Christian Bale apologizes for bringing world a week’s worth of entertainment. You bastard!

February 6th, 2009 // 66 Comments

Christian Bale called into Kevin and Bean on KROQ this morning to apologize for a leaked audio tape of him going batshit on the set of Terminator Salvation. According to E! News:

“It’s been a miserable week for me,” Bale told hosts Kevin Ryder and Gene “Bean” Baxter. “Listen, I know I have a potty mouth; everybody knows this now.
“The thing that I really want to stress is I have no confusion whatsoever. I was out of order beyond belief. I was way out of order. I acted like a punk. I regret that.
“There is nobody that has heard that tape that’s been hit harder by it than me. I make no excuses for it. It is unexcusable. I hope that that is absolutely clear.”
As for what brought on the much-played rant, Bale said that the day’s shooting was particularly intense and that “I put so much into what I do and care so much about it and sometimes the enthusiasm just goes awry.
“I’m embarrassed by it. I ask everybody to sit down and ask themselves, have they ever had a bad day and have they ever lost their temper and really regretted it immensely.”
Not that he doesn’t understand the public’s insatiable desire to hear–and mock and remix–the audio.
“Feel free to make fun of me at my expense; I deserve it completely.”

Christian also says the matter was resolved almost immediately after the incident:

As for any residual hard feelings between Bale and the object of his on-set rant, the actor said it ceased being an issue shortly after the outburst.
“We have resolved this completely…I have no intention of getting anyone fired. There is no problem whatsoever.”

And Christian Bale is right, there’s no longer a problem between him and Shane Hurlbert – because dead man can’t start shit.

NOTE: I have absolutely no facts to back that up, so it must be true.

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  1. BlackOsama

    Back in the day where there was still integrity left in the USA, Bale’s career would have taken a major hit after his inexcusable behavior. Now it makes idiots (like #2) like him even more.

  2. Montana

    Hey, I have certainly gone off like this before, I just used to think that Bale wasn’t as big of a dick as I am. Man, am I dissapointed.

    Well, at least we know that NOBODY is a bigger dick than Stephen Fowler.

  3. bale shits silly string

    Zandiman @26: dude, you’re right. CB gets paid 20 mil for reading a few lines a day. How dare you make him do it twice???!!!

  4. The statement: once an asshole ALWAYS ONE, is true indeed, folks!!

  5. Dr. Tomah Tuyokota

    wonder if we are “normalising” war. It’s not just that Israel has yet again got away with the killing of hundreds of children in Gaza.

    And after its own foreign minister said that Israel’s army had been allowed to “go wild” there, it seems to bear out my own contention that the Israeli “Defence Force” is as much a rabble as all the other armies in the region. But we seem to have lost the sense of immorality that should accompany conflict and violence. The BBC’s refusal to handle an advertisement for Palestinian aid was highly instructive. It was the BBC’s “impartiality” that might be called into question. In other words, the protection of an institution was more important than the lives of children. War was a spectator sport whose careful monitoring – rather like a football match, even though the Middle East is a bloody tragedy – assumed precedence over human suffering.

    I’m not sure where all this started. No one doubts that the Second World War was a bloodbath of titanic proportions, but after that conflict we put in place all kinds of laws to protect human beings. The International Red Cross protocols, the United Nations – along with the all-powerful Security Council and the much ridiculed General Assembly – and the European Union were created to end large-scale conflict. And yes, I know there was Korea (under a UN flag!) and then there was Vietnam, but after the US withdrawal from Saigon, there was a sense that “we” didn’t do wars any more. Foreigners could commit atrocities en masse – Cambodia comes to mind – but we superior Westerners were exempt. We didn’t behave like that. Low-intensity warfare in Northern Ireland, perhaps. And the Israeli-Arab conflict would grind away. But there was a feeling that My Lai had been put behind us. Civilians were once again sacred in the West.

    I’m not sure when the change came. Was it Israel’s disastrous invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the Sabra and Chatila massacre by Israel’s allies of 1,700 Palestinian civilians? (Gaza just missed that record.) Israel claimed (as usual) to be fighting “our” “war against terror” but the Israeli army is not what it’s cracked up to be and massacres (Qana comes to mind in 1996 and the children of Marwahine in 2006) seem to come attached to it. And of course, there’s the little matter of the Iran-Iraq war between 1980 and 1988 which we enthusiastically supported with weapons to both sides, and the Syrian slaughter of thousands of civilians at Hama and…

    No, I rather think it was the 1991 Gulf War. Our television lads and lasses played it for all it was worth – it was the first war that had “theme” music to go with the pictures – and when US troops simply smothered alive thousands of Iraqi troops in their trenches, we learned about it later and didn’t care much, and even when the Americans ignored Red Cross rules to mark mass graves, they got away with it. There were women in some of these graves – I saw British soldiers burying them. And I remember driving up to Mutla ridge to show a Red Cross delegate where I had seen a mass grave dug by the Americans, and he looked at the plastic poppy an American had presumably left there and said: “Something has happened.”

