Christian Bale Called A Little Boy With Cancer To Talk About Batman

Before we resume our usual celebrity breast gazing and human detritus freak show, here’s 8-year-old Batman fanatic Zach getting a call from Christian Bale who’s apparently on a one-man mission to give apathy all the poundings he didn’t get to do in The Dark Knight Rises because Batman was in it for five, maybe ten minutes top. On that note, I’m going to trust you guys to tell me if it’s any good because I was having trouble making it through with, uh, all the dust in here that kept getting in my eye. Yeah, dust. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to instruct Photo Boy to fire a crossbow bolt through my hands if I try to embed the Anne Hathaway upskirt pics on the bottom of this post. Even though they were totally in the same mov- alright, alright, I’ll be classy. (Jerks.)