Christian Bale Called A Little Boy With Cancer To Talk About Batman

January 24th, 2013 // 32 Comments
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Before we resume our usual celebrity breast gazing and human detritus freak show, here’s 8-year-old Batman fanatic Zach getting a call from Christian Bale who’s apparently on a one-man mission to give apathy all the poundings he didn’t get to do in The Dark Knight Rises because Batman was in it for five, maybe ten minutes top. On that note, I’m going to trust you guys to tell me if it’s any good because I was having trouble making it through with, uh, all the dust in here that kept getting in my eye. Yeah, dust. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to instruct Photo Boy to fire a crossbow bolt through my hands if I try to embed the Anne Hathaway upskirt pics on the bottom of this post. Even though they were totally in the same mov- alright, alright, I’ll be classy. (Jerks.)


  1. DeucePickle

    Suck a bat-dick, cancer.

  2. JC

    20 minutes later, Lindsay tweeted, “Christian and I are sending all our love, cancer kid! XOXO!”

  3. Deacon Jones

    Someone should splice this video with the recording of him flipping shit on that sound guy on set.

  4. Chris Brown should do a superhero movie so he can get a pass for beating women.

  5. Rico Jones

    I really hate when celebrities do stuff like this. There are a lot of sick kids out there and a celebrity always picks one kid to “cheer up”. It is all about publicity.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      who gives a fuck if they get publicity. I’m sure that kid was pretty stoked about the whole deal. Obviously every kid with cancer that likes batman isn’t going to get bale on the phone, but fuck dude, what do you expect?

      Beats anything 99% of celebrities do. Even the ones that are “involved” with some sort of charity work just throw trivial amounts of money at it and show up at the charity benefits to suck each others dicks over what great people they are.

      • Pat C.

        Plus they usually demand a lot of perks even to show up at the charity benefits (the book KIng of Cons was an eye-opener for me). Kudos to Bale.

    • Do you seriously expect him to call millions of kids to cheer them all up personally? Get real. Even giving one kid some hope for his very short life is enough.

    • The alternative would have been for Bale to do nothing. Better he bring a bit of light to one poor kid than to none.

    • Fishballs

      Hey dicklips, the only reason we’re hearing about this is because the boys parents recorded it and shared it. Bale didn’t put this out there. This is a guy doing something positive with his success, and this is a sick kid getting 8 minutes of happiness during a miserable period in his life as a result.

  6. BobSays

    Hey Rico, Christian Bale doesn’t just pick one kid. He’s actually been doing this quite frequently since he visited the victims of the Aurora shooting.

  7. Frank Burns

    Sad. Little kids should be impervious to such illnesses. Stay strong, little guy, you can beat it!

  8. Bill Murray

    There is no reason whatsoever to criticize this, unless you are a huge bag of dicks. Nicely done, Mr Bale.

  9. CrashHell

    “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done”

  10. Vinnie

    This is the kind of thing that deserves news coverage. Enough with Kim and Kanye, Lindsey, LeAnn. I’m sick of hearing about these losers and their battles and fucking baby bumps already.

    • 100%, I doubt as some really jaded ppl would think but Bale is not looking for publicity. Remember photo of him and wife posing with medical staff after the cinema shooting . He had that look of “Ok take photo but really not cool with the idea!.”

  11. Real Deal

    Mr. Bale is awesome.

  12. Yeah, sure, big hero Christian Bale does his batman schtick for some cancer kid, but I show up in my assless chaps and batman cowl at the shelter for runaway teenaged girls, and they flip the fuck out. Celebrities get all the breaks.

  13. Netta

    This is so heart warming. Lots of respect to that man.

  14. Robbie

    Regardless of publicity and other shit he has/hasn’t done, this is pretty damn decent. He still made that kid’s week.

  15. Clover

    That’s just really sweet. Does anyone else think that the adorable kid’s voice reminds them of a mini-Sheldon from Big Bang Theory?

  16. As said before, Christian Bale is awesome.

  17. SLiver

    Love him End of story.

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