    He meant that something had happened to international law, to the rules of war. They had been flouted. Then came Kosovo – where our dear Lord Blair first exercised his talents for warmaking – and another ream of slaughter. Of course, Milosevic was the bad guy (even though most of the Kosovars were still in their homes when the war began – their return home after their brutal expulsion by the Serbs then became the war aim). But here again, we broke some extra rules and got away with it. Remember the passenger train we bombed on the Surdulica bridge – and the famous speeding up of the film by Jamie Shea to show that the bomber had no time to hold his fire? (Actually, the pilot came back for another bombing run on the train when it was already burning, but that was excluded from the film.) Then the attack on the Belgrade radio station. And the civilian roads. Then the attack on a large country hospital. “Military target,” said Jamie. And he was right. There were soldiers hiding in the hospital along with the patients. The soldiers all survived. The patients all died.

    Then there was Afghanistan and all that “collateral damage” and whole villages wiped out and then there was Iraq in 2003 and the tens of thousands – or half a million or a million – Iraqi civilians killed. Once more, at the very start, we were back to our old tricks, bombing bridges and radio stations and at least one civilian estate in Baghdad where “we” believed Saddam was hiding. We knew it was packed with civilians (Christians, by chance) but the Americans called it a “high risk” operation – meaning that they risked not hitting Saddam – and 22 civilians were killed. I saw the last body, that of a baby, dug from the rubble.

    And we don’t seem to care. We fight in Iraq and now we’re going back to fight in Afghanistan again and all the human rights and protections appear to have vanished once more. We will destroy villages and we will find that the Afghans hate us and we will form more criminal militias – as we did in Iraq – to fight for us. The Israelis organised a similar militia in their occupation zone in southern Lebanon, run by a crackpot Lebanese army major. But now their own troops “go wild”. And the BBC is worried about its “impartiality”?

  6. Balls McCoy

    Don’t just stare at it eat it.

  7. Gurlina

    Shouldn’t it be “INexcusable”?

  8. Christian Sucks

    All you ” I understand him; I too am an actor” go fuck off you little fucking babies. Its acting, not rocket science and he was a total tool for going of on that guy who makes about 30-50K for putting up with that shit….FUCK YOU!!!!
    Every actor was at some time a fucking hack waitress or parking attendant and now you get a big movie and every word out of your mouth is important. If that pussy pulled that shit any place else he would have had his ass beat. Guess what fuck face….your not that good of an actor and your not doing anyone a big favor by breathing, so go and fucking drive off a cliff and we won’t have the hear your fucking accent again.

    listen up future actors……..Your a nothing now and you will be a nothing in the future and if you do become BIG it won’t last forever and you will want people to like you when you end up on a reality show trying to become big again.


  9. Pindown

    Lol clever marketing. Now everyone will go see terminator.

    I thought the rant was good fun, it’s like he had infinite rage or something, he just went on and on. Good stuff

  10. middle age crisis

    I think CB is going thru menopause. he sounds exactly like my menopausal aunt.

  11. Mike

    Only pedophiles and the terminally insane would pay to go see a movie that:

    A)has none of the original cast
    B) has been milked to the point of hmm, my unborn child knows the next twist of this plot
    C) has some dirty-sanchez-taking-lover as its lead

  12. Republicunt

    He isn’t a good Christian. He will burn in the sulfur lake for all eternity because Yahweh loves his soul.

  13. I felt bad for everyone on that set when I heard this rant, but I would totally bet Bale just cracked because nobody had the balls or the professional know how to rein the DP in. This tirade was deeply felt and was probably due to repeated insults upon the actor by the DP. What I know from being on set:

    Rule #1: You don’t break into an Actor’s sight line and get caught or you get fired. Rule#2: You don’t break into a Director’s sight line or you get fired. Some Director’s don’t even want you to catch their eye in the hallway. Rule#3: A slow fuss budgeting DP can ruin your whole shooting day. Ask yourself: If the lighting WAS bad then what was doofus going to do about it during the scene? Move it? No he has to bring in a Grip (a real man or woman) to do that – and waste a whole lot of time between shots with his fussy dweebiness. Ever watched anyone hem and haw over a light meter for a couple of hours? Then after doofus had his chance, he continues on with the friggin’ meter like Rainman? Bale called him a nice guy because he probably was that ineffectual sort of “nice” that can drive a professional person batshit. I can only imagine how long this DP took to set up that shot – and then ruin it. This tirade is not the whole story. A good DP is worth his weight in gold – way more pivotal to the film’s success than people might imagine.

  14. Jasper

    Why hasn’t Bale taken some of his gazillions and had that cyst on the bridge of his nose removed? It should get its own credit. …and it’s gross

  15. I just lost a little respect for the Bat-Bale after the apology. Other guy should have been more professional. Bale is a bit exaggerated in his diatribe, but again, nothing to be ashamed.

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