So Christian Bale Might Be In ‘Justice League’

March 4th, 2013 // 19 Comments
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Until today the conventional wisdom was that Warner Bros.’ lack of confidence in Man of Steel caused them to toss out the script for Justice League and adopt a wait-and-see plan before shamelessly copying The Avengers. Except now Latino Review claims (above) that the radio silence is from locking down a deal with Christopher Nolan to oversee ALL of their DC Comics movie including getting Christian Bale to come back as Batman essentially turning Justice League into a World’s Finest movie with Henry Cavill‘s Superman that Zack Snyder would probably direct. Which sounds awesome provided it starts with Batman explaining why he was such a pussy in The Dark Knight Rises or keeping with Nolan’s penchant for gritty realism, expands that theme by having him constantly duck out on Superman to bang Catwoman.

“You’re an invincible flying alien. What am I really bringing to the table here?”
“I might need someone to put a big flaming symbol on something. You’re good at that.”
Fucking fire shoots out of your face!
“Oh, right. I guess I do have everything covered then. Welp, enjoy the Earth sex.” *flies off*

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  1. That Bastard Tony

    I have a BAD feeling about this. Nolan’s trilogy ended on an awesome note and I fear adding anything to that world would potentially poison it, kind of like that recent Bourne movie.

    If Batman’s involvement however is basically him banging Catwoman for 90 minutes Love and Other Drugs style, then ignore that first paragraph.

  2. That Bastard Tony

    It could be but I’ve seen this story posted on a number of other sites since late yesterday, plus Latino Review is supposedly pretty accurate with these kinds of scoop. Add to that Warner’s desperation to catch up with Marvel and you have a believable scenario. Just hope this doesn’t blow up in everyone’s faces like that bomb Rachel caught.

  3. Well…would explain how Batman survived a freakin nuclear explosion!…It was Supes who got him out!

  4. After TDKR, I would like Nolan to stay away from Batman. “Oh a bad guy killed my girlfriend. I’m going to quit being Batman for the next 8 years.” We’ve seen how Bruce Wayne reacts to the deaths of those close to him and it sure as shit isn’t curling up in a ball of beards and indoor archery.

  5. alex

    I hope we get to see Bale’s Batman beat the ever loving crap out of the big blue boyscout with some badass Kryptonite gloves. Kick his ass Bats!

  6. ZG

    Don’t know how you could realistically put Bale in the Justice League movie. Actually, seems like a good idea (if they still wanna go the JGL route) is to have Bale as Bruce Wayne explain that he’s funding the new Batman and have Joseph Gordon Levitt take on the cowl in a “Batman Beyond” type scenario.

  7. I’m really looking forward to the Superman movie. I can’t wait to be told yet again where superman came from.

    If there is anyone on planet earth who doesn’t know Superman’s origin story, maybe that person could read a wikipedia page and let the rest of us watch a movie that doesn’t waste half it’s length telling a “yeah, no shit…we know” origin story.

  8. Max Shreck

    Fuckin’ bring back Val Kilmer!

  9. Disco Dave

    If they wanted the movies to go together they’d have to kill off JGL’s Batman in a battle against Prometheus (one of the better villains) and have Bale’s character come out of retirement to put the suit on again.

  10. SUPERMAN: “Let’s see…what do you bring to the table… Oh! I know! I can’t be in two places at once. And the audience won’t accept my turning back time again.”
    BATMAN: “The who now? Audiences? Are you saying we’re fictional characters?”
    SUPERMAN: “Uhhh…forget I said anything.”
    BATMAN: “How can I forget a thing like that?!”
    SUPERMAN: “Here, let me give you this special kiss…”

  11. Christian Bale is definitely the best Batman, but I think his Batman is too dark for this Justice League movie. If DC was smart, they would do the same thing Marvel did and introduce each founding member of the Justice League with their own movies like Marvel did with Thor, Iron Man and Captain America.

    I desperately want them to do a Flash movie. But they got to do it right.

  12. Satan My Master


  13. a non

    The Bale / Nolan Batman stories should be at an end.
    They were not played as the fantastical Batman stories as in some of the comic books, and in the earlier movies. Heck, even in the earlier movies and the TV show , with the characters as way-out as they were, they all were HUMAN.
    The whole idea of Batman living in a world with superhumans is STOOOOOOOOOOOPID, whether you’re going with the dark, realistically-portrayed Batman, or the earlier, cartoonish one. Don’t ruin one franchise just because you’re trying to help out another (lame) one.

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