Christian Bale defended by McG

McG sang the praises of Christian Bale who he’s currently directing in the upcoming film Terminator Salvation. Christian had some trouble in the press last week when he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother. But McG won’t have any of this poppycock and delivered a ham-fisted defense of the actor at Comic-Con this weekend. Us Magazine reports:

“Christian sets an excellent example in that way,” McG went on. “Just for the record, he is a big hearted, good guy. I’ve worked with a lot of people, and that’s just simply who he is.”
Added McG: “He loves his wife. He loves his child.”

Other things Christian Bale loves according to McG:

Baby Jesus.
Helping old ladies with their groceries.
Christmas morning.
Butterfly kisses. (Both the Bob Carlisle song and the actual act.)

Meanwhile, Christian Bale just fired his publicist. He specifically asked for anybody other than McG to defend him in the press. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to track down Hitler’s Ghost for a comment?