wife who isn’t a total famewhore, and isn’t an actress.

  22. SimplySarah

    Bale can beat up my mom any day. He’s yummy.

  23. Meh

    Well what do you want he’s just your average violent Christian.

  24. More Naked Britney!

    who the fuck is McG? fuck a McG!

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  26. Night_Bird

    Wonderful. The guy who directed Charlies Angels endorses the first gay Batman. That oughta look good on their resume.

  27. AG

    She has healthy gums.

  28. But if he sill loves his mum and sister: I DOUBT IT SERIOUSLY!!

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  30. why did u say ? i dont understand

  31. Christian so cute :)

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