Christian Bale’s Flying Little Kids With Cancer To Disneyland Now

September 10th, 2012 // 37 Comments
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When we last left Christian Bale he quietly slipped into Aurora, Colorado like goddamn Batman and made a surprise visit to victims of The Dark Knight Rises shooting. Now he’s flying little kids with cancer to Disneyland to have lunch with him. Via E! News:

Charlene Barber continued by sharing her family’s experience with Bale at the Anaheim theme park, “The entire interaction was like old friends having lunch. Jayden did not get star struck but was well aware of who we were with!”
“They talked movies and super Heros an he was genuinely happy to hear about everything Jayden wanted to tell him. Christian, his wife and daughter are three of the most beautiful people we have ever met! Christian made these arrangements for us personally and ensured we were treated like royalty. I don’t have even one negative thing to say about them. I can tell you that they were just as impressed w Jayden as Jayden was w them :)”
According to WYTV in Ohio, Barber was undergoing chemotherapy for bone cancer for two years before it turned into MDS leukemia last year. Jayden is now in remission.

For everyone wondering why such a heartwarming post amidst a sea of breasts and Jon Hamm wang, the other day I had to acknowledge Honey Boo Boo is a real thing. I’m not saying this brought me back from the abyss, but it helped. It helped…

Photo: Lighting The Batsignal For Jayden


  1. cc

    Clearly, Kim K’s narcissism extraction device has been perfected and she’s removed all of his. Who is next I wonder?

  2. kimmykimkim

    Goddamnit, Christian Bale! Stop making me love you! I mean, just take the hotness down a notch, ok? Like, put on a fanny pack and a gingham shirt.

  3. vgrly

    I want to F*ck him even more now. I’ve been following his career since NEWSIES.

  4. Frank Burns

    Nice move, Mr. Bale. Geez, that poor kid – chemo for bone cancer, then leukemia! Hope he got a break from it during the Disney trip.

  5. Absolute awesomeness. It’s really nice to hear about a celebrity using their fame and wealth to do some good in the world, instead of buying another gold-plated yacht or some stupid shit.

    • Jonesy

      Good call Iveski. If the top 10 percent downsized by 10 percent and their riches were dispersed efficiently to supply for those in need…well, there would be nobody in need. And instead of one kid with cancer going to Disney Land on Bale’s buck, perhaps every sick kid could experience a little joy.

      • sapper

        wow, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard Jonesy…10% of the wealth from the top 10% would not change much of anything…but I guess you can believe whatever the occupy losers tell you

      • While I’m not in favor of the idea of just taking a chunk of people’s acquired wealth, I do think it should be pointed out that if you took 10% of the wealth of just the five richest people in America, that’d be about $14.7 billion. If you took 10% from the top 10%, that’s a ridiculously large sum of money for most people. You can do a hell of a lot with nearly $15 billion.

      • Jonesy

        Sapper, if every billionaire (there are around 1200) in the world put 10 percent of 1 billion of his or her wealth into a properly managed “people” fund, that would translate into 120 billion dollars. Now, really, take a minute to think about what could be done with that type of money. To that end, I’d wager that if every citizen of the world were to put five percent of their annual salary into said fund, with a matching income tax break from their State, Province or Country, the vast majority of socio-economic issues that plaque the world today, would not exist. And until people start looking out for each other, regardless of race, place of birth, religious affiliation or what have you, this world is going to continue to be a shining example of unmet potential. Now, back to Coco’s ass.

  6. Exit Only out the rear

    Nice guy

  7. NancyAnna

    Wow…if he ever needed to redeem his reputation, this should do it.

  8. Space Jesus

    Classy guy.

    Have the Kardashians or ANY reality loser who hit the jackpot done anything for anyone besides themselves? EVER?


  9. El Jefe

    Good man.

  10. That’s an amazing thing to do. So good to see something positive like this. Thanks, Christian Bale. And thanks Fish.

  11. Kodos

    Feel good post of the day, Fish!

    There *IS* hope in HollyWeird!

  12. Gary Grant

    A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat over a little boys shoulder to let him know the world hadn’t ended. – Dark Knight Rises

  13. it had to be said

    Glad this got an entry. I love to snark at these assholes, but Bale is doing some really good things that he really doesn’t need to do. Good man.

    • Sliver

      Exactly…most celebrities just throw a cool million at a cause and walk away. Money is easy. But this guy actually spends time with someone, or a group of people. He made being famous and being human NOT mutually exclusive. Pretty impressive, really.

  14. Schmidtler

    Oh sure, I take in a few runaway teenage girls and chain them up in my basement so they can’t run off and get lost, and I’m a ‘bad guy’, but Mr. Fancy Pants Bale flies some cancer kid to Disney and everybody trips over themselves to honk his horn.

  15. Inner Retard

    He’s quickly becoming more awesome than Batman could ever be.

  16. catapostrophe

    That mother’s comments read like a five-star Yelp review of “The Christian Bale Experience: Disneyland”.



  18. Helping people feels good doesn’t it, Bale? Good job, dude. I hope this keeps leading to more great things.

  19. It’s nice to see someone like Christian helping others in need.

    Great job Batman.

  20. Mary Feeney

    Good for him. A wealthy star who helps others without simultaneously pushing a political agenda, and who isn’t so self-absorbed that he focuses solely on his own material wants and desires. More power to him.

  21. The Pope

    *tips his Fernet Branca to Christian Bale*

  22. cari

    FWI. Christian and his wife volunteer at and donate a lot of money to children’s hospitals. For years. I’ve heard he is trying to open one on his own. They also support Greenpeace, Animal protection groups, environmental groups, etc. They spend their money on doing good things for others, not just themselves. Lesson that should be learned by most of Hollywood and LA.

    • charlie

      i read a story (in Chicago Sun-Times several years ago) about Bale&wife were interested by open a lookalike SOS Children’s village in LA.They visited Chicago SOS Children’s village and took many informations but i don’t know if they made concrete their ideas

  23. Bonky

    My take on this is that Christian Bale loves to bring sick kids to Disneyland and tell them that when they die, where they are going, there is no Disneyland.

    He then watches them cry as he leaves them at the gate while he walks inside hand in hand with Mickey Mouse.

    With that I can say that Christian Bale is one evil fucking bastard. Really, what a bastard.

  24. Molesto the Kiddie Clown

    Everything went well until the kid brought up his Terminator Salvation tirade. Bale asked him if he’d seen “Anchorman” and when cancer boy said “No”, Bale picked him up and kicked him off Pontoon Bridge.

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