Chrissy Teigen’s Boobs Went to a Thing and Other News


Harvey Weinstein will most likely be going to jail someday. [TMZ]

One of the Duggar kids is kind of admitting that her shotgun wedding was the result of some premarital dicking. [Celebuzz!]

Speaking of dicks, Alec Baldwin dicked another kid into his wife. [PageSix]

Taylor Swift released another single today and we need to stop calling them ‘singles’ at this point and just say she’s releasing her album song-by-song. [Celebitchy]

Fetty Wap got busted for doing stupid shit while drunk. [HHMW]

Brie Larson in a see-through dress. [DrunkenStepfather]

Here’s some pictures of Jason Momoa shirtless… soak it in, because he’s married now. [IDLY]

Good news for Tyrese, he had his child abuse case closed but he has to take down that amazing breakdown video. [TheBlast]

Beyoncé is going to be in the new Lion King if that does anything for you. [EvilBeet]

If you’re high, you’ll enjoy these companies hiding subliminal images within product logos… if you’re not high, don’t bother. [WarpedSpeed]

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