So Christian Bale Might Be In ‘Justice League’

Until today the conventional wisdom was that Warner Bros.’ lack of confidence in Man of Steel caused them to toss out the script for Justice League and adopt a wait-and-see plan before shamelessly copying The Avengers. Except now Latino Review claims (above) that the radio silence is from locking down a deal with Christopher Nolan to oversee ALL of their DC Comics movie including getting Christian Bale to come back as Batman essentially turning Justice League into a World’s Finest movie with Henry Cavill’s Superman that Zack Snyder would probably direct. Which sounds awesome provided it starts with Batman explaining why he was such a pussy in The Dark Knight Rises or keeping with Nolan’s penchant for gritty realism, expands that theme by having him constantly duck out on Superman to bang Catwoman.

“You’re an invincible flying alien. What am I really bringing to the table here?”
“I might need someone to put a big flaming symbol on something. You’re good at that.”
Fucking fire shoots out of your face!
“Oh, right. I guess I do have everything covered then. Welp, enjoy the Earth sex.” *flies off*

h/t FilmDrunk

Photo: Warner Bros